Going On Road Trips: 12 Benefits Of The Ultimate Adventure

Going On Road Trips: 12 Benefits Of The Ultimate Adventure

Going on Road Trips: 12 Benefits of the Ultimate Adventure

Going on road trips can be an exhilarating and memorable experience that offers a unique way to explore the world around us.

With over four decades of hitting the road under our belts, Robb and I have refined our road-tripping skills.  As dedicated RVers and passionate travelers, we’ve ventured across all sorts of landscapes, immersed ourselves in diverse societies, and connected with folks from all walks of life.  Through years of experience, we’ve become true experts in the art of traveling the open road.

Through this blog, we will share our knowledge and passion for road trips.  You will see a showcase of how road trips offer not only an unforgettable journey but also have a profound impact on personal growth, relationships, and the environment.

Fasten your seat belts and join us on this journey to discover the incredible benefits of going on road trips!

1.  Going on Road Trips Is Just Plain Fun!

Going on road trips is fun with a car full of women!

 Photo credit: Andrea Eckman

Road trips are an incredibly fun and exciting way to explore new destinations or revisit familiar ones.

The freedom of the open road, the joy of singing along to your favorite tunes, the delight of snacking on tasty treats, and the laughter that comes from playing car games with your travel companions all contribute to the unique and memorable experience of going on a road trip. It’s a chance to break free from the ordinary, create cherished memories, and bond with your fellow travelers in a way that’s unlike any other.

Go ahead! Pack your bags, hit the road, and get ready for an adventure filled with music, snacks, laughter, and unforgettable moments!


Road trips can be a lot more fun with the right automobile.  Consider the terrain, weather, and companions.  Sometimes it’s fun to rent a car that is more geared to your needs, like a Jeep or a sporty convertible.

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2.  Adventure and Exploration

Going on road trips offers an incredible opportunity for adventure and exploration. Whether it’s a spontaneous weekend getaway or a planned cross-country journey, hitting the open road will allow you the freedom to discover new places and create unforgettable memories.

These unique experiences can provide a deeper understanding of a destination and leave us with truly meaningful travel experiences.

Discovering New Places and Hidden Gems 

Going on road trips and driving on the beach.

Road trips provide the perfect opportunity to explore the unknown and uncover hidden gems that may not be on the typical tourist route.  You can venture off the conventional path and discover lesser-known destinations that are not easily accessible by other means of transportation. 

From charming small towns to breathtaking natural landscapes, road trips allow for the thrill of discovery and the chance to create unique beautiful memories.

Road Trips = Adventure

Likewise, unplanned adventures and spontaneous detours are some of the most exciting aspects of hitting the open road. 

Discovering an unexpected hiking trail, stumbling upon a hidden beach, or encountering a local festival or event can add a sense of excitement and novelty to your trip.  Road trips often present opportunities for impromptu adventures or a quick photo opportunity at a quirky roadside attraction. 

These unique opportunities can create lasting memories and add impulsive moments to the journey.

Opportunities for Off-the-Beaten-Path Experiences


When going on road trips you can find unique places like the prada store in marfa, tx.

Road trips can take you to remote and secluded areas, allowing you to connect with nature, experience untouched landscapes, and indulge in authentic local experiences that are off the tourist radar.

You’ll be captivated by the hidden gems that you can uncover during an exciting road trip to off-the-beaten-path destinations.


RVing takes road tripping to a whole new level.   Consider hitting the open road in a luxury RV or a cozy camper van.  For a fraction of what one costs to own, you can RENT an RV and discover those hidden gems you’ve been dreaming of finding.

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3.  Stress Relief and Relaxation


Going on road trips can be a refreshing escape from the daily stresses of life, offering a much-needed respite from the hustle and bustle of everyday routines.

The freedom of the open road, with its endless possibilities and scenic routes, can provide a sense of relaxation and rejuvenation like no other. The thrill of exploring new destinations, unwinding amidst nature, and immersing in the journey itself can help reduce stress and increase relaxation, making road trips a perfect getaway for rejuvenating the mind and body.

Escaping from Daily Routine and Responsibilities

Room service breakfast is a great way to relax and unwind.

Going on a road trip provides a much-needed break from the monotony of daily routine and responsibilities. It allows you to break free from the usual work, household chores, and other obligations, giving you a chance to relax and unwind. 

The change of scenery and pace can provide a sense of escapism, helping to alleviate stress and promote relaxation.

Disconnecting from Technology and Enjoying the Present Moment

Guy is drumming on top of his car while watching the waves.

Road trips offer a unique opportunity to disconnect from technology and fully embrace the present moment.

Being away from screens, emails, and social media allows you to be fully present in your surroundings, engage in meaningful conversations with travel companions, and truly experience the beauty of the destinations you’re exploring. 

The absence of the usual stressors and responsibilities allows you to focus on self-care and prioritize relaxation. You can engage in mindfulness practices, meditate, or simply unwind and rejuvenate in the tranquility of nature during your road trip.

A digital detox can help reduce stress, increase mindfulness, and enhance the overall road trip experience.

Connecting with Nature and Enjoying Outdoor Activities 

Road trips often involve spending time in nature and engaging in outdoor activities. 

Whether it’s camping in the wilderness, hiking in national parks, or swimming in lakes, being surrounded by nature can have numerous benefits for mental well-being. Connecting with nature has been shown to reduce stress, improve moods, and promote a sense of calm and relaxation. 

Outdoor activities also provide an opportunity for physical exercise, which further contributes to health and wellness.


Couple disconnecting from technology relaxing at a scenic overlook.

Reducing Stress and Promoting Mental Well-Being

Going on road trips offers a change of scenery, a break from routine, and an opportunity to relax, rejuvenate, and recharge mentally, making them a great way to promote mental well-being.

 4. Increases Bonding and Builds Relationships


Cruising along the open road can be an excellent way to bond with friends, family, or loved ones.  An uncomfortable silence can be quickly turned into a karaoke sing-along when a favorite tune comes on the radio.  Likewise, funny road signs or a scenic overlook can provide a nice segway into a conversation.

Some studies even show that people prefer having deep conversations in the car.  Whether it be the predetermined amount of time in the car or the inability to make eye contact, people talk easier on the drive. 

Quality Time with Friends, Family, or Loved Ones

Going on road trips provides a unique opportunity to spend quality time with friends, family, or loved ones. Road trips offer uninterrupted time together, away from the distractions of everyday life, where you can engage in meaningful conversations, share stories, and create lasting memories. 

Whether it’s a romantic getaway with a partner, a fun-filled trip with friends, or a family adventure, road trips can strengthen bonds and deepen relationships by sharing experiences and creating cherished moments.

Deepening Relationships and Creating Lasting Memories

Group of friends posing in front of a waterfall.


Road trips can create lifelong memories and forge deeper connections with those you are traveling with. The shared experiences of exploring new places, embarking on adventures, and overcoming challenges on the road can create strong emotional bonds and lasting memories.

These memories become a part of your personal history and can be cherished for years to come, strengthening the relationships with your fellow travelers and creating unique stories that can be reminisced upon in the future.

A few years ago we drove the Ring Road in Iceland.  One of our stops was the 196-foot Seljalandsfoss Waterfall that you can walk behind.  I was really scared to climb this slippery rocky path, but my friends were there for me. Even though it was challenging, I found the courage to take each step with their support.

Their belief in me meant everything, and with that last “push”  I made it.  I was so proud of myself, and I couldn’t have done it without my amazing friends cheering me on. It was an incredible feeling of accomplishment, and it’s moments like these that make me grateful for my awesome friends who push me to conquer my fears and achieve new heights.

Shared Experiences and Mutual Learning 

Road trips often involve shared experiences that can help us grow.  Exploring new destinations, trying different cuisines, and experiencing different cultures together can lead to a greater understanding and appreciation of each other’s perspectives and differences. 

Road trips can also provide opportunities for learning new skills, such as navigation, camping, or outdoor survival, which can enhance teamwork and collaboration among travel companions.

Before GPS and navigation systems, we had to learn how to read a paper map.  Once unfolded, the map was massive and rather difficult to handle.  Most times, the paper would wear on the folds making the map unreadable.  Navigation was a welcomed skill!


With Apps like RV Life Trip Wizard and RoadTrippers, navigation just got easier.  Plan custom road trips in minutes.  Save time and money on the road makes sense!

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Strengthening Communication and Teamwork Skills: 

Two teenage boys pretending to go on a road trip in a pretend car.

Road trips require effective communication and teamwork to plan, navigate, and make decisions together. From mapping out routes to coordinating stops and accommodations, road trips necessitate clear communication and collaborative decision-making. 

Allowing everyone to participate in the planning and execution brings the group together.

Engaging in such activities can improve communication skills, build trust, and enhance teamwork among travel companions. Road trips also provide opportunities to overcome challenges and solve problems as a team, which can strengthen relationships and create a sense of camaraderie among travelers.

5.  Freedom and Independence


Going on road trips offers the freedom of travel with a sense of independence and empowerment, the ability to make your own decisions, and the opportunity to push boundaries and step out of your safe haven.

It’s a chance to embark on a journey of self-discovery and create memorable experiences that will last a lifetime.

Flexibility To Travel on Your Own Terms 

Wine glasses with a vineyard in the background.

Many people agree that road-tripping allows flexibility to travel on your terms. Having the freedom to create your itinerary, choose your destinations, and determine the pace of your trip allows for impromptu adventures.

In other words, you have the freedom to follow your curiosity and interests.  With no rigid schedules or fixed plans to follow you can adapt your plans based on your mood, interests, and the recommendations of locals or fellow travelers.


  6.  Nostalgia and Sentimental Value

Road trips are not just about the physical journey, but also about the sentimental value they create.

From nostalgic memories that last a lifetime to building sentimental value in the journey and destinations.  Reminiscing about road trip experiences can bring back cherished memories and evoke a sense of joy.

Road trips become more than just travel; they become treasured experiences that hold emotional value and contribute to the story of one’s life.

Creating Nostalgic Memories That Last a Lifetime 

Recreating a nostalgic moment in front of a replica train.

This image captures a cherished childhood memory from a road trip taken by Robb

Going on road trips often involves embarking on adventures, exploring new places, and experiencing unique moments. 

These experiences create cherished memories that can last a lifetime. From the thrill of driving along winding roads to witnessing breathtaking landscapes, road trips are filled with moments that evoke nostalgia. 

These memories become part of one’s personal history, and reminiscing about them in the future can bring joy and warmth, creating lasting nostalgic value.

Building Sentimental Value in the Journey and the Destinations


Road trips are not just about the destinations, but also about the journey itself. 

The bond formed with fellow travelers, the conversations shared, the spontaneous detours taken, and the unexpected discoveries made along the way all contribute to the sentimental value of a road trip.

Each destination visited becomes a part of the trip’s story and holds meaningful value, as it becomes a backdrop for creating cherished memories. The journey and the destinations visited during a road trip become infused with emotions, making the experience even more special. 

Reminiscing about Road Trip Experiences in the Future


Road trips often create memories that are cherished and recounted in the future. 

Reminiscing about the road trip experiences can bring back the joy and excitement of the journey. Looking back on the photos, recalling the conversations, and reliving the adventures can transport one back to those moments and elicit fond memories.

Road trips become a source of stories and anecdotes that are shared with friends and family, keeping the memories alive and treasured for years to come.

Establishing a Sense of Belonging and Attachment to the Places Visited

Going on road trips connects you to beautiful places.

Big Sur left an imprint on my heart.  

Exploring new destinations, immersing in local culture, and connecting with nature can create a sense of attachment to the places visited during the road trip. These places become more than just dots on a map; they become special and meaningful, as they hold the memories of the road trip experiences.


7.  Going on Road Trips Is Cost-Effective

Going on road trips is cost-effective, making them an ideal travel option for those who desire to manage their travel expenses without compromising the quality of the experience.

     Going on Road Trips Can Be More Cost-Effective 

    In and out burger bag and red wine is a budget-friendly meal on a road trip.

    Road trips can be a cost-effective mode of travel for budget-conscious travelers. By driving your own vehicle, you have control over transportation costs, which can be more affordable compared to flights or other forms of transportation. 

    Packing a cooler of snacks reduces the need to eat out for every meal.   Likewise, cooking your own meals can help you save on dining expenses, making road trips a budget-friendly way to explore different destinations.

    Road trips also allow you to choose affordable dining options, such as local eateries or street food stalls, where you can sample local cuisines without breaking the bank. 

    Flexibility To Choose Budget-Friendly Accommodations

    Stay in the infamous clown motel when going on a road trip

    Road trips provide the flexibility to choose budget-friendly accommodations, such as campsites, hostels, or budget motels.

    You can opt for more affordable lodging options without compromising on comfort or safety. Road trips also allow you to choose accommodations based on your preferences and budget, whether it’s staying in a rustic cabin in the woods or a cozy bed and breakfast in a small town. 

    This flexibility in accommodation choices can help you manage your travel expenses and stay within your budget while on the road.

    9.  Easier to Adapt to Unexpected Situations

    Road trips offer the flexibility and spontaneity to change plans, embrace new experiences, and adapt to unexpected situations. They provide opportunities to develop resilience, adaptability, and the ability to go with the flow, which can be valuable life skills applicable beyond the road trip experience.

    Changing Plans on a Whim and Adapting to Surprising Turns  

    Going on road trips offers the freedom to change plans on a whim and adapt to surprising turns. Whether it’s taking a detour to explore an unplanned attraction or adjusting the route due to unforeseen circumstances, road trips allow for unplanned adventures.

    The ability to change plans and adapt to unexpected situations is not always pleasant or easy.  However, changing directions in your automobile is surely easier and more comfortable than waiting for “the next available flight”.

    During our road trip travels, we have had to turn abruptly to tend to a family member who fell ill, detour around a freak snowstorm and completely reroute our trip due to the wildfires.  Although these situations were unfortunate, we were able to pivot quickly and do what needed to be done.


    Embracing Uncertainty and Learning To Go with the Flow

    When going on road trips be flexible in case of detours and road closings.

    Road trips often come with uncertainties and unexpected situations. 

    From changing weather conditions to unforeseen road closures, road trips can throw surprises along the way. Embracing uncertainty and learning to go with the flow can be valuable life skills developed through road trips.

    Developing Resilience and Adaptability

    Man changing a flat tire.

    Going on road trips can help in developing resilience and adaptability.   Honestly, I wish I kept count of all the tires we have blown on road trips.  One time in particular, we lost three trailer tires in two days.  

    Road trips may not always go as planned, and challenges may arise along the way. Learning to deal with unexpected situations, adapting to changes, and overcoming challenges can help build resilience and adaptability.

    Road trips provide opportunities to develop these important life skills, as we learn to navigate through uncertainties, make quick decisions, and find solutions on the go. These skills can be beneficial in various aspects of life, helping us become more resilient and adaptable individuals.

    10.  Opens Opportunities for Photography and Creativity

    Road trips can be a treasure trove of opportunities for photography and creativity, offering stunning landscapes to capture, enhancing photography skills, creating memories, and inspiring others through shared experiences. It’s a chance to document the journey, unleash creativity, and share the joy of exploration through the lens of a camera.

    Capturing Stunning Landscapes and Unique Moments

    2 black bears in the forest.

    Going on road trips provides ample opportunities for photography enthusiasts to capture breathtaking landscapes, picturesque vistas, and unique moments along the journey. 

    From stunning sunsets over mountain ranges to picturesque coastal vistas, road trips offer a plethora of subjects to capture and immortalize through the lens of a camera. The diverse scenery and changing landscapes during a road trip can fuel creativity and provide endless inspiration for capturing stunning photographs.

    As long-time road trippers, we have taken some of the most beautiful scenic routes.  From catching a glimpse of a momma bear and her cubs crossing a road to the colorful sunsets across West Texas, we continue to be mesmerized by nature.  What’s even more fun, is when you accidentally come up on a weird art installation in the middle of nowhere. 

    Certainly, you can’t get these views from an airplane!

    Art installation going on road trips through amarillo, tx

    Amarillo, TX is known for its weird and quirky art installations

    Enhancing Photography Skills and Creativity

    Road trips offer a chance to enhance photography skills and creativity. With different lighting conditions, unique perspectives, and varying subject matters, road trips can challenge and improve photography skills.

    Experimenting with composition, exposure, and post-processing can result in unique and creative photographs. Road trips also provide an opportunity to try new photography techniques and expand creative horizons, leading to personal growth and development as a photographer.

    Creating Memories and Documenting the Journey

    Happy family posing in front ot lake making memories.

    Road trips can be a great way to create lasting memories and document the journey. 

    From candid shots of fellow travelers to capturing the joy of discovering new places, road trips offer a chance to capture the essence of the journey through photographs. These photographs can serve as cherished mementos, reminding us of the adventures, stories, and experiences that unfolded during the road trip, and preserving memories that can be cherished for years to come.

    Sharing Experiences and Inspiring Others

    Going on road trips can be a source of inspiration for others when we share our experiences through photographs. Capturing and sharing unique moments, stunning landscapes, and the stories behind them can inspire others to embark on their own road trip adventures. 

    11.  Road Tripping Allows Time for Self-Reflection and Personal Growth


    Going on road trips provides ample opportunities for self-reflection and building self-confidence.  By stepping out of a familiar bubble, and pushing personal limits, road-tripping experiences can lead to increased self-awareness while contributing to overall personal growth and development.


    Time for Introspection and Self-Awareness

    Going on road trips helps to clear your head.

    Photo Credit: Grandpa Jack’s Photo Albums

    Going on road trips provides an opportunity for introspection and self-awareness. 

    Being away from the usual daily routine and distractions allows for quiet moments of reflection, where one can delve deep into their thoughts, emotions, and self-perception. Road trips offer a conducive environment for self-reflection, allowing individuals to gain insight into their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.

    This self-awareness can lead to a better understanding of oneself and promote personal growth.

    Reflecting on Life Goals, Aspirations, and Priorities

    Road trips also offer a chance to reflect on life goals, aspirations, and priorities. 

    Being on the open road, surrounded by nature and new experiences, can help put things into perspective. It allows for reflection on what truly matters in life, what goals and aspirations one wants to pursue, and what priorities are important. Road trips can be a time for evaluating one’s life choices, reevaluating goals, and setting new intentions for the future.


    Stepping out of Comfort Zone and Pushing Personal Limits

    Motorcycle riders ready to go on a road trip.Photo Credit: Andrea Eckman

    Going on road trips often involves stepping out of comfort zones and pushing personal limits. It may involve trying new activities, exploring unfamiliar territories, or facing unexpected challenges.

    Stepping out of one’s familiar surroundings and embracing new experiences can stimulate growth and development. Road trips provide opportunities to challenge oneself, overcome fears, and expand horizons, leading to increased self-confidence and a sense of accomplishment.

    Building Self-Confidence and Self-Esteem

    Road trips can also contribute to building self-confidence and self-esteem. 

    Successfully navigating through unknown territories, making decisions on the go, and overcoming challenges can boost self-confidence and self-esteem. Road trips allow individuals to develop a sense of competence and accomplishment as they overcome obstacles and adapt to changing situations.

    An increase in self-confidence and self-esteem can carry over to other areas of life, positively impacting one’s overall sense of self-worth. 


    12.  Road Trips Benefit Environmental Consciousness

    Going on road trips can help people become more aware and concerned about the environment, which includes things like nature, animals, and natural resources.


    Reducing Carbon Footprint Compared to Air Travel

    Electric car charging at a charging station.

    Going on road trips can be a more environmentally conscious choice compared to air travel, as it often involves lower carbon emissions.

    Road trips allow for more efficient packing, shared transportation with fellow travelers, and the ability to choose eco-friendly vehicles.  By reducing the reliance on air travel, road trips can contribute to minimizing the carbon footprint and promoting sustainable travel practices.

    Appreciating the Beauty of Nature and Promoting Eco-Tourism

    Road trips provide an opportunity to appreciate the beauty of nature up close and personal. 

    Driving through scenic landscapes, exploring national parks, and immersing in natural wonders can stimulate a sense of awe and appreciation for the environment.

    By promoting eco-tourism through road trips, travelers can support local communities and conservation efforts, contributing to the protection of natural resources and the preservation of fragile ecosystems.

    Creating Awareness about Environmental Conservation

    Posted signs to beware of mountain lions and bears. 

    Going on road trips can be a way to create awareness about environmental conservation. 

    Travelers can educate themselves about local ecosystems, wildlife, and environmental issues, and share their knowledge with others. Engaging in responsible travel practices, such as packing out trash, following Leave No Trace principles, and respecting local traditions and customs, can help spread awareness about the importance of environmental conservation and sustainability.

    Practicing Sustainable Travel Habits 

    Road trips provide an opportunity to practice sustainable travel habits. 

    This can include using reusable water bottles, avoiding single-use plastic, conserving energy and water, and supporting local businesses and communities. By being mindful of our impact on the environment during road trips and adopting sustainable travel habits, we can minimize our ecological footprint and contribute to a more environmentally conscious way of traveling.

    Going on Road Trips Conclusion

    As you can see, going on road trips can offer a multitude of benefits for travelers. From the freedom and flexibility to explore at your own pace, to the opportunities for learning, personal growth, and self-reflection, road trips provide a unique and enriching travel experience.

    The chance to connect with nature, appreciate diverse landscapes, and promote eco-tourism, along with the opportunities for inspiration and creativity, make road trips a perfect choice for those seeking adventure and exploration. 

    Whether it’s a leisurely drive through picturesque covered bridges or an adventurous journey along scenic highways, road trips offer a chance to break away from routine, create lasting memories, and embrace the joy of discovery.

    So, buckle up, travel safely, and let the open road lead you to new adventures. Get out of the hotel, book a car, and hit the road for an unforgettable journey.

    Here’s to safe travels and frequent adventures!

    The stromads, a nomadic couple spend much of their time going on road trips.

    38 Super Fun Things To Do In Puerto Penasco 2023

    38 Super Fun Things To Do In Puerto Penasco 2023

    38 Super Fun Things To Do In Puerto Penasco

    Thestromads. Com contains affiliate links and is a member of the amazon services llc associates program. If you click and use these links we may receive compensation at no extra cost to you!

    So you are wondering if there are things to do in Puerto Penasco, right?  There sure are!  In fact, there are plenty of things to do in Puerto Penasco.  So get ready, pack your bags, and let’s head down to Puerto Penasco, Arizona’s beach. 

     1.  Explore Rocky Point Beaches

     Best thing to do explore rocky point beaches.

    Topping our list of things to do in Puerto Penasco is enjoy the Rocky Point Beaches.  Relax and enjoy the warm sun, soft sand, and soothing waves at any one of these beaches.  Although beach access is limited at some of the beaches, there are no private beaches in Puerto Penasco.

    With 55 miles of coastline, it is easy to find the Rocky Point Beaches.  The Sea of Cortez is especially inviting with its calm clear water.  Water temperatures hang around the mid 70’s, with winter being a tad cooler and summer just a bit warmer.

    In other words, you can soak up the sun and play in the water, as long as you don’t trespass through someone’s yard.

    2.  Go Tidepooling and Sea Shell Hunting

     Exploring tide pools is a fun activity in puerto penasco


    As the name implies,  Puerto Penasco which means Rocky Point, features coastline that is both rocky and sandy.  The tides in Puerto Penasco are quite dramatic.  The tide changes trap water in the rocks and create natural pools filled with treasures.

    For shell hunters, it is not unusual to find small octopus, fascinating shells, and sand dollars in the tide pools.  As the tide comes back in, these mysterious creatures and rocky coastlines are once again hidden. 

    3.  Celebrate Sunset

     Spectacular sunset on the rocky point beaches.

    The sunset on the Rocky Point Beaches is spectacular.  We were amazed watching the sun drop into the sea, the skies can turn brilliant with shades of orange, yellow, red, and purple.  Sometimes the sky appears to be on fire!

    Whether you are having dinner at one of the fantastic Rocky Point rooftop restaurants, strolling on the Malecon, or chilling with the neighbors at your campsite, take a quiet minute and enjoy this sunset celebration.

    4.  Treat Yourself To A Massage On The Beach

     Massage table on the beach.

    What could be more relaxing than the sound of the waves, a slight breeze, and a massage?

    Often, well-practiced masseuses will walk up the beach with their table in hand.  Flag them down and let them do their magic.  Prices are inexpensive and you will feel relaxed and rejuvenated.

    Beach massages are more common near the resort areas.  If you don’t see one on your beach, certainly call any one of the spas and ask about their beach massage specials. 

    Watersports Activities in Puerto Penasco


    When it comes to watersports, Rocky Point beaches have you covered.  The water is calm, clear, and shallow making your time on the water fun and accessible.  Try some of these thrilling adventures. 

    5.  The Banana Boat Experience

     Ride the banana boat in puerto penasco.

    The Banana Boat experience can be fun for the whole family.  Put on your life vest, hop on this enormous rubber tube, and hold on tight.  As the banana boat is pulled through the waves and the water, you will have the ride of a lifetime.  Because the banana boat holds up to 8 adults and children, everyone can have fun. 

    6.  Rent a Jet Ski

    Be the driver when you rent a jet ski.  Jump the waves and fulfill your need for speed on the water.  The fabulous ocean spray ocean will cool you down on a hot day.  Clear your mind as you take to the Sea of Cortez on a jet ski rental. 

    7.  Kayak and Paddleboard

     Man paddle boarding in puerto penasco.

    The calm waters of the Rocky Point beaches are perfect for kayaks and paddleboards.  Use your own or rent one from a nearby tour company.  Paddling at sunset can be beautiful as the sky changes from bright blue to shades of orange.  You might be fortunate enough to have some dolphin friends join you!

    8.  Parasail Above The Sea of Cortez

     Things to do in puerto penasco parasailing.

    Take to the sky in this thrilling ride high above the Rocky Point Beaches.  The tour guide straps you safely into the harness and gives the signal.  Then like magic, you are in the air, looking down at the blue water.  What an incredible rush for thrill seekers. 

    9.  Sharpen Your Skills at Kite Surfing

    Kite surfing is popular on the Rocky Point Beaches.  The ocean breeze and shallow waters make perfect conditions for gliding along the surf.  This extreme sport is fun and exhilarating.

    10.  Go Snorkeling in Puerto Penasco

     Things to do in puerto penasco, go snorkeling.

    Snorkeling in Puerto Penasco is one of the best things to do because the water is crystal clear and still making conditions perfect for everyone.  Tours and equipment are available through your resort concierge or by arrangement through a reputable tour company.  For those that want to venture out on your own, be mindful of the tide charts and be careful you don’t get stranded on a sandbar.

    For those of you that have been snorkeling in Puerto Penasco, what did you see?

    11.  Learn to Scuba Dive

    Below the ocean’s surface is a whole new world waiting for you to explore.  See the sea life in their native habit, and be wowed at the brilliant colors unseen by many.  Refresher courses are available and if your are new to the underwater world you can take lessons to earn your diving certificate.

    The Sea of Cortez is fascinating and waiting for you! 

    Take A Boat Tour in Puerto Penasco

     Man on a boat looking out over the blue green water of puerto penasco.

    What better way to enjoy the sights of the area than on one of the many boat tours in Puerto Penasco? Are you looking for an afternoon of fun with friends, a family-friendly experience, or a romantic date with your squeeze?  There are plenty of choices when it comes to boat tours in Puerto Penasco! 

    12.  Party on a Booze Cruise

    The Booze Cruise is a favorite amongst the party crowd.  Free-flowing beer and margaritas will get any party started.  Dance the afternoon away to the sounds of a live band onboard and have fun.  There are “no bad days here”! 

    13.  Sail the Sea on a Pirate Cruise

    Aye Matey!  The Pirate Cruise is ready for your arrival.  Take to the high seas with the swashbuckling crew of El Rey Del Mar, the King of the Seas.  Once you set sail your crew will treat you to dinner, drinks, fun, and games plus a spectacular Puerto Penasco sunset.  Don’t worry, you won’t have to walk the plank. 

    14.  Relax on a Catamaran Cruise

    What better way to sail the Sea of Cortex than on a luxury catamaran cruise?  We love the smooth sailing and quiet cutting through the water on a catamaran.  The experienced crew will serve you as you sit back and relax on the calm waters.  Enjoy an afternoon or evening sunset cruise with dancing and margaritas.

    15.  Go Whale Watching

    Whale watching is our favorite boat tour in Puerto Penasco.  Seeing these majestic creatures up close and personal is always a wonder.  Whales migrate to the warmer waters of the Sea of Cortez to give birth.  From January through March, it is common to see Momma and Baby swimming side by side.  If you are lucky you may see a humpback whale breach the water with a spectacular splash.  Be patient and keep your eyes peeled for the spouts.

    Remember to bring your binoculars and sunscreen!

     16. Take a Date on a Sunset Cruise

     Relaxing sunset cruise in puerto penasco.

    Undeniably, a sunset cruise on the Sea of Cortez is extraordinary.  The changing colors of the sky and the gorgeous blue waters make a sunset cruise super special.  We love sunset cruises.  An evening cruise is the perfect setting for a romantic night out.  Sit back, relax, and enjoy the sea air and changing scenery with the one you love. 

    Go Fishing in Puerto Penasco

    Everybody has a fish story, right?  Well if you don’t, it is high time you get one.  Surely you can come up with your own tall tale fishing in Puerto Penasco.  

    Whether your story involves the “one that got away” or “your first catch” we want to hear it!  

    17. Try Deep Sea Fishing in Puerto Penasco

    Deep sea fishing charters are available for morning, afternoon, and overnight excursions.  Imagine how you will feel bringing in tonight’s fresh catch of Sea Bass, Large Grouper, or Red Snapper.  Your crew of experts will help you with rods, reels, and bait, plus they will keep your catch on ice until you arrive back at the docks and even clean it for you.   

    18.  Go Surf Fishing

    From the docks, piers, or the beach, fishing is easy in Puerto Penasco.  Fishermen often catch halibut, snapper, and triggerfish. 

    Don’t go home empty-handed if the big one gets away. 

    Stop at any of the local fish markets near the marina and pick up the fresh of the day.  Our favorite is Jessy’s Fish Market for fresh shrimp, cleaned and deveined!  Be sure to say Hi to Jessy Jr. and tell him the Stromads sent you! 

    More Puerto Penasco Activities

    19. Adventure on an ATV Tour

     Atv ride into the dunes and bluffs at rocky point.

    Ride the dunes or adventure out to the rocky cliffs on an ATV rental in Puerto Penasco.  You can venture off by yourself or with a group tour.  Better yet, do both and have some fun in the sun.

    For more experienced riders, Competition Hill is a 300-foot sand hill with a 30-degree slope located near Cholla Bay.  Note the beaches near Sandy Beach and Los Conchas as well as the main streets of Puerto Penasco are off-limits to riders.  You will get ticketed.  Exercise caution and safety at all times.  Riding is prohibited at night.

    20.  Saddle up and Go Horseback Riding

     Things to do in puerto penasco horseback riding on the beach.

    Experienced horsemen will guide you through the shopping districts of the Malecon and Calle 13 or take a sunset ride along the shoreline.  If a desert ride is your desire, your guides will take you to the foothills of the Sonoran Desert for a peaceful afternoon ride.

    21.  Soar the Sky in an Ultralight Flight

    Take to the sky like a bird in an ultralight flight.  As the glider takes off from the beach, you will have a bird’s eye view of the Rocky Point Beaches below.  Don’t worry, the ultralight flight is piloted by a professional so you can take pictures and videos of this once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

    22.  Play Pickleball

     Play pickleball at dukes in puerto penasco.


    Pickleball is all the rave and super fun, plus it is good exercise.  Grab your paddle and join one of the leagues or just swat the ball around with your friends.  Dukes Restaurant has a vibrant pickle community and indoor court.  You will also find that many of the RV Campgrounds have courts as well.

    23.  Play 18 Holes on Puerto Penasco Golf Courses

     Play a round of golf in puerto penasco.

    Be sure to pack your golf clubs when traveling to Puerto Penasco.  Professionals and amateurs have a choice of three 18-hole courses.

    Vidanta Golf Puerto Penasco

    Designed by Jack Nicklaus and Jack Nicklaus II, this beauty has stunning views out to the Sea of Cortez.  This Championship golf course is located at the Mayan Palace Resort.  Onsite you will find a pro shop, as well as a locker room lounge, bar, and convenient bag storage.

    The Links at Las Palomas Beach & Golf Resort

    Located across from the las Palomas Resort is the most popular golf course in Puerto Penasco.  This 18-hole course was designed by Forrest Richards and Arthur Jack Synder.  Las Palomas Golf Resort has a putting green as well as a Pro shop and snack bar.  

    The Club at Islas Del Mar Golf Course

    The Club at Islas Del Mar Golf Course is both scenic and challenging for players.  Jack Nicklaus designed this challenging 18-hole course.  Although it technically has only 9 holes, the course has an additional 9 tee boxes giving the golfer a different view.  The Sea of Cortez and adjacent lagoons make this course challenging in several spots.  Both visitors and locals find this course one of their favorites.

    Casa Blanca Golf and Villas

    For fun, Casa Blanca Golf and Villas have a Mini Golf course suitable for families and fun.  With 18 holes to play, everyone staying at the Casa Blanca Villas can enjoy an afternoon of golf in Puerto Penasco.

    24.  Go Shopping in Puerto Penasco


    Shopping for colorful calaveras in puerto penasco.


    Shopping in Puerto Penasco is easy.  Being a highly residential area, grocery stores are easily accessible within minutes of the resorts, hotels, and RV Campgrounds.  Puerto Penasco has plenty of convenience stores and souvenir shops as well.

    Rodeo Drive Puerto Penasco  

    Enjoy a relaxing day shopping at Rodeo Drive Puerto Penasco.  Strolling through the artisan shops you are sure to find that perfect treasure to take home with you.  Dishes, tchotchkes, and clothing shops line the street.  When you finish shopping, be sure to stop in Mariachis & Tequila Restaurant for a fresh margarita and some house-made guacamole.


    Walmart Puerto Penasco has most everything you would find at any Walmart SuperCenter:  Clothing, food, cosmetics, and household goods.  As you might expect, there is also a Sam’s Club in the same parking lot.  Remember though, this is Mexico and some things are a little different or not available like they are in the US.


    Shopping on the Puerto Peñasco Malecon is a fun way to spend the afternoon.  The curious will find jewelry, clothing, pharmaceuticals, and even fresh fish.  Besides the stores, there are plenty of kiosks and vendors, especially late in the day near sunset.  

    Super Ley

    Super Ley is one of the grocery stores in Puerto Penasco.  They have an amazing bakery filled with freshly made bread and goodies.


    The frutteria’s are small convenience stores selling fresh fruit and meats.  Their small size and locations all over town make them easier than the Walmart or Super Ley when you need to grab something fresh for dinner. 

    25.   Visit Puerto Peñasco Malecon

     Walking the malecon in puerto penasco is a fun thing to do.

    The Puerto Peñasco Malecon is similar to a boardwalk in a beach town.  Whether you walk, ride your bike, or sit and take in the sunset, Puerto Peñasco Malecon is one of the top things to do while in the area.

    On the weekends it is common to hear the battle of the Mariachi Bands along the Malecon.  Families and couples dance the night away to the sounds of trumpets, drums, and guitars.

    Come down early to enjoy a cocktail and sunset before heading off to one of the amazing nearby restaurants.

    26.  Experience The Puerto Penasco Nightlife

     Risque nightlife in puerto penasco.

    When the sun goes down, the Puerto Penasco Nightlife lights up the city.  Many of the bars have live music and dancing.  The vibrant party scene can be fun especially if you find a band you enjoy.

    Tekila Bar, Boo Bar, Leo’s Bar and El Tapeo are our favorites.  You can always find attentive bartenders and good conversation.

    The area on Calle 13 is rowdy and crowded, especially on weekends and late in the evening.   You can find a more risque experience, topless bars, and prostitution is prevalent.  As with any city, stay aware! 

    27.  Dine at the Best Restaurants in Puerto Penasco

     Sunset views on rooftop lounge in puerto penasco.

    Puerto Penasco has wonderful restaurants with fantastic service.  Fresh fish and sunset views mixed with a little mariachi band make for a wonderful meal.

    La Casa Del Capitan

    High above the city, enjoy a rooftop dining experience.  The food is fantastic and the view is captivating.

    Moo Restaurant

    Enjoy dinner on the Malecon at Moo.  The low twinkle lights of white and red, give Moo a romantic feel.  Enjoy a steak, tableside caesar salad, and the Monte Blanc for dessert. 

     Things To Do In Puerto Penasco: Specialty Tours

    There are even more things to do in Puerto Penasco.  When you’ve relaxed enough on the beach, explore the outer side of Puerto Penasco.  Specialty tours are fun, informative, and friendly.

    What’s your pleasure? 

    28.  Tour Isla San Jorge Bird Island Puerto Penasco

     Sea lions on isla st jorge.

    Isla San Jorge also known as Bird Island is located about 30 miles off the coast of Puerto Penasco.  This wildlife paradise is home to sea lions, dolphins, and exotic birds.  Charters are available to take you to Bird Island where you can play, kayak, snorkel, and scuba dive.

    Visiting Bird Island is a favorite activity in Puerto Penasco, especially if you enjoy wildlife in its natural habitat.

    29.  Hike El Pinacate Biosphere Reserve

    In 2013 El Pinacate Biosphere Reserve was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  The area was formed by lava flowing underground creating craters throughout the landscape.  Although dormant, there are nine volcanic craters.  The landscape resembles that of the moon’s surface.  

    Please be respectful when visiting this area.  Archeologists continue to study this peculiar landscape as it is mostly untouched and undeveloped. 

    30.  CEDO: Intercultural Center for the Study of Deserts and Oceans

    Studying the diverse ecosystems of Puerto Penasco is fascinating.  As the name indicates, both the desert and the ocean ecosystems are being studied here.  You are welcome to join any of the educational tours the CEDO: Intercultural Center for Study of Deserts and Ocean offers:

    • Pinacate & Gran Desierto de Altar
    • Estuary Excursions
    • Estuary Kayaking
    • Tidepooling
    • Oyster Farm
    • Great Desert of Altar’s Sea of Sand

    31.   Take a Day Trip to Oyster Farm

     Oysters fresh from the sea.

    Oysters so fresh, they slept in the sea!  Visit the Oyster Farms and learn about sustainable oyster farming in Puerto Penasco.  Stick around for some tasty offerings.  If you’ve never had oysters fresh out of the sea, you are in for a sweet treat.

    32.  Learn about Tequila at the Tequila Factory

     Xscapers enjoying tequila tasting in puerto penasco.

    Manny’s Tequila Factory is a must-stop while visiting Puerto Penasco.  You will be treated to several Tequila expressions and mixed cocktails as your hosts explain the tequila-making process.  Their witty personalities and expert storytelling will keep you entertained.  We enjoyed taking a group of friends to Manny’s for some fun times!

    While you are in Puerto Penasco, try some Bacanora, The Best Kept Secret of the Sonoran Desert.

    33.  Visit The Seashell Museum

    For over 20 years, curator Naomi Black has been collecting seashells.  Visit Naomi at her Seashell Museum, and be awed by her collection.  She is part collector, artist entrepreneur, and mermaid.   Be sure to stop in the gift store for some unique souvenirs.

    More Things to do in Rocky Point:  A Guide to Rocky Point Events and Festivals

     El camaronero statue in puerto penasco.

     Are you still looking for more things to do in Rocky Point?  How about a Festival or Special Event?

    34.  Sample Local Cuisine at The Seafood Festival

    By far, one of the tastiest events we have attended.  Local restaurants showcase special dishes for locals and visitors.  Come for the food, stay for the party.  Dance, laugh, eat, and drink on the Plaza del Cameron.  Look for the Seafood Festival in mid-February. 

    35.  Dance and Sing at Roger Kline’s Circus Mexicus

    What started off as a rooftop party has boomed its way into a 4-day concert event each June.  Join musical talent Roger Kline and The Peacemakers along with a stellar lineup for Circus Mexicus!

    36.  Party Like a Rock Start During Spring Break

    March is known for Spring Break in Puerto Penasco.  Grab your bag and let’s hit the beaches.  Because Puerto Penasco is only a few hours from Phoenix and Tucson, this location makes it a perfect place for college kids to come.  The legal drinking age is only 18, so the crowd is young and rowdy, especially downtown.

    Of course, you can still find some peaceful areas like the Mayan Resort or Cholla Bay area.  Whatever you choose, pack a swimsuit and sunscreen.  The water is perfect and the sun is hot! 

    37.  Hear The Thunder at The Rocky Point Motorcycle Rally

    November is the month to join motorcycle enthusiasts for some fun in the sun.  Events at Rocky Point Motorcycle Rally include a bike parade, Charity Poker Run, and one heck of a party.  You don’t have to be a biker to join the fun!

    38.  Feel The Adrenaline at Southern Arizona Desert Racing

    SADR is desert racing at its best!  Watch ATV, Quad, Moto, and Buggy racing through the desert.  Come early and check out Pre Race festivities.  Stay late for the afterparty.

    Be sure to check out the details for Southern Arizona Racing.  With four big weekends of racing, you won’t want to miss any of the action. 

    Where to Stay in Puerto Penasco 

     Grand Mayan Puerto Penasco

    Beach view from pool in mayan palace resort.

    For luxury and solitude, The Grand Mayan Puerto Penasco is the place for you.  Onsite entertainment, fabulous restaurants, bars, and in-room dining will make you feel like royalty.  Relax in the spa, pool, or even on the beach.  You can even play a round of golf if that’s your fancy.  The breakfast we had while touring there was so delicious!

    You can book your stay right now! 

    Hotels in Puerto Penasco

    With plenty of hotels in Puerto Penasco, you only need to choose a date.  For fun in the sun, easy beach access, and restaurant options check out these fantastic hotels.

    Puerto Penasco Vrbo

    Sometimes it’s more comfortable to vacation in a private residence.  Quiet dinners on the patio sound relaxing.  Imagine how nice it will be, to walk out your door and step onto the beach.  A Puerto Penasco Vrbo could be the option for you.

    RV Parks in Puerto Penasco

     Renegade verona beachfront camping in puerto penasco.

    With quite a few RV Parks in Puerto Penasco, these are our recommendations:

    Concha del Mar:  Located just a few minutes from Calle 13 and the Malecon, Concha del Mar is convenient.  This RV park is strictly beachfront boondocking.  Although there are no RV hookups, there is a dump station and fresh water available.  The bathhouse and laundry are exceptionally clean.  The views are outstanding.  With 24-hour security and gated access, Concha del Mar is our top spot for beach camping.  Our stay there was fantastic.

    Playa Bonita RV Park: Conveniently located just minutes away from shopping and dining, Playa Bonita RV Park is a favorite for beachfront camping.  The full hookups, onsite social lounge, and jacuzzi are a bonus for guests.  The park has 24-hour security, gated access, and an unbelievable sunset. 

    Let’s Wrap Up The Things To Do In

    Puerto Penasco

     Couple standing on beach with blue water behind them.

    Puerto Penasco is a wonderful town in Mexico.  We enjoyed everything this city has to offer from the amazing sunsets to the great restaurants, shopping and music.

    The driving ease and proximity of the Greater Phoenix Metro area make this a popular destination for Arizona locals.  We would definitely recommend a trip to Rocky Point for everyone.

    With so many things to do in Puerto Penasco, what’s stopping you?

    Pack a bag and your passport.  Let’s head for the border.   If you hurry, you can catch the sunset.

    Thanks for reading!

    Travel Safe and Adventure Often….

    Stunning Rocky Point Beaches: 2023 Guide

    Stunning Rocky Point Beaches: 2023 Guide

    Stunning Rocky Point Beaches:  2023 Guide


    The Rocky Point Beaches are no secret to the people in the southwest.  With 55 miles of diverse coastline, it is easy to understand why Rocky Point Beaches are so popular.

    While Rocky Point or Puerto Penasco lies in the Sonoran Desert, the western border is literally The Sea of Cortez.  The calm clear waters and soft sand are inviting to visitors and locals throughout the year.

    Relax and enjoy the warm sun, soft sand, and soothing waves at any one of these stunning Rocky Point beaches.


    Which Rocky Point beach will you visit?


    Pelican Beach

    Pelican Beach sits at the far northern end of Puerto Penasco in the Cholla Bay community.  During low tide, the shore becomes a resting place for flocks of brown pelicans.  A hearty buffet of crabs, clams, and shrimp keeps the pelicans happy.   Locals too enjoy tide pools, swimming, and water sports in Pelican Beach.  Parking can be difficult for visitors, which makes Pelican Beach a favorite with locals.

    Arch doorway leading to beach.


    Sandy Beach:

    Just south of Pelican Beach sits Sandy Beach, home to watersports and off-road racing fun.

    From horseback riding on the beach to kite surfing, you can find something fun to do.  You can rent jet skis or take a banana boat adventure from the Sandy Beach area.  Of course, the calm water and soft sand are inviting if you want to relax.

    High-rise resorts such as the Sonoran Sea Resort and Bella Sirena are perfect for a weekend getaway or a family vacation.   Nearby, Wrecked on the Reef offers food, music, and a seriously good time.  For campers, there is an adjoining RV Park.

    Across the road from the resorts are the sand dunes.  How do you feel about renting an ATV and playing in the sandbox?

    Robb and I scheduled a guided tour on ATVs, that took us up on the rocky bluffs overlooking the ocean.  The view from above the beach is outstanding and it can only be reached by ORV.  Be aware though, the rocks and cliffs are quite dangerous.

    Off Road Racing is popular here in Sandy Beach.  Hill climbs are especially exciting to watch and participate in if you have the right equipment.  In any event, wear goggles and a neckerchief to protect yourself from the blowing sand.

     Sand dunes at rocky point beaches.


    Playa Hermosa / Playa Bonita:

    Stretching from Sandy Beach to the edge of town is Playa Hermosa and Playa Bonita.  The soft sand and gentle waves make this beach perfect for a morning walk or a sunset celebration.

    Seasonal RVers enjoy beachfront camping at its best on Playa Bonita.  Between the gorgeous views and affordable prices, it is understandable.

    Along the beach, you can find tasty restaurants, tiki bars, and even a beach massage.  Calle 13 is within walking distance with beach access near the Penasco del Sol Hotel and Conference Center.

    Sunset is our favorite time of the day on Playa Bonita.  Watching the sky turn from sunshine yellow to cotton candy pink and blue is beautiful.  However, when the sky turns blood red and black with layers of ripples, look out, it is mesmerizing.

    Long stretch of white sandy beach.

    Mirador Beach

    Along the southern side of Puerto Penasco, is Mirador Beach.  Mirador Beach is close to downtown and popular beach bars, like Manny’s Beach Bar.

    Spring Breakers flock to Mirador Beach during February and March.  The vibe here at Mirador Beach is party-central and a lot of fun.

    Like the other quieter beaches, the water is calm and the sand is soft.  So grab your floaties and jump in!  the water is fine!

    Dinosaur on rocky point beaches.


    Las Conchas Beach:

    Las Conchas is one of Puerto Penasco’s finest stretches of beach.  With 6 miles of pristine sand and shallow waters, you can feel relaxed and set apart from the hustle of daily life.

    Las Conchas is a private community, where you will find full-time residents as well as beach house rentals.  The quiet neighborhood and limited public beach access allow residents privacy and a feeling of seclusion.

    Remember, all Puerto Penasco Beaches are public.  However, please don’t trespass through private property to access them.  Park in designated areas and not in private driveways or resort parking lots.

    Quiet stretch of  sandy beach in rocky point.


    La Playa Jolla and Playa Encanto:

    Located 15 minutes outside of town, just south of Estero Morua, are La Playa Jolla and Playa Encanto.

    Here, you can feel as though you are on your own private island.  Kayak, jet ski, or just soak up the sun here on one of Puerto Penasco’s quiet beaches.

    Estero Morua is known for its tidal fluctuations, so be sure to check on the tides before venturing into this area.  Low tide can stick you on a sandbar for hours.

    If seashell hunting is your hobby, you will be rewarded with fascinating treasures.  For star gazers, the night sky is perfect, as there isn’t much ambient light in the area.

    La Playa Jolla Beach and Playa Encanto are perfect places for a romantic beach day or night.


    Playa Dorado and Playa Mirimar:

    Continuing south is the less populated stretch of beaches, Playa Dorado and Playa Mirimar. This area is about 30 minutes away from downtown Puerto Penasco.  Although there are plans to develop residential and commercial properties here, it seems like more of a ghost town.

    Since the area is remote and quiet, beachfront rental properties are popular with those visitors wanting to “get away from it all”.   For the few residents and curious explorers, these beaches are perfect.

    Housing construction near quiet puerto penasco beaches.

    The Mayan Palace Beach:

    Just 45 minutes south of downtown Puerto Penasco is the Mayan Palace Resort.  This super luxurious resort is home to a 2-mile stretch of pristine beachfront.  Although you don’t need to be a guest at Mayan Palace to access the beach, you will wish you were.

    Relax on the soft sand, enjoy the calm waters or take a nap in the warm sun.

    There are no bad days here.

    Beach view from pool in mayan palace resort.

    The Mayan Palace Beach:

    Just 45 minutes south of downtown Puerto Penasco is the Mayan Palace Resort.  This super luxurious resort is home to a 2-mile stretch of pristine beachfront.  Although you don’t need to be a guest at Mayan Palace to access the beach, you will wish you were.

    Relax on the soft sand, enjoy the calm waters or take a nap in the warm sun.

    There are no bad days here.


    Rocky beachfront and blue ocean.


    Water Temperature in Puerto Penasco


    Although the average winter water temperature in Puerto Penasco is only 61 F, it is not unusual to see people in the water wading and even swimming.

    While the Summer sun heats the water to a tepid 83 F, the Fall water temperatures in Puerto Penasco range around a comfortable 77 F.

    Grab a towel and jump in the water!


    Tidepools and Sea Shells


    As the name implies, Puerto Penasco or Rocky Point, you can find a rocky coastline as well.  As the tides change, water is trapped in the rocks creating natural pools.

    For shell hunters, it is not unusual to find a small octopus, fascinating shells, and sand dollars in the tide pools.  As the tide comes back in, these mysterious creatures and rocky coastlines will be hidden once again.

    Tide pools on puerto penasco beaches.

    Tide Charts Are IMPORTANT


    The tides in Puerto Penasco are quite dramatic.  The fluctuation can sometimes be up to 24 feet.  Because the beaches have such a gentle slope, the water line can recede pretty far.  It is not unusual to see swimmers way out in only knee-deep water.

    Cholla Bay, aka Tucson Beach, provides a prime example of these crazy tides.   Low tide makes the beach a perfect place for families to play, as you can park right up to the water’s edge.

    A few years ago, during the “spring” high tide, the area quickly flooded leaving a few dozen cars submerged.

    Several months later, Tropical Storm Rosa hit the area destroying some of the surrounding streets.  Barricades were placed to prevent visitors from parking along the beach now.




    The sunset on the Rocky Point Beaches is spectacular.  As you watch the sun drop into the sea, the sky can turn brilliant with shades of orange, yellow, red, and purple.  Sometimes the sky appears to be on fire!

    It’s no wonder why Rocky Point Beaches are a favorite snowbird location for RVers, retirees, and even spring breakers.


    Colorful dramatic sunset on the rocky point beaches.


    Rocky Point Beaches Conclusion


    Although beach access is limited at some of these beaches, there are no private beaches in Puerto Penasco.  In other words, you can soak up the sun and play in the water, as long as you don’t trespass through someone’s yard.

    Each of the Rocky Point Beaches brings a unique experience to both locals and visitors.  With beachfront home rentals, fabulous resorts, and RV Campgrounds there are plenty of lodging options.

    After a day on the beach Puerto Penasco offers plenty of things to do from a stroll down the Malecon to a relaxing dinner there are many possibilities.

    Grab a towel, or beach chair and slap on some sunscreen.  The Rocky Point beaches are waiting for you!

    Travel Safe and Adventure Often!

    Happy couple standing on a rocky point beach.


    Rocky Point Mexico RV Parks: Ultimate Guide 2023

    Rocky Point Mexico RV Parks: Ultimate Guide 2023

    Rocky Point Mexico RV Parks: Ultimate Guide 2023

    Thestromads. Com contains affiliate links and is a member of the amazon services llc associates program. If you click and use these links we may receive compensation at no extra cost to you!

    Before you set off across the border to go RVing in Mexico, you will want to check out our 2023 Guide to Rocky Point Mexico RV Parks.

    If you are looking to RV in Mexico in a beautiful place near the water or on the beach with amazing sunsets Puerto Penasco may be just the place for you.  It sure was for us we loved living in our RV in Puerto Penasco.  

    Rocky Point and Puerto Penasco are the same place and will be used interchangeably throughout this article.

    With little information available to first-time visitors of Rocky Point, we understand your concerns when it comes to RVing to Mexico.  There are plenty of obstacles to overcome when planning international travel, like logistics and paperwork.  

    We were super concerned with crossing the border and driving our 40 ft. Renegade Super C and toad in Mexico.  The first time we visited Puerto Penasco, we chose to join the Xscapers Convergence.  Going with a group eased our mind and now we feel comfortable enough to go on our own.    

    So to save you time and help eliminate frustration, this article lists the most popular RV Parks in Rocky Point Mexico.  We will also address some important travel information about crossing the border and suggest some things to do in Rocky Point.

    So let’s go!

    ‘Rocky Point Mexico RV Parks


    Sunset at rocky point rv park.


    Playa de Oro:

    Calle Mariano Matamoros s/n,El Mirador, 83550 Puerto Peñasco, Sonora, Mexico

    This large RV park offers well-defined RV spaces, full hookups, and beachfront sites.  The lot is gravel and level with 24-hour security.

    With private beach access and a clean clear swimming pool to choose from, your only decision will be which one today?

    Playa de Oro has a lounge on-site as well as a grill for guest use.  Right next door is Pitaya Bar which is nice for Happy Hour and a quick bite to eat.


    San Rafael RV Park

    83554, Calle Mariano Matamoros, Benito Juárez, Puerto Peñasco, Son., Mexico

    This small RV park has beachfront views with beach access just a few steps away.  San Rafael RV Park is quiet and offers discounts to seniors.

    Pitaya Bar is just next door making your dinner plans a little easier. 


    Captain Ron’s RV Resort

    Av. José María Morelos y Pavón, Benito Juárez, 83554 Puerto Peñasco, Son., Mexico

    Captain Ron’s RV Resort caters to long-term and permanent residents.  Tenants are community aware and help with maintaining security.

    The sites are full hookups with an on-site laundry facility, fire pit, and picnic area. The beach is a quick 10-minute walk while a convenience store, pharmacy, and full-service restaurant are only around the corner.


    The Boulders RV Park:

    C. Manuel Arista, Benito Juárez, 83554 Puerto Peñasco, Son., Mexico

    The Boulders RV Park is only 2 blocks from the beach access.  Full hookups, a gated entrance, and a quiet residential area make this a nice park for those not wanting beachfront accommodations.

    Pharmacy, convenience stores, and restaurants are just around the corner.


    Playa Bonita:

    Paseo Balbao final, Playa Hermosa, 83550 Puerto Peñasco, Son., Mexico

    At Playa Bonita, you can experience beachfront camping at its best.

    Full- hookups, private beach access, clean restrooms with showers, and an onsite laundry facility makes this Rocky Point RV Park super desirable.

    As an added bonus, there is a jacuzzi tub for guests.  Campers offer plenty of good reviews based on cleanliness, location, and fun activities such as potluck dinners and games. Plus, there is a fantastic restaurant, Puesta Del Sol, within walking distance.


    Concha del Mar:

    C. Aquiles Serdán, Bella Vista, 83553 Puerto Peñasco, Son., Mexico

    Concha del Mar offers dry camping only.

    Beachfront sites are available as well as private beach access.  24-hour security helps keep the park quiet and safe.  There is a self-service dump station for convenience.  Otherwise, for a small fee, the staff will dump and fill your rig with fresh water.

    Restaurants and pharmacies are within walking distance.  There is a pickleball court, clean restrooms, and laundry on site.

    Robb and I enjoyed our stay at Concha del Mar.  Although the campground is basically a hard sand lot, the sites were spacious enough that you didn’t hear your neighbor’s personal “business”.

    The sunsets were spectacular as you could watch the big orange ball sizzle when touching the water.  The changing colors in the sky were nature’s artistry changing every night.  Edgar, the owner, is very accommodating and pleasant.

    We will be back soon!

    Rv parking in concha del mar rv park.


    Sunset RV Park:

    Plutarco Elias Calles and 25 Puerto Peñasco, Sonora C.P. 83550

    Sunset RV Park may be the perfect Rocky Point RV Park for you.  .  The park is small and intimate with 24-hour gated security.   The park is alluring with its large saltwater pool and dog park.

    Although it is not beachfront, it is only a short walk to the beach.  With an onsite restaurant and free hot breakfast, your days will be relaxing.

    No bad days here!


    Whale Hill Storage and RV Park:

    Plutarco Elias Calles and 25 Puerto Peñasco, Sonora C.P. 83550

    Whale Hill is a Small RV park and storage facility.  Some sites have electric hookups.  Free Wifi, water, and sewer are available.

    They also feature recently renovated clean and affordable apartments.


    The Reef RV Park

    Blvd. Paseo de la Duna, Playa Arenos, 83560 Puerto Peñasco, Son., Mexico

    The Reef RV Park is spacious with full hookups, beachfront sites, and a whole lot of fun.  The adjoining restaurant Wrecked on the Reef has delicious food offerings, a full bar, and live music.

    The private beach access and spectacular views make The Reef RV Park highly desirable.    

    Tiki hut seating overlooking blue sea.

    RVing to Mexico FAQ


    Directions to Puerto Penasco – Rocky Point

    Driving an RV to Mexico can seem a little daunting, intimidating, and scary at first.  With proper planning and the right information, we found it to be much easier than we anticipated.

    Puerto Penasco is about 4 hours from Phoenix or Tucson, AZ.  Either way, you will make your way to Rt 85 South toward the town of Ajo and the border crossing at Lukeville, AZ. 

    Timing your entry is extremely important.  Allow yourself enough time to cross and arrive at your designated Rocky Point RV Park during the daylight.  Driving to Puerto Penasco after dark can be dangerous and should be avoided.

    When planning any road trip, we like to use RV Life Trip Wizard.  Not only does RV Life Trip Wizard provide alternative routes, but it also helps to identify campgrounds along the route.  We especially like the flexibility to add our own places of interest or scenic stops.  You can sign up for a free trial or RV Life Trip Wizard right here!


    Mexican Car Insurance for Rocky Point Travelers

    Mexican Car Insurance for Rocky Point Travelers is mandatory.  Be sure that you are covered AND you have proof of coverage BEFORE coming to the Lukeville Border Crossing.

    Contact your US insurance carrier first to verify your auto and RV coverage in Mexico.  Many RV and vehicle policies do not include Mexico in their coverage.  

    As with any service, we shop around for the best rate and coverage.  Mexican car insurance rates vary significantly.  Quotes from insurance providers can take a few days.  Do not wait until the last minute to secure your coverage.  

    You can apply for coverage over the phone, on the company’s website, and in person with some companies in Ajo or Lukeville at the border.  Be sure to make an appointment if applying in person.


    Documents Needed to RV in Mexico

    If you haven’t done so, this is a good time to make copies of all of your documentation.  We keep an electronic file, plus 2 hard copies.  Immigration may require a hard copy, so be prepared. 

    Lukeville Border Crossing

    Lukeville Border Crossing: Preparation

    Preparation is essential for crossing international borders.  Border towns make it easy to store items not permitted in Mexico such as weapons or other such contraband.  

    These items are PROHIBITED in Mexico.  If you are searched and these are found, your items will be confiscated and you may get arrested.  Do not bring these items. 

    • Guns or ammunition. Guns are illegal in Mexico. You will be put in jail for having one.
    • Pepper spray
    • Lethal knives and machetes (anything over 8” is not allowed)
    • Live predator fish
    • Totoaba fish (fresh or frozen)
    • Turtle eggs
    • Poppy seeds or flour of poppy seeds
    • Marijuana, medicinal marijuana, marijuana products, marijuana seeds or spores, or marijuana extracts
    • Opium extract
    • Stamps or prints, displayed for their sale in envelopes or packages, containing illustrations that represent childhood in a degrading, violent, self-destructive, anti-social, or ridiculous way (i.e. Garbage Pail Kids trading cards)
    • Thallium sulfate.
    • Isodrin, Aldrin, Heptachlor, Drinox, Endrin, Mendrin, Nendrin, Hexadrin, or Leptophos insecticides.
    • Heroin
    • Medication prepared with acetyl morphine or its derivatives
    • Loggerhead turtles or turtle skins
    • Goods that have been declared as archaeological monuments by the Secretary of Public Education.
    • Air compression speargun prohibited. Rubber band spearguns are permitted.
    • Seeds, seedlings, and fresh plants. Be especially careful with items such as trail mix and granola bars that often include seeds.
    • Fresh fruit, vegetables, flowers, and cereals
    • Dairy products
    • Flour and cornmeal

    Mexico has recently banned the sale of vape pens, cartridges, and e-cigarettes.  It is unclear whether you can bring them into the country.  It is also unclear as to whether or not you can use vapes in public at this time.  Cannabis in any form is illegal in Mexico.  

    You can find current information from US Customs, at the US Embassy mx.usembassy.gov and the Mexican Consulate.

    Lukeville Border Crossing: Inspection


    Crossing the border can definitely create some anxiety.  The first step to reducing anxiety is having all the necessary documents and being sure you are in compliance with what you have in your possession.  It is a good idea to put all purses and valuables away and out of sight.  No loose change or cash laying around.

    The Lukeville Border Crossing is open daily from 6 am-8 pm. 

    Plan accordingly or you will be turned away until the following day.  Weekends and holidays can affect your time at the border.  It’s a good idea to check the calendar and try to avoid busy times.  You can monitor the wait times at the US Customs and Border Protection site.

    Puerto Penasco is still an hour’s drive from Lukeville, so again be sure to give yourself enough time to be in your RV Park before nightfall.

    As you approach the gate be confident and respectful.  You may or may not be stopped and inspected.  Be prepared for either. 

    If stopped for inspection, allow agents to access areas of your car and RV that THEY request to see.  Stand with them, and never leave your rig or vehicle unattended or let anyone be out of sight while they are inspecting.  

    Once you’ve been given the green light, proceed through the inspection area and PARK along the side of the roadway.  Do not block businesses or driveways.  There is no official parking lot, so you may have a long walk.  

    Caravanning with more than 4 other RVs can make finding parking difficult.  If you are traveling with a group, consider staggering your arrival times to alleviate frustration with parking oversized vehicles.


    Lukeville Border Crossing: Immigration


    Everyone in the RV and Car MUST appear in person to the immigration office that you just passed coming through the inspection lane.  

    LOCK your rig & vehicle before walking away.  

    Proceed to the immigration office WITH all of your documents.  The immigration officers will verify your passports and FMM card.  They may ask for vehicle identification and insurance as well.  This is a very simple procedure, but it may take some time if the border is busy.  

    Once you have been stamped and have been given your FFM card, you are ready to proceed to Puerto Penasco!

    Welcome to sonyta banner.

    Driving To Puerto Penasco: Road Conditions


    Driving to Puerto Penasco should be fairly easy, as long as you obey the speed limit signs.  It is very easy to become distracted in a new country.  Stay aware.

    Although the locals will be driving fast and loose, it is far better to stay within the posted limits and keep your eyes on the road.  

    Speed limit signs are posted in kilometers per hour, not miles per hour.  For easier driving, set your speedometer to kilometers if possible.  Speed traps are common, so drive aware.  

    ALTOS means STOP.  Come to a COMPLETE Stop and count to 5, before proceeding with caution.  

    Although the drive to Puerto Penasco is designated as a Trouble-Free or Safe Zone sometimes there are police officers that will pull vehicles over and intimidate drivers into paying exorbitant fines in cash. 

    Please be aware this is not normal or standard procedure. 

    Simply ask the officer to escort you and your RV to the police station where you can pay the magistrate.  Many times this will alleviate a disingenuous situation and you will be permitted to continue with only a warning.

    The main roads can have large potholes, so take caution to avoid them.  You can easily damage a tire or rim.

    Avoid shortcuts and side streets until you have investigated them yourself.  Stick to the main road and follow the direction given by your RV park or host.  

    RV drivers should always know the height and weight of their unit.  Side roads and residential areas may have low-hanging power lines and lights. 

    The train runs through town, making some of the track crossings extremely steep.  You can easily bottom out and get stuck while trying to cross.   

    Severe weather such as rain or high wind can impact driving conditions in Puerto Penasco.  Being a coastal town with subpar drainage solutions, flooding is common.  Many side streets are unpaved and have huge potholes.   Advance with caution.

    Rving in mexico desert road.

     Things to do in Puerto Penasco (Rocky Point)


    There are plenty of things to do in Puerto Penasco (Rocky Point).  While some want to sit endlessly and watch the quiet surf of the Sea of Cortez, others want to explore the town.  What’s your pleasure?

    Rocky Point Beaches:

    For many,  white sandy beaches, and blue-colored water is alluring.  The clear water and the soft waves are inviting to swimmers and beach walkers.

    Long stretch of quiet beach, soft surf, clear water in puerto penasco, mexico

    However,  Puerto Penasco Beaches are quite diverse.  As the name Rocky Point implies, there are also rocky beaches along the Sea of Cortez perfect for tide pooling and fishing.

    Rocky shoreline in puerto penasco.


    As with any coastal town, there is a constant breeze.  The bright sun keeps the sand warm.

    Water temperature in Puerto Penasco averages about 73 degrees Fahrenheit with lows in the winter of 61 degrees.  As the summer heats up, the water temperature in Rocky Point can reach 83 degrees.

    Whether you are a sunset seeker or wave-runner, Puerto Penasco Beaches are beautiful and friendly.

    One of the biggest advantages of RVing in Mexico is camping on and near the beach.  Imagine walking just a few steps from your RV to the beach!  There are very few places in the United States that have this type of view for the price.

    🏄‍♂️Playa Encanto.

    🏄‍♂️Pelican Beach.

    🏄‍♂️Mirador Beach.

    🏄‍♂️The Mayan Palace Beach.

    🏄‍♂️Las Conchas Beach.

    🏄‍♂️La Playa Jolla Beach


    Bird Island

    Take a lovely boat ride out to Bird Island off the coast of Puerto Penasco.  See for yourself, sea lions, dolphins, and other marine life, in their natural habitat.

    Kayaking, snorkeling, and exploring are fun things to do while visiting Bird Island.  If you are lucky, you might even spot black fin or humpback whales as they migrate to the Sea of Cortez in the winter months.

    Fishing Rocky Point

    When it comes to fishing in Rocky Point, what’s your pleasure:  Surf fishing or deep sea adventures?  How about both/and for an answer?  There are plenty of charters that leave from the Puerto Penasco marina early in the day.  The fresh catch includes sea bass, grouper, flounder, and red snapper.

    For surf fishing, pick a spot on the pier at Wrecked on the Reef, or just pull up your chair and toss a line into the water at your RV park.

    Fishing is a way of life in Puerto Penasco.  Just ask a local.


    Fishing boats in harbor at rocky point.


    Golf Rocky Point Mexico

    Of course, you can golf in Rocky Point.  Enjoy the saltwater breeze, beautiful blue sea, and gorgeous views as you putt around the green at any one of 3 golf courses:

    ⛳️Vidanta Golf Puerto Penasco

    ⛳️The Links at Las Palomas Beach & Golf Resort

    ⛳️The Club at Islas Del Mar Golf Course


       Shopping in Puerto Penasco


      Rodeo Drive Puerto Penasco

      Rodeo Drive is a fun shopping area where you can find souvenirs, Mexican art, and pottery.

      Located on the outskirts of town the dirt streets and run-down buildings may give the appearance of a ghost town.  However, Rodeo Drive Puerto Penasco is definitely inhabited and worth visiting.

      There is also a wonderful restaurant serving up margaritas and guacamole, to hungry shoppers.


      Colorful calaveras line the shops on rodeo drive puerto penasco

      Walmart Puerto Penasco

      Bodega Aurrera is a subsidiary of Walmart in Puerto Penasco.  Staples like paper products, laundry detergent, as well as groceries, are available here.

      Can’t find what you’re looking for at Walmart Puerto Penasco?  Check out the Sam’s Club right next door.

      Still not satisfied?  Puerto Penasco has plenty of grocery stores, fruiterers, and convenience stores.

      Jessy’s Fish Market

      Right here at Jessy’s Fish Market, you can purchase fish so fresh it slept in the sea last night.  Fresh jumbo shrimp cleaned and deveined while you wait.

      The staff is super nice and helpful.  I think you will be shocked at the prices (in a good way that is).

      Jessy's fishmarket, shopping in puerto penasco


       The Malecon Puerto Penasco

      The Malecon is a fun vibrant area with shopping and dining along the sea wall of Puerto Penasco.   Whether you are barhopping or watching the sunset, the Malecon is the place to be.

      On weekends, it is not unusual to see 10-15 Mariachi bands lined up and playing music to well into the wee hours.   You can’t help but dance!


      The malecon is a walkway along the seawall in puerto penasco.


      Best Restaurants in Puerto Penasco   

      Moo Steakhouse and Grille

      Moo Steakhouse and Grille serves up steaks, table-side caesar salad, and decadent desserts.  The dim red lighting and sexy atmosphere make Moo Steakhouse and Grille a romantic option for date night!

      Lighted sign for moo restaurant.

      La  Casa El Capitan

      We can’t say whether the view or the food is better because BOTH are sure to WOW you!  Afternoons on the patio are relaxing as you gaze at the sea with a margarita. And, the beautiful sunset is a perfect backdrop for a romantic dinner. 

      Couple posing with a scenic view of the city below.

      La Argentina Empanadas and More

      Empanadas are our favorite light bite.  Gooey Nutella and strawberries or something a bit more savory like shrimp and cheese might meet your craving.  Why not just pick up a mix of 12 different empanadas and enjoy dinner in your RV tonight?

      Outdoor restaurant serving empandas.

      Churros Penasco

      Churros Penasco is our favorite street food. Hot fresh churros are a perfect way to end the night.  Since they don’t open until 6 pm, there is no reason to rush your dinner!

      Churros street restaurant in puerto penasco


      Bars in Puerto Penasco


      As you might guess, there are plenty of bars in Puerto Penasco.  You can find live bands, DJs, and even a mariachi band throughout the week.  While some have a “spring break vibe”, there are a few bars in Puerto Penasco that have a more laid back quiet feel.


      Leo’s Bar

      The laid-back vibe, great service, and live music make Leos’s a favorite stop.  Being located just a few blocks off The Malecon keeps the rowdy crowd away.  Leo’s is perfect for an afternoon cocktail, happy hour, or date night.

      Restaurant sign, leo's puerto penasco.

      Manny’s Beach Club

      Manny’s is what you would expect in a beach club.  You can enjoy the afternoon in the surf and sand while sipping a margarita.  When the sun goes down, the club comes to life with music and dancing.

      This really is a fun place, it even has swings and a pool.  Manny’s serves food, so you can stay all day!


      Guy on swing in a cabana bar.


      Tekila Bar

      Located near the center of the Malecon, the 2-story Tekila Bar is party central.    Although Tekila Bar has “this is a bad decision” written all over it, it is a fun place.  The crowd can be rowdy, but the bartenders and bouncers have the party under control.

      The second story has an outside patio which makes for a magnificent sunset.


      Bartender holding a bottle of tequila.


      RVing to Mexico does take some coordination and pre-planning.

      With several Rocky Point RV Parks to choose from, you only need to decide what amenities you desire and make a reservation.  The winter months can be warm and inviting, especially if you are leaving the cold weather behind.

      Rocky Point is a fun place to visit, and while you are there, try some Bacanora (Tequila’s lesser-known cousin).


      Couple smiling on beach in rocky point mexico.


      Thank you for reading and enjoy your RV trip to Puerto Penasco!

      On your way to Puerto Penasco if you are traveling through Amarillo, Texas, or Terlingua, Texas to Big Bend, we have some great information to pass along. 

      Travel Safe and Adventure Often!

      Maureen & Robb

      11 Fun Things To Do In Terlingua, 2023

      11 Fun Things To Do In Terlingua, 2023

      11 Fun Things to do in Terlingua, 2023

      Thestromads. Com contains affiliate links and is a member of the amazon services llc associates program. If you click and use these links we may receive compensation at no extra cost to you!

      This article will cover 11 fun things to do in Terlingua as well as the surrounding areas of Big Bend National Park, Big Bend Ranch State Park,  Alpine, Ft. Davis, Lajitas, and Marfa. If you are planning a trip to any of these Texas towns, make sure you read this article!

      So let’s get started exploring Terlingua Texas Ghost Town!

      Rustic welcome to terlingua ghost town sign.

       Things To Do In Terlingua


      1.  Terlingua Trading Company

      The Terlingua Trading Company is a one-stop shop.  Whether you are looking for that perfect souvenir or a bottle of Texas wine, you can find it here.  Robb and I are not much on shopping, but we sure did take advantage of the unique offerings in this store.  Room after room of artwork, jewelry, and clothing will keep you browsing.

      More importantly, you can pick up your self-guided tour map at the register.  The map will help guide you and give you some background about the Town of Terlingua.

      Terlingua trading post a general store with a porch.

      2.  Terlingua Cemetery

      With graves dating back to 1903, this peaceful resting place is one of the MOST photographed cemeteries in the US.  As you visit Terlingua Cemetery, you will understand why it tops our list of fun things to do in Terlingua.

      Many of the graves are covered with rocks giving the cemetery a creative landscape.  There is no rhyme or reason or even a straight path along the plots.

      Some of the graves in Terlingua Cemetery are barely marked with a simple cross, while others are elaborate and festive burial plots.

      While there are about 400 graves in the Terlingua Cemetery, the majority date around 1918-19 when the town was hit by the deadly influenza outbreak.

      The Terlingua Cemetery is both quirky and fascinating.  Take a walk-through, snap some pictures, and pay reverence to the residents.

      Terlingua ghost town cemetery in the desert


      3.  St. Agnes Church

      Established in 1914, St. Agnes Church, formerly known as the Chisos Mission served as a spiritual refuge to the people of Terlingua.  The adobe structure stands today overlooking the town below.

      Come inside, take a seat on the wooden pews, and allow yourself to reflect in this beautiful quiet place

      Restored church in a desert ghost town.

      4.  Starlight Theater Restaurant and Saloon

      You can’t come to Terlingua without stopping at the Starlight Theater Restaurant and Saloon.  Even the locals think the Starlight Theater is one of the best things to do in Terlingua.

      Opened in 1913 as a movie theater for the local miners, the Starlight Theater quickly became “the place”  for traveling musicians, entertainers, and performers.

      Back in the day, a terrible storm blew the off the roof.  That didn’t stop the entertainment.  The Starlight Dinner Theatre continued to host dances, concerts, and productions under the stars.  The roof has since then been replaced, but the rustic interior transports you back to yesteryear.

      This historic venue serves dinner, drinks, and live music seven nights a week.  Although the dinner line starts forming around 430, food and drink service starts promptly at 5 pm.

      Hanging out on the porch is part of the fun.  Local musicians and storytellers will keep you entertained as you wait for your table.

      Visiting this vintage theatre is a fun thing to do in terlingua.

      5.  Chisos Mine

      Founded in 1903 by Howard E. Perry, the Chiso Mine Company was the primary source of work in the area.  As a major producer of quicksilver, the mine flourished.  The industry brought in eager laborers, geologists, and businessmen from far and near.

      When WWII was over, the production of mercury slowed down and the mine finally closed in 1946.

      Although the mine is closed, you can walk out to this elevator shaft to get a feel for what it might have been like to travel down into the earth.

      Deserted mine shaft and elevator in terlingua ghost town.

      6.  Perry School

      As the mining population grew, so did the need for a school.  The original tent school was built in 1909.  Around 1923, the school expanded into a 1 room adobe structure with 53 students.  By 1930, the Perry School expanded into a 4-room stucco schoolhouse, educating 141 students.


      Exploring the ruins of perry school is a fun thing to do in the terlingua ghost town.

      7.  Arts and Artists of Terlingua

      Over the years, Terlingua has become a landing place for passionate artists.  With amazing sunsets, mountain and desert views, and the raw beauty of Western Texas,  it is easy to find inspiration.

      From carefully curated galleries to randomly stacked rocks, art is everywhere in Terlingua.

      Rusted vintage motorcycle in a desert garden.


      8.  Catch The Sunset

      Oh, those Texas skies never disappoint.  Sunset is a highlight of any given day in the Chihuahua Desert.  As the sun sets, the sky often displays hues of pink, blue, purple, and red before turning into an amazing monochrome.

      Often times the colors pop after the sun has disappeared beyond the horizon.  Look up and look behind you!

      Watching the sunset is one of my favorite things to do in Terlingua. 

      Watching a colorful sunset is a fun thing to do in terlingua ghost town cemetery.

      9.  Take An Outdoor Adventure

      There are plenty of outdoor adventures as thing to do in Terlingua and surrounding towns.

      Horseback Riding

      There are several outfitters just a few miles from Terlingua both Study Butte and Lajitas.  The friendly and experienced trail guides will lead you on some beautiful trails through the desert mountains.

       ATV Tour

      What better way to experience the vastness of the Chihuahua Desert than going off-road in an ATV?  Since these trails are not accessible by regular vehicles, you are in for a treat.

      Float Down The Rio Grande

      Take a guided float down the Rio Grande in a canoe, kayak, or raft.  Experienced guides will give you lessons in history and geology along with some fun folklore.

      This is a professional tour and you can book it here.

      A kayak tour on a river with high canyon walls is a fun thing to do in terlingua ghost town.

       Photo Credit:  dave@thehensleys.org

      10.  View The Night Sky

      Both Big Bend Ranch State Park and Big Bend National Park are designated Dark Sky parks.  However, there aren’t many streetlights or other ambient lights in Terlingua.  Look up and be amazed at the night sky.  The constellations, satellites, and even the Milky Way seem close enough to touch.   

      Timing your visit with meteor showers, Full Moons or even the New Moon can bring a different perspective.  Keep an eye out and make a wish on a shooting star!

      11. Visit the Terlingua Jail

      The original Terlingua Jail still stands on the corner by the Starlight Saloon.  With a dirt floor and no creature comforts, it’s hard to imagine doing time here.  

      In case you are looking for restrooms, they are located behind the jail.  Oh, and don’t worry, they are modern.

      A visit to a rustic jail is a fun thing to do in terlingua ghost town.

      Keep Going There’s More! 

      Terlingua Texas Lodging

      There is quite an assortment of lodging choices in Terlingua.  The allure of Terlingua is the dark sky, sunset views, sunrise over the mountains, and of course the desert mountains.  Whether you are hiking Big Bend or counting stars in the Chihuahua desert, you can take comfort in any of these unique Terlingua Texas lodging options.


      Traveling with family or friends may be more comfortable in any of the Terlingua Casitas. Equipped with kitchens, bathrooms and private patios with fire pits allow you to experience the desert surroundings in total comfort and privacy.

      Take a look at these casitas and private homes.  

      Terlingua Ranch:

      Terlingua Ranch offers a little bit of everything.  Whether you stay in a motel room, a cabin, or your own RV, you will agree, the hospitality at Terlingua Ranch is outstanding.

      Book Terlingua Ranch NOW


      Big Bend Holiday Hotel:

      Owned and operated by long-time Terlingua residents Bill Ivey and his family.  It’s easy to recognize the dedication, love, and care they have put into this beautiful restoration.  Big Bend Holiday Hotel gives overnight guests a variety of lodging options.

      Ghost town lodging offers 1, 2, and 3-bedroom suites for visitors.  Luxury accommodations in a rustic ghost town will make from some tall tales.

      The Casitas provide comfort with a little extra room.  These are perfect for porch sitting and watching the sunset.

      Rio Grande Rock House is the Ivey family homestead.  When the family is away, lucky guests can rent this home.   As it offers some of the most scenic views of the Rio Grande, this dwelling may be just the place to get away from it all.  Enjoy the patio, the views, and the quiet.

      Perry Mansion sits high above the town of Terlingua.  With 6 luxury suites, a common great room, a guest kitchen, and a rooftop patio, Perry Mansion provides guests with the right amount of space for alone time or friendly conversation with other guests.

      Hotels and Motels in Terlingua

      El Dorado Hotel: Although it looks rustic and plain on the outside, you will find eclectic decor and comfort inside.

      Chisos Mining Co. Motel:  Take a step back in time and relax.  Try walking or meditating in the huge labyrinth out back.  The sunset and sunrise will amaze you!



      Camping in Terlingua

       Camping in Terlingua is super popular.  The night sky is perfect for stargazers.  Mountain and desert views provide a colorful backdrop for all travelers.  Whether you prefer full hookups or tent camping, you can find something in Terlingua and surrounding towns.

      Vintage Air Streams

      Airstream RVs have a certain allure to them.  Complete with vintage decor and desert scenery, you can reserve a stay in any of these beauties:  Alice, Josephine, Betty, Rosie, or Savannah.  A Retro Rents vintage camper makes for the beginning of a fun ghost town adventure.  

      Book a stay in this cute vintage airstream in terlingua ghost town.

      RV Parks in Terlingua

      • JoMommas RV Park: Very small privately owned RV Park with amazing views.  Book through HIPCamp.
      • Lost Gringo RV Park: What a perfect place to experience solitude and peacefulness.  Full hookup and off-grid camping are available
      • BJ’s RV Park:  Full Hookup and spacious lots available.  Just wait until you see that sunset.
      • RoadRunner Travelers RV Park: Big Rig Friendly, full hookups, and easy to park.  Great views and close to all attractions.

      Glamping Terlingua

      Glamping is tent camping with all the comfort of a luxury hotel room.  Experience the quiet desert surroundings and mysterious shadows as the sun fades away.  Glamping in Terlingua is relaxing with all of the benefits and none of the “hard” work.  Just sit back and relax.

      Basecamp Terlingua has you covered with your glamping adventure.  From fully furnished casitas to tipis, you can enjoy all that Terlingua offers. 

      Terlingua Bubble Tents

      Driving through Terlingua, you might notice some crazy bubble tents or mirror domes.  You can vacation in these!  Imagine laying in bed, cozy and warm, counting stars.  While the structures protect you from the harsh elements of the desert,  the transparent walls allow you a full view of the night sky.

      Click here for Bubble Tents and Mirror Domes availability and pricing!

      Restaurants in Terlingua TX

      • Starlight Dinner Theatre:  Serving dinner nightly with live entertainment.  Queso, brisket, burgers, and steaks will make your mouth water.
      • High Sierra Bar and Grill:  Grab a beer, some Tex-Mex, and a seat on the porch.  Relax to the sounds of local musicians while watching the day fade away.
      • Espresso Y Poco Mas: Wonder in for a latte and a breakfast sandwich.  Or grab a cold brew and some lunch.  Either way, your belly will thank you.

      Frequently Asked Questions About Terlingua 

      Is Terlingua Texas Worth Visiting?

      The million-dollar question “Is Terlingua Texas worth visiting?”  is only something you can answer.  Any location comes down to your personal preference.

      Since you made it this far in the article, I assume you are interested in visiting this quirky weird Texas ghost town.  With its rich history and its funky celebrations, Terlingua could be a new favorite destination.

      Terlingua is the Gateway to Big Bend National Park, and Big Bend Ranch State Park.  The proximity to the parks makes Terlingua worth visiting.  Ample lodging, restaurants, and facilities make this ghost town a fun place to vacation.

      Weather in Terlingua Texas

      As far as the weather, summer is super hot as you might expect in the southwest corner of Texas.  Temperatures can rise to triple digits during the day, while the evenings can be quite cool.  The dramatic temperature changes are something to note when packing for your trip.

      Summer is also the rainy season.  Flash floods are common and can be quite dangerous when exploring the canyons.

      Fall and winter can bring a cold snap to those desert nights. Nighttime temperatures in the low 30s might not be for you, but the days are so comfortable.  The clear skies, brisk nights and moderate weather also bring in the crowds.

      When is the best time to Visit Terlingua?

      The best time to visit Terlingua is when you have time to explore Big Bend, Big Bend Ranch State Park, and surrounding areas. Scenic drives, slot canyon hikes, colorful sunsets, and dark skies are all waiting for you to explore.

      • Fall is the most comfortable time.  The last week of October into the first week of November is especially fun in Terlingua.  The Annual Chilli Cookoff and Dia de Los Muertos-Day of the Dead celebration are popular parties.
      • Winter brings tourists because of the mild climate.
      • Spring brings wildflowers and colorful blooms.
      • Summer is super hot and may not give you the best that Terlingua has to offer.

      The Chihuahua Desert is like no other place.  The raw beauty, fascinating mountains, and desert views are beautiful any time of the year.  Don’t let the crowds or harsh climate prevent you from visiting Terlingua.

      Decide what is best for you, and prepare accordingly!

      Terlingua Chili Cook Off 

      What started as a publicity stunt between 2 Chili Cooks in 1967, is now an international sensation.  The Annual International Terlingua Chili Cook-Off brings thousands of visitors to Terlingua every year to compete, taste, and party in the desert.

      Experience the Best of the Best Chilli, live concerts, and everything else that Terlingua has to offer during the Terlingua Chili Cook-Off.  Viva Terlingua!

      The event is always the first weekend of November.  Save The Date!


      Colorful poster of a couple dancing advertising the terlingua chili.


      Dia de Los Muertos – Day of the Dead Celebration

      November 2, Dia de Los Muertos, Day of the Dead Celebration.  Join the locals as they pay tribute and reverence to those that have passed on through life. This is not a haunted experience, but rather a fun celebration of life.

      Dress in your favorite colors, wear a crown of marigolds and paint your face.  The celebration begins in the Terlingua Cemetery at dusk with the lighting of candles and a bonfire.

      Visitors bring offerings of flowers, photos, trinkets, coins, and prayers to the deceased.  Whatever you do, DO NOT REMOVE ANYTHING FROM THE CEMETERY!


      Cemetery entrance at sunset.


      What does Terlingua mean?

      Folklore and legends continue to debate the origin of Terlingua.  As it translates to “3 tongues” it is unclear as to the reference.  Historians and storytellers offer these explanations:

      • 3 languages are spoken in the area: English, Spanish (Mexican), and Native American
      • 3 languages of the Native Americans that lived in the area: Apache, Comanche, and Shawnee.
      • 3 Forks of the Terlingua Creek which flows 83 miles through the mountains and valleys before emptying into the Rio Grande.

      Where is Terlingua, Texas?

      Terlingua Texas is far from anywhere.  Located in the very western part of Texas, Terlingua sits in the Chihuahua Desert bordering Mexico.

      Does Terlingua have an airport?

      Yes, the Terlingua International Airport is a private airport, servicing residents and visitors to the area.  Currently, there are no commercial flights directly into Terlingua.  The closest airports would be El Paso (299 miles) or Midland (238 miles).  Visiting Terlingua, Big Bend, or any of the surrounding areas is a travel commitment.  Allow yourself ample time to enjoy all that the Chihuahua Desert has to offer.


      Things to do Near Terlingua

      Terlingua is a perfect place to stay for a spell while exploring the rest of the area.  You may be surprised at how much there really is to do in the Chihuahua Desert. Let’s Explore:


      Just a few minutes down the road is the town of Lajitas.  If golfing is your thing, stop into the Lajitas Golf Resort to reserve a Tee Time.  While you are checking out the local digs, be sure to visit the cemetery and of course Mayor Clay Henry III (he likes beer).

      Goat drinking something fizzing from a bottle

      Photo Credit: 12-ft Hedgehog Productions 

      Big Bend National Park

      Terlingua is a short 8 miles from Big Bend National Park.  Big Bend is a must-do for anyone that enjoys wide open spaces, desert views, and mysterious mountain terrain.  Whether you are an adventure seeker, avid hiker, or country road driver, Big Bend has something beautiful to offer.

      Chisos Basin:  This spectacular drive will take you near the top of the Chisos mountains.  It is fascinating to see the landscape, change from stark desert to forestry.  There are several trails to explore, as well as a visitor center.  The sunset on the window trail is beautiful.

      Sunset in the distance between an opening in a mountain range.

      Boquillas Canyon:  This is a 1.5-mile moderate hike to some of the most incredible scenery.  The path takes you up and over a hill, down to the valley and river below.  Finally, you will be met with massive canyon walls towering up to 1200 ft.


      Panoramic view of a river through a canyon,

      Boquillas Mexico:  Cross the Rio Grande in a rowboat and arrive in Mexico.  The town is about a mile up the sandy road.  Of course, you can walk, or indulge in other means of transportation, say a donkey or a horse.  The town is super small so you won’t need a lot of time.  Have some lunch, do some shopping and drink Sotol!

      Man rowing a row boat on a river

       Hot Springs: This desert oasis was the place to go back in the day.  Be prepared to soak in the natural hot springs at Big Bend.  The pool is a short hike from the parking area out to the Rio Grande.  Let the 105-degree water rich in minerals relax and rejuvenate you.  While you are there, check out the ruins and the petroglyphs.

      Unfortunately for us, the Big Bend Hot Springs area was closed when we visited in October 2022.  The heavy summer rains and monsoons filled the hot springs with sediment from the Rio Grande River.  The good news is the park rangers have worked hard to clear the area making it safe for visitors once again.  Always check with the  National Park Service before hitting the trails.

      View of a river with a walkway around the point

      This picture shows a cement pathway that was covered before the storm.

       Santa Elena Canyon:  If the creek is low enough, you can cross it and hike up into the canyon.  The canyon walls will envelop you and the views are outstanding.  The short walk out to the creek is easy enough for just about everyone.  Even for nonhikers, the drive to the canyon is spectacular!

      Santa elena canyon walls reach 1500 feet high.

      Big Bend Ranch State Park:

      Big Bend Ranch State Park is right outside of Terlingua and is a gem worth visiting.  Take the 68-mile drive along River Road through canyons, mountains, and the flat lands of the desert to the town of Presidio.  The scenery will mesmerize you.  River Road is one of our favorite drives because of views like this!

      Scenic two lane road through the mountains

       If you are up for a hike, we recommend two:

      Closed Canyon:  This slot canyon hike is 1.5 miles out and back.  Once down to the canyon floor, the hike is moderate.  However, the deeper into the canyon you go, you may find some boulders to climb over.  Just go as far as you are comfortable as there is no prize at the end.  The canyon walls are massive and mysterious.

      Man hiking into a closed canyon near big bend.

      Hoodoos:  This hike is 1-mile roundtrip and moderate.  Walk the gravel path down into the weird hoodoos formations.  The views of the Rio Grande are outstanding!


      Hoodoo rock formations forming a tower like structure.

      Alpine, TX:

      Terlingua to Alpine is about 84 miles of desert scenery.  Besides wall murals, eateries, and historic culture, there is a quirky hike we encourage you to take.

      A quick climb up Hancock Hill will lead to an old desk.  Take a rest and read the notes left by hikers through the decades.  Leave some advice or goodwill to those that will come later.

      Marfa, TX:

      Terlingua to Marfa is about 72 miles.  Marfa is best known for those creepy lights that show up in the desert after dark.  The viewing area is open to the public all night.

      Be sure you also stop by the Prada Store.  It isn’t open for business, but it does make a great photo opportunity.

      Woman posing in front of a designer store.


      Ft. Davis, TX

      Terlingua to Ft. Davis is about 109 miles of scenic driving.  The McDonald Observatory is a highlight for anyone interested in star gazing.  The observatory often hosts special programs and star-gazing parties.  The Dark Skies are extraordinary, especially when seen through these high-powered telescopes. 

      Things To Do In Terlingua: Conclusion

      Whether you take a few hours or a few days to explore, you can agree that Terlingua, Texas, and its surrounding areas are mysterious.  The scenic drives, desert views, and distant mountains will keep you mesmerized.

      Robb and I hope we have helped you decide that Terlingua is worth visiting. Thank you for reading!

      Travel Safe and Adventure Often,

      Maureen &Robb

      Happy couple posing in front of the starlight dinner theatre.



      Going Through Amarillo, Texas?  Read this article!


      The Ultimate Big Sur Road Trip Guide with Map 2023

      The Ultimate Big Sur Road Trip Guide with Map 2023

      The Ultimate Big Sur Road Trip Guide with Map 2023

      Thestromads. Com contains affiliate links and is a member of the amazon services llc associates program. If you click and use these links we may receive compensation at no extra cost to you!

      Going on a Big Sur Road trip?  You are going to want to use this guide and map to create your perfect itinerary!

      Big Sur Road Trip

      Our Big Sur Road Trip will cover 100 miles of the California Coast starting in Carmel and ending in Cambria.

      Although the drive itself only takes a few hours, allow yourself time for traffic, road work, and most importantly, photo opportunities. In this article, we will elaborate  the best Big Sur Viewpoints and scenic places of interest. Let’s get started! 

      Big Sur Itinerary

      It is amazing there is so much to see and do in less than 100 miles.  Your itinerary will reflect your physical capabilities as well as your time allotment.  In our opinion, Big Sur is best enjoyed over the course of several days, especially if you plan to hike the suggested trails.

      Overnight stays near the midpoint will help you lay out your itinerary.  These are a few options to consider.

      • Big Sur Lodge
      • Big Sur Cabins and Campground
      • Fernwood Campground and Resort

      Although you can visit each point of interest in order, we recommend that you split up your road trip and make a plan that works for you.


      California State Parks charge an entrance fee.  However, that one-time fee will give you access to all of the parks in a 24-hour period.  You can also park on the road outside of the park and walk in for free.  Only park in designated areas though, the highway is dangerous.

      Big Sur is often foggy in the early morning.  Starting too early may seem like a good idea, but you won’t be able to see much, including the road directly in front of you.

      Likewise, the Pacific Coast sunset is AMAZING and definitely worth watching from one of the scenic overlooks or beaches.  However, the switchbacks and twisting roads can be scary to navigate after dark.

      Planning a Big Sur Day Trip Itinerary

      If I had to pick 3 places to stop on Big Sur that are  get-out-of-your-car, must-sees, they would be:

      • Bixby Bridge
      • Partington Cove
      • Pfeiffer Beach State Park

      All 3 of these can be done on the same day, and they are outstanding viewpoints.   Of course, there is so much more to see and do, so let’s get started!

      Drive through tunnel on a big sur hwy 101.

      Big Sur Viewpoints and Scenic Stops


      Big Sur runs along the California Coast from Carmel to Cambria.  The two-lane highway allows drivers to cruise the coastal highway both north and south.  Going south can be nerve-wracking as the cliffs seem to be right out the passenger’s window.  This does allow the passengers a bird’s eye view and great photo opportunities.

      For this article, we are driving North to South and stopping at 18 named viewpoints along the way.  So, buckle up, and let’s go!

      1.  Carmel-by-the-Sea

       What better way to start or end your Big Sur Road trip than a short stay in Carmel-by-the-Sea?  This quaint village is storybook-perfect.  Wander through the art galleries, and specialty boutiques, or simply enjoy the sunset, Carmel is fascinating.

      Carmel has been the setting for many movies and television series.  Play Misty for Me, The Graduate and Pretty Little Liars are just a few.

      Besides celebrity sightings and amazing views, Carmel has some peculiar and fun laws:

      • Unit 1986, ice cream was outlawed, as it would create a sticky mess on sidewalks and streets if spilled.
      • Unless you have a permit, you cannot wear high heels.  The town’s streets and walkways are not stiletto-friendly.  In other words, safety first!
      • There are no streetlights or sidewalks in Carmel with the exception of the downtown area.
      • Carmel residents have no street address and there is no door-to-door postal delivery.  Rather than 123 Maple Street, a neighbor might say, 3rd house on the left after the little white bungalow.
      • Did you know Clint Eastwood was once the Mayor?
      • Carmel’s Beach is dog friendly.  Thank you Doris Day!

      Carmel-by-the-Sea is magical, so stop in and experience it for yourself.

      Tree on a white sandy beach blue water

      2.  Point Lobos State Natural Reserve

      62 CA-1, Carmel-by-the-Sea

      Point Lobos State Natural Reserve is often referred to as “the crown jewel” of the state parks system.  On your visit, you will surely agree.

      Tide pools, pristine beaches, wildlife, and a Pacific view for miles.   While there, be sure to check out the Whalers Museum as it holds treasures of the early whaling industry.

      From hiking to scuba diving, you can easily spend the day here.  With 9 beach trails to explore, these views will never get old.  As you gaze out to the ocean you might just see some grey whales, especially during the late winter through spring.

      Emerald green lagoon.

      3.  Garrapata State Park

      34500 CA-1, Carmel-by-the-Sea

      Garrapata State Park is known for its scenic hikes above the coast and pristine beaches.  As you take the trails out to the cliffs, you will be blown away by the views.  Often you can view migrating grey whales, seals, and other wildlife.

      Visiting Garrapata State Park during February and March may give you a pleasant surprise as the Calla Lillies are in peak bloom.

      Take the stairs down to the sandy beach and explore the fascinating rock formations.  As beautiful as this area is, it is often unoccupied, giving you a perfect opportunity for peace and quiet.

      Rocky coastal view overlooking emerald green pool of water.

      4.  Bixby Bridge

      CA-1, 18 miles south of Carmel

      The iconic Bixby Bridge is a sight in itself.  Standing 260 feet from the canyon floor and spanning 714 feet gives you a feeling of driving over nothingness.

      The beautiful architecture makes Bixby Bridge the 2nd most photographed bridge in California (The Golden Gate Bridge is #1).  It’s no wonder TV and movies have often featured views of the Bixby Bridge.

      Parking is allowed on the north side of the bridge, but be extremely careful.  There are no guardrails preventing an accidental fall into the canyon below.

      Pedestrian traffic is prohibited on the bridge, but you can get spectacular pictures from this vantage point.

      In our opinion, Bixby Bridge is one of our top 3 places to stop and visit while in Big Sur.

      Arch bridge over a very deep gorge and ocean.

      5.  Andrew Molera State Park

      45500 CA-1, Big Sur

      Rustic and wild is the best way to describe Andrew Molera State Park.

      With roughly 4800 acres, there are 10 trails to hike depending on your level of expertise.  Surfers, hikers, and nature lovers agree that Andrew Molera State Park is a favorite.

      Be sure to keep your eye on the sky and witness the beautiful condors in their natural habitat.

      Overcast sky and crashing waves on a rocky coastline.

      6.  Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park

      47225 CA-1, Big Sur

      Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park provides visitors with lush forestry and natural beauty.  From easy to strenuous hikes, there is something for everyone.

      The Redwoods tower high above keeping the forest floor cool.

      Hike along the Big Sur River, climb to the vista point or just take a leisurely stroll on the boardwalk.  Adventurous hikers often choose the Pine Ridge Trail leading to the secret Sykes Hot Springs.

      Secluded pond surrounded by trees

      7.  Pfeiffer Beach

      9100 Sycamore Canyon Road

      Pfeiffer Beach is one of our TOP 3 places to stop as you travel through Big Sur.  With its crashing waves, rocky coastline, and purple sand (Yes! I said purple), Pfeiffer Beach is spectacular.

      The famous Keyhole rock stands majestically in front of you as the waves crash through the opening.  During December and January, you might be lucky enough to catch the sun setting through the keyhole.  Whether it’s waves or the sun, you will agree the view is picture worthy.

      Manganese garnet from the nearby hills causes the sand to have a purple color.  After the rain, purple is more prevalent.

      Pfeiffer Beach can be windy and chilly.  The water is cold and the currents are strong.  Swimming is not advised.

      This is truly a beautiful beach, but be prepared.  Bring chairs, a blanket, a picnic, and someone that will love the views.  Wear layers as it can be windy and chilly.  After all, this is the Central Coast.

      There are a few things to keep in mind when visiting Pfeiffer Beach.

      • The turn for Pfeiffer Beach road sits between the Big Sur ranger station and the Big Sur Post office on the southbound side of Hwy 1.  The entrance is not well-marked and may appear that it is a private road.
      • Sycamore Canyon Road is paved, but very narrow.  RVs, buses, and campers are prohibited on the road.  There are potholes and curves, as well as 2-way traffic.
      • Parking is limited.
      • This is a day-use-only beach, with no overnight camping
      • The entrance fee is $12 CASH per car.
      • Nudity is legal on this beach and is common at the northern end of the beach.
      • Purple sand beach.

      8.  Nepenthe

      48510 CA- 1, Big Sur

      Nepenthe is a Big Sur icon.  Sitting 600 feet above the ocean, the views are outstanding.  Enjoy a relaxing glass of wine on the patio, or a delightful meal as you gaze out to the Pacific Ocean.

      The gift shop and cafe are open for something quick and easy as well.

      Nepenthe is a great place to stop and relax as you are cruising Big Sur.

      Glass of red wine overlooking the lush green forest and blue ocean.

        9.  Partington Cove

        51700 CA- 1 Big Sur

        By far, this stop is off the hook and definitely one of our top 3 places to visit on Big Sur.

        Fair warning, there is a 1 mile out and back hike to the prize views  The path down to the cove is dirt and easy.  However, like all rules of physics, eventually, you will have to come back up.

        Park carefully along the road as there is no lot.  Follow the dirt path down, down down.  The path will fork, and both trails are worth walking.

        To the left, cross over the wooden footbridge and go to, then through the tunnel.  It’s creepy for sure, but the view on the other side is OUTSTANDING!

        To the right, the path will lead directly to the ocean.  The rocky shoreline is nothing short of breathtaking.

        The huge boulders make a great place to sit and watch the waves.

        Wooden tunnel on a dirt path.       Rock shoreline and beach on a sunny day.

        10.  Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park – McWay Falls

        52801 CA-1, Big Sur

        McWay Falls is an 80-foot plunge tidefall.

        During high tide, the water falls directly into the ocean.  The scenic overlook gives views of the pristine beach, emerald green water, and stunning waterfall.

        Unfortunately, you cannot access the beach, and attempting to do so can get you into a heap of trouble.

        The path out and back is about 1/2 mile and very easy.

        Since there is a $10 fee to access this state park, you may want to park on CA-1 and walk in for free.  Also, CA State Parks allow you same-day entrance to the other state parks thereby stretching your dollar.

        Emerald green water and waterfall.

        11.  Slates Hot Springs & Esalen Institute

        55000 CA-1 Big Sur

        For those desiring a break from the world, you can find tranquility here at the Esalen Institute.  Their holistic approach to reviving your spirit, soul, and body makes them a leader in the industry.  Relaxing spa treatments, meditation, and jaw-dropping views are only the highlights

        The mineral-rich natural baths overlook the Pacific Ocean creating an immersive experience.

        The Esalen Institute requires advanced reservations.  However, the Slate Hot Springs within the property is open to the public from 1 am-3 am nightly.

        Ariel view of cliff side retreat.

         Photo Credit CallabanCC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

        12.  New Camaldoli Hermitage

        62474 CA-1, Big Sur

        High above the CA-1 sits the New Camaldoli Hermitage.  The community of Camaldolese Benedictine monks welcomes visitors from all walks of life.  Whether you seek the solitude of a silent weekend retreat or the peaceful views from convenient benches, this is a beautiful stop along Big Sur.

        Please be considerate of the spiritual nature of the New Camaldoli Heritage.  Children, pets, music, and loud talking are not permitted.  Kindness and understanding is always appreciated.

        Ocean views from a tall mountain retreat.

        13.  Limekiln State Park

        63025 CA-1, Big Sur

        Due to a fire, the trails have been closed for some time.  Volunteers have worked countless hours cleaning the area and making the trails safe again.

        As the trails open again, visitors can wander through the giant redwoods, search for the 100 ft waterfall or explore the kilns.

        14.  Sand Dollar Beach

        69232 CA-1, Big Sur

        This stunning cove is a favorite of surfers and beachcombers alike.  The soft sand and big waves welcome visitors.  Tidepooling is popular, as you can sometimes find sand dollars and jade.

        The high bluffs protect the beach from the wind making your visit comfortable and relaxing.

        Visit from the top or take the stairs down to the beach.  Either way, Sand Dollar Beach is unforgettable.

        Stunning coastline views showing the mountains transitioning to the sea.

        15.  Ragged Point

        19019 CA-1, Ragged Point

        Ragged Point offers some of the most incredible views of Big Sur.  Whether you come to spend the weekend in one of the 39 cliff-side rooms or grab something to go from the snack bar, Ragged Point will treat you to their million-dollar views.

        For those that are up for a hike, take the .6-mile trail down to the black sand beach.  Remember to look behind you to view the 300-foot waterfall.  This is a strenuous hike and best enjoyed by experienced hikers.

        The rest of us can take a leisurely walk out to the Portal and look 400 ft down to the beach below.

        Ocean and cliff side view.

        16.  Elephant Seal Vista Point

        CA-1 , San Simeon

        Have you ever wondered what Elephant Seals do all day?

        This is your chance to see, hear and smell them in their natural environment.

        From late November through March there are hundreds of elephant seals doing seal things: sleeping, swimming, and singing!

        Elephant seals laying in the sun on a beach.

        17.  Hearst Castle

        750 Hearst Castle Road, San Simeon

        Built between 1919 and 1947, Hearst Castle sits high above San Simeon overlooking the valley below.  The property encompasses over 250,000 acres secluded from those that want to sneak a peak. With 115 rooms including 38 bedrooms, 40 bathrooms, a salon, a Theatre, and two pools, The Hearst Castle was once the ultimate party house.

        Celebrities and the ultra-wealthy of yester-year often visited William Randall Hearst at the Castle for extravagant functions.   Guests would fly into the private airstrip and be shuttled to either the main house or one of the 3 guest houses.

        At one point, Hearst Castle was home to the largest private zoo.  The zoo housed bears, orangutans, camels, giraffes, and zebras.  The zoo was dismantled in 1947 due to financial difficulties.  Most of the animals were rehomed to other zoos, while some were permitted to roam freely.  Zebras, (yes zebras), elk, and antelope continue to freely roam the countryside in San Simeon.  Keep your eyes open as you take the drive.

        Three years after William’s death in 1951, Hearst Castle became a California State Park.  The Castle is open for tours.

        For those interested, you can become a member of the Hearst Castle Foundation, which is dedicated to the preservation of the Castle and philanthropic educational endeavors through science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics.   Through special events including pool parties (yes, you can swim in the Neptune pool), the Foundation raises money to support these programs.

         Beautiful swimming pool with pool house.

        Photo by Catalina Johnson on Unsplash

        18.  Cambria

        The Village of Cambria is a vibrant community that has so much to offer its residents and visitors.

        Stunning beaches, a farmers market, fine dining, and a weird roadside attraction.  Whether you spend a few hours or a few days, Cambria will be a beautiful memory.

        Weird looking house on a hill

        Frequently Asked Questions about Big Sur Road Trips and Big Sur Itinerary


        How much time do I need for a Big Sur Road trip?

        Big Sur is roughly 100 miles from Carmel to Cambria.  The posted speed limit is 55mph, however, the hairpin turns steep inclines, and jaw-dropping views, coupled with traffic and lane closures don’t often allow drivers to go so fast.  Where available, slower drivers can utilize pullouts to allow faster traffic to pass.  CA-1 should not be driven if you are under serious time constraints.  

        Save this spectacular scenic route for when you have ample time, 4 or 5 hours minimum.  It is far too beautiful to rush.

        In our opinion, Big Sur is best experienced over a few days.  Visiting the beaches, taking a few hikes, and of course, catching a famous Pacific Coast sunset are all part of the magic.

        How many days should I spend in Big Sur?

        Spending even 1 night in Big Sur, somewhere near the midpoint will add to your overall Big Sur Experience.  Spending 2 or more nights will definitely enhance your visit.  By staying multiple nights, you can spend more time at each of the viewpoints as well as enjoy some of the hikes. 

        Whether you fancy dinner at Nepenthe or s’mores nestled amongst the Redwoods, Big Sur can be enjoyed for a little or as long as you desire.  Ask any of the locals, they never want to leave.   

        Is Big Sur Worth Driving? 

        If miles of hairpin turns, scenic overlooks, jaw-dropping views, and countless photo opportunities are your jam, then Big Sur is DEFINITELY worth driving.

        There is a reason that CA-1 is often counted as one of the top 10 best road trips in the United States.  Big Sur is just THAT IMPRESSIVE.

        As constant travelers, we have driven some beautiful scenic roads: The Road to Hana, The Million Dollar Highway, and The Apache Trail to name a few.  Big Sur makes our Top 5 road trips of all time.

        We’d love to know your favorite roads! 

        Can I Drive My RV on Big Sur? 

        The short answer is yes, RVs are permitted on CA-1.    However, just because you can, doesn’t always mean you should drive your RV on Big Sur.

        With steep grades throughout Big Sur, driving your RV or pulling a camper might not be the best idea when it comes to visiting Big Sur.   Plus, the scenic overlooks are not RV friendly.  Many are small and only have room for a few cars.

        With Over 40 years of experience driving and towing, Robb considers himself an expert driver.   After navigating CA-1 in our Renegade Verona, he was quite relieved to make his way to Interstate 5 (I-5).  The steep grades will burn up your brakes if you are not careful.

        For those that are camping in Big Sur, you will have to drive part of the highway.  Our best advice is to drive directly to your destination.  Take the road as slowly and carefully as you need to.  Leave your rig at the campground and explore Big Sur by passenger vehicle or motorcycle. 

        When Is The Best Time To Visit Big Sur?

        Peak season in Big Sur is April to October.  Temperatures are in the mid-70s, which makes the beach days and hikes more pleasant.  With the warmer temperatures the crowd increase.  Traffic can be a nightmare on a 2 lane coastal highway.  

        Although the winter months may bring some rain and cooler temperatures, it is also prime time to see beautiful gray whales.  The crowds have gone home and Big Sur is fairly quiet.

        Only you can decide between whales or crowds.  

        Big Sur is often windy, chilly, and foggy in the morning.  Daytime temperatures fluctuate from the high 70s in August to the low 60s in January and nighttime temperatures are a moderate 43-50 degrees.  There is little chance of freezing roads, however, the threat of a landside or mudslide is high during the rainy season. 

        Wildfires are far too common on Big Sur.  Severe damage has been seen in some of the inaccessible trails.  

        Big Sur is a fragile area and should always be treated with respect and care.

        Where to stay in Big Sur?

         The big sur road trip guide and map will help you find views like this!


        Big Sur is such a magical experience, captivating families, road-tripping friends, and especially lovers.  Whether your plans are hiking, driving, or exploring the many beaches, consider spending a few nights in one of the cozy lodges.

        Big Sur River Inn,

        46800 Highway 1, Big Sur. 

         Click here for availability and pricing.

        Big Sur River Inn is located center stage of Big Sur.  Just a few minutes from Andrew Molera State Park and Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park, Big Sur River Inn is perfect for winding down after a long day of sightseeing.  Relax with a glass of wine or enjoy dinner in the on-site restaurant.  During the summer, you can take advantage of the beautiful in-ground swimming pool.  Wi-Fi is available or you can disconnect for a little while as you explore the creek and trails.

         Big Sur Lodge

        47225 Highway 1, Big Sur

        Click Here for Availability and Pricing

        Big Sur Lodge is a perfect place to “leave the outside world behind”.  Located centrally along Highway 1, visitors have easy access to the Pheiffer Big Sur State Park and Pheiffer Beach.  During the summer months, the in-ground pool is perfect for cooling off after a day of hiking.  Likewise, you can snuggle up in front of the fireplace after a chilly Northern California fall afternoon.  The convenient onsite restaurant and bar make dining easy. 

        Where can I find Big Sur Campgrounds?

        Spacious site in big sur campground and cabins.

        There are several campgrounds in Big Sur, as well as lodges, cabins, and hotels, but don’t leave your stay to chance.  Reservations are required for most campgrounds and RV space is a premium.   Consider traveling during the mid-week for more options.

        We enjoyed our stay at the Big Sur Cabins and campground.  Although the campground is “big rig friendly”, parking an RV can be challenging. The RV spaces are tight, as you would expect, deep in the Redwood forest.  The campground is well-maintained and quiet.  We would return in a heartbeat.

        As with most of Big Sur, there is no cell service or internet service.  However, the nearby Big Sur Library has free Wi-FI and free DVD rentals.

        Check out these convenient campgrounds:

        • Riverside Campground and Cabins: Accommodates RVs up to 34ft
        • Big Sur Campground and Cabins:  Accommodates RVs up to 40ft
        • Pfeifer Big Sur State Park South Camp: RV and Tent Camping
        • Ventana Campground: Tent camping only
        •  Fernwood Resort: RV & Tent Camping


        What type of vehicle should I rent for my Big Sur Road Trip?


        We’ve all seen the Hollywood version of the California Coast, right?  Cruising CA-1 in a cute little convertible might sound fun, but the reality is somewhat different.

        The mist and the fog will surely dampen your early morning plans.  Save the sports car for Southern California or even Wine Country.  Think about a jeep or 4Wheel drive small SUV for some of those hard to get to places.


        Tips For Your Big Sur Road Trip:

        Download Guide Along App:

        By far, Guide Along to Big Sur is the most comprehensive road trip companion we have used.  Your guide will help you navigate Big Sur with stories, history, and a few surprises.

        Guide Along is like having a personal guide at a fraction of the cost.   The narrator is witty and knowledgeable while guiding you to all the best sights of Big Sur.

        You can get the Guide Along App right here!

        Download The Ultimate Big Sur Road Trip Guide:

        There is little to no cell phone service in Big Sur.  Don’t leave your “Best places to see” to memory.  Download a copy of this Ultimate Big Sur Road Trip Guide.  It would be a shame to miss that one spot you wanted to see!


        Interactive Big Sur Map

        1. Carmel-By-The-Sea

        What better way to start or end your Big Sur Road trip than a short stay in Carmel-by-the-Sea?  This quaint village is storybook-perfect.  Wander through the art galleries, and specialty boutiques, or simply enjoy the sunset, Carmel is fascinating

        Point Lobos Natural Reserve

        Garrapata State Park

        Bixby Bridge

        Andrew Molera State Park

        Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park

        Pfeiffer Beach


        Partington Cove

        Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park : McWay Falls

        Slates Hot Springs Esalen Institute

        New Camaldoli Hermitage

        Limekiln State Park

        Sand Dollar Beach

        Ragged Point

        Elephant Seal Vista Point

        Hearst Castle



        Note The Ranger Station Information

        47555 CA-1, Big Sur

        The Big Sur Ranger Station has a wealth of information.  Stop in for travel guides and up-to-date information about trails, traffic, and wildlife.

        Bring snacks and drinks:

        Although there are a few convenience stores along CA-1, you may not pass them when you venture out.  Always pack plenty of water and easy snacks for your road trip.  Plus, who doesn’t love an impromptu picnic in an amazing location?

        Dress in layers:

        Big Sur weather can fluctuate rapidly.  The mornings are often foggy, misty, and chilly.  The afternoon can warm up considerably.  This coastal drive is often windy, especially on the beach and overlooks.  Dressing accordingly will keep you comfortable.


        Wear appropriate footwear for walking and hiking.

        Of course, this should be common sense, but you would be surprised at the fashionable shoes on the trails.  Rocks, snakes, and sprains are all too common to hikers.  Sturdy shoes will help keep you from accidental slips and slides.


        Stop at the scenic overlooks, take pictures

        The scenic overlooks, jaw-dropping views, and the Pacific Ocean are the reason we come to Big Sur.  Stop and smell the sea air from high above.


           Big Sur Road Trip and Big Sur Itinerary: Conclusion

        Big Sur will always be one of my favorite destinations.

        There is something mysterious, yet energizing about this region.  Maybe it’s the fog or maybe it’s the way the mountains meet the sea.   Whatever it is, Big Sur is magical, serene, and definitely worth the visit.

        Robb and I appreciate you for reading this article.  We hope that we have brought value to your upcoming Big Sur Road trip.


        Couple posing at scenic ovelook with ocean in distance.

        Until next time,

        Travel Safe and Adventure Often,

        Maureen & Robb

        33 Amazingly Weird Things To Do In Amarillo, TX 2023

        33 Amazingly Weird Things To Do In Amarillo, TX 2023

        33 Weird Things To Do In Amarillo, Texas 2023


        Thestromads. Com contains affiliate links and is a member of the amazon services llc associates program. If you click and use these links we may receive compensation at no extra cost to you!


        Are you traveling through the Texas Panhandle soon?  Make time in your schedule to check out some of these  Weird Things To Do in Amarillo.  Go ahead, give this article a read, and discover how fun Amarillo can be. 

        If quirky roadside attractions are your jam, then you really should take a day or three to experience a few of these weird things to do in Amarillo.  Many of the attractions are located close to I-40 with ample parking.  Food, ice cream, photo ops, and hiking are easy to experience, even if you only have a few hours to visit.

        Just passing through with only a few hours to spare, these attractions are for you.  Most have easy access from I-40 East/West with plenty of parking, even for RVs.

        For the last ten years, we have been driving through Amarillo without much thought.  It wasn’t until we decided to stay for a few days in Palo Duro Canyon that we realized that we could find so many weird things to do in Amarillo.

        Now, each time we cross through, we make time to stay a few days.  Not only is the camping relaxing, but we always find something new and off the beaten path in the Amarillo area.

        So here’s our list so far!



        33 Weird Things To Do In Amarillo 2023

        1.  Cadillac Ranch

         13651 Frontage Rd  I-40 East

        Just a short walk from the road, you will find 10 Vintage Cadillacs buried in the field tail end up!


        Because Texas millionaire Stanley Marsh 3 could.  Simple as that!

        You know the saying, “everything’s bigger in Texas”, and yard art is no exception for eccentrics like Marsh.

        Make sure to bring some spray paint and leave your mark.  Take a picture to remember it because your artwork won’t last long.  All day long, graffiti artists and tourists re-decorate this popular attraction.

          Grafitti covered cadillac art installation.

        Photo Credit: Amanda S. Productions 

        2.  Slug Bug City

         Address:  1-40 East Frontage Rd Exit 96

        If abandoned buildings and graffiti are your things, then make a quick stop here at the Slug Bug City.  Like many establishments of Rt 66, these once-thriving motels and trading posts are empty and in decay.

        The owners of The Longhorn Trading Post and Rattlesnake Ranch buried 5 VW Bugs nose down to increase their roadside business.  Unfortunately for them, I-40 diverted traffic and their business failed.

        They did however leave this quirky weird roadside attraction for all of us to visit.  Bring your spray paint and leave your mark.

        STRO TIP:  In our opinion, this attraction is far more interesting than Cadillac Ranch.  Far fewer people visit this sight making this ghost town just a little bit weird!

        Graffiti covered vw bugs.


        3.  Richard Daniel Baker Peace Park

        I-40 West Between Exits 87 & 85

        Take a few minutes to stop, reflect, meditate, or pray.

        The Peace Park is a space dedicated to everyone who believes in peace.  From the words of John Lennon to the plaques dedicated to our Military, you will find hope and the dream of a better tomorrow.

        This roadside attraction is quirky yet surreal.  Make the time to stop.

        Woman standing in front of a giant peace sign.


        4.  Ozymandias on The Plains

           I-27, W Sundown Ln, Amarillo

        Fictional Historic Marker

        Is that a pair of 24 ft tall legs in the middle of a field?

        Is it an ancient artifact modeled after a statue in Egypt?

        Were these legs the inspiration behind the poem Ozymandias by Percy Bysshe Shelley?

        Was there a body to go with this pair of legs, perhaps destroyed before completion between rival football teams?

        Or is it simply a weird pair of legs out in the middle of the field?

        Only Artist Lightin’ McDuff can answer these questions!

        Weird legs in amarillo, tx

        5.  2nd Amendment Cowboy

         2601 Hope Rd

        Just down the road from Cadillac Ranch stands the 22 ft. tall 2nd Amendment Cowboy himself.  His charming, good looks with the traditional tipping of his hat make for a fun photo opp.

        Before his residency at this location, the muffler man was used for target practice in the field.  His bullet holes have been patched, and his clothes are nicely pressed.

        His starched yellow shirt is printed with the words 2nd Amendment Cowboy as a reminder of our right to keep and bear arms to maintain independence from anyone that would attempt to take that away from us.

        At his feet are several Cadillacs and celebrities, making this stop one of the weird things to do in Amarillo!


        2nd amendment cowboy amarillo, tx

        Weird Things To Do In Amarillo: Museums and Tours

         6.  Bill’s Backyard Classics

         5309 S. Washington St

        If you like classic cars, hot rods, and works of beauty, this is the stop for you!  Take a tour through the showroom and be wowed by the sights.  From a 1920s Model A to Bob Segar’s Night Moves:  A 1961 Pontiac Cat, Bill’s has about 88 cars to woo over.

        Perhaps you want a souvenir? Several of these beauties are for sale!  Bring your checkbook!


        Vintage fire truck at bill's backyard classics.


         7.  Jack Sisemore Traveland and RV Museum

         14051 I-27

        Take a step back in time with a visit to this place of wonder.  From vintage Air Streams to a Hippy VW Bus, these restored RVs have stories to tell.

        Although we might not get to sleep overnight in these campers, we can imagine what camping along the Famous RT 66 was like to them.

        I just wonder how some of these travelers fared on Historic RT 66 through Oatman, AZ.


        Visit jack sisemore rv museum.


         8.  Helium Time Columns Monument

        1200-1348 Streit Dr

        Standing over 60 ft. tall is a Texas tribute to the discovery of Helium.  Within this structure are four-time capsules dating back to 1968.

        Two of the four capsules have been opened while the other two seals will be broken in 2068 and 2968, respectively.

        Among the contents of books, articles, and trinkets of 1968, there is a bank passbook with a deposit of $10.  If that bad boy continues to accrue interest, the account balance is estimated to be about $1 Quintillium.  Somebody’s going to be quite surprised!

        You too can agree that this is one of the many weird things to do in Amarillo!


        Helium tower time capsule amarillo, tx


        9.  Don Harrington Discovery Center

        1200 Streit Dr

        While you are checking out the Helium Times Column, stick around and visit the Discovery Center.

        When you are finished strolling the grounds and feeding the dinosaurs, visit the exhibits inside,

        Discover what’s inside the time capsules, pet a tarantula or crawl through a super-sized ant farm.

        T-rex dinosaur at discovery museum.


         10.  Museum of Art

        2200 S Van Buren St.

        There are plenty of things you would think Amarillo has to offer, but would you think art?

        Take a few hours and discover the Amarillo Museum of Art.  From the outside sculpture gardens to the inside photography exhibitions, there are some unique pieces.

        My favorite is a piece called It’s Hard to Stay on Top.  Although I am not an art enthusiast, I do like weird stuff, and this piece fits the bill.


        11. The Amarillo Historic Museum

        1612 S Johnson St

        This fun quirky museum pays tribute to everything Amarillo.  If something happened here, it got recorded and now holds its place in history inside the museum.

        From the opening of the first Orange Julius in Amarillo to a Civil War-era collection of firearms, you can find out all of the History of Amarillo.


         12.  Botanical Gardens

        1400 Streit Dr

        A lush green garden is something you would not think to find in the dusty plains, right?

        However, back in 1929, a group of trailblazing women thought differently.  The ladies started the first garden clubs in Amarillo and the movement boomed.  Sure, it was hard work, but the beauty of colorful flowers and fauna rewarded them.

        Amarillo The garden club craze caught on and in 1954 the Amarillo Botanical Gardens were created.

        Take a walk through this colorful, serene garden.  You will be amazed at the beautiful oasis in the middle of this dusty dirty landscape.

        Brick wall imprinted with amarillo botanical gardens.


         13.  Amarillo Railroad Museum

        3160 I Ave, Amarillo

        Where else can you see the White Train and The Helium Train together?

        These unique cars were part of the nuclear weapons transport system.

        Come learn about the rich history of the railroad in the Panhandle.

        Railroad car transporting helium tanks.


        Weird Things To Do In Amarillo: Historic Route 66

        14.  Rt 66, Historic District


        Paved country road with texas us 66 sign.


        No visit to Amarillo would be complete without getting your kicks on Rt 66.   Although there is only about a mile of the original highway preserved in Amarillo, visitors can still enjoy shopping and dining along the famous Rt 66.

        It’s hard to imagine that Rt 66 spanned from Chicago to Santa Monica in its heyday.  Historians and civic groups continue to preserve and protect these gems for decades to come.

        Stop in for an over-the-top Bloody Mary at The Handle Bar and Grill.  It truly is Breakfast or Lunch in a glass.


        15.  The NAT Antiques Mall


        Antique hunting is a common sport for many of us.  However, adding the possibility of a supernatural encounter brings this adventure to a whole new level of weird things to do in Amarillo.

        This quirky shop has a fun history.

        Originally, this building was an indoor pool for the locals in Amarillo.  Many enjoyed swimming and playing inside this Texas oasis.

        In 1926, J.D.Tucker purchased the Natatorium and covered the pool with a dance floor.  Soon locals began partying and dancing to the Big Band Sound.


        Names like The Dorsey Brothers, Duke Ellington, and Guy Lombardo passed through and entertained the crowds.  Times became tougher for this entertainment icon.  The Nat closed its doors in the 1960s and remained vacant for quite some time.

        It has since then reopened as a popular Antique Mall.

        Legend has it that the ghosts of past parties continued to haunt the hall dancing and twirling, living the days gone by.  I hear the top floor is especially prone to “cold spots”.

        For more on the Nat, check out this video.



        Weird Things To Do In Amarillo:  Restaurants  

        Simply put, everything is bigger in Texas.  Whether it’s a local favorite or a tourist destination, these hotspots have something unique to offer.


         16.  The Big Texan Steakhouse

        If this is your first time through Amarillo, you have to stop at The Big Texan Steakhouse.  As they say, everything is bigger in Texas and The Big Texan has the steak to prove it.  You can eat for free IF you can finish a 72 oz. Ribeye with the fixings in 60 minutes.

        While we did not accept the challenge, we did enjoy a lunch steak.  Be sure to save room for some fudge and ice cream while you are taking aim in the shooting gallery.

        Big texan challenge amarillo, tx

        17.  The Coyote Bluff Cafe’

        Are you looking for the best burger in Amarillo?  Make your way to the Coyote Café.  From I-40, this little gem is just a few minutes away.  Be sure to try their queso and chips or the chili cheese fries with your burgers.  Come hungry though, their portions are huge!

        The Coyote Bluff Café is quite small and oddly decorated.  The café closes between 3 -5 pm most days.  However, the dinner line starts to form at 4:30.  Don’t be late, because you might not get a seat!

        Small white restaurant called coyote bluff cafe.


        Weird Things To Do In Amarillo: Downtown


        18.  The Wall Mural Tour


        Amarillo is booming in color with over 20 murals to visit throughout the city,   Thanks to the Hoodoo Mural Festival initiative, artists will continue to express messages of hope, love, peace, and food throughout the town.

        The festival combines music, and food with artistic flair, bringing communities and families together.

        You can check out this video!


        19.  St. Anthony’s Hospital


        Although this facility is not open to the public, St. Anthony’s Hospital is quite an attraction for ghost hunters and the curious.

        From 1901 until 1996, St Anthony’s housed patients suffering both physically and mentally.  In the early days, mental illness was misunderstood and often treated badly through religious practices.

        Between 1909 and 1939,  the hospital conducted 76 documented exorcisms on patients suffering from mental illness.

        The hospital has sat abandoned since 1996.  Some of the rooms are said to be completely intact, with remnants left by patients and staff.  Transients and the homeless often kept quarters in the building, causing further destruction to the property.

        Portions of the historic and haunted building are now being renovated into an Adult living community.

        St anthony's hospital amarillo, tx


        More Weird Things To Do In Amarillo 

        These attractions don’t really have a category, so we put them all together here.  You might find that you will see some of these sights as you wander through Amarillo and the surrounding areas.

        Take a look!


        20.  Amarillo Scavenger Hunt


        One of the best ways to find the weird things to do in Amarillo is to join the Scavenger Hunt.  The game provides clues, trivia questions, and history while you seek the place of interest.

        Rather than collecting safety pins or packing tape for the Scavenger Hunt, you collect selfies and a unique perspective of Amarillo.

        Book your scavenger hunt here


         21.  Floating Mesa

         Tascosa Rd, Bushland 

        What in the world is going on here?

        From a distance, the top mesa appears to be floating in thin air!

        Three stripes have been painted around the structure giving the illusion of the floating mesa.

        Small mountain or mesa giving the illusion the top is cut off.

        22.  Tascosa Drive-In Theatre

         1999 Dumas Drive, Tascosa

        Load up the car put the kids in their jammies and bring on the snacks.  The Tascosa Drive-In is home to the Double Feature!  The movie begins at dusk.

        Can I just say the concession stand has Frito pies, pixie stix, and frozen pickle juice, plus the regular stuff?  I understand the snacks, but what is up with frozen pickle juice?

        Drive in movie screen displaying now playing, creature double feature.


        23.  Pantex Plant

         US Highway 60 & FM2373, Panhandle

        Just 17 miles outside of Amarillo is one of our nation’s most unique facilities.  The Pantex Plant is the only plant that disassembles, tests, and evaluates nuclear weapons.  At one time, the plant did construct nuclear bombs, however, the last one was built in 1991.

        The Pantex Plant serves as an interim storage facility for plutonium.

        As you can imagine, security is quite high in the area.  Before “dropping in” for a visit, you will need to call and ask permission.

        If you do visit, you can find Freedom, one of the 100 painted quarter-horse statues of Amarillo.

        Property sign reading pantex plant, nasa

         24.  The Alibates Flint Quarries National Monument

         Cass Johnson Road, Fritch

        Put on your walking shoes and take a hike out to the Alibates Flint Quarries.  These colorful quarries date back 13.000 years.  The discovered artifacts and petroglyphs give us a look into the days of our ancestors.

        Be amazed at the different colors in the rocks: grey, pink, white, purple, and blue.  Historians believe that the stones were once used to make projectile weapons, spears, and knives to hunt the great mammoths of the ice age.


        Signage reading alibates flint quarry national monument on a dirt road.

        25.  The Dynamite Museum

        The Dynamite Museum is definitely of the super weird things to do in Amarillo.  This roadside attraction isn’t actually a museum, but an art installation comprised of thousands of crazy road signs.  Some are original and some have been painted over, the placement is totally random.

        This particular sign might have one wondering, where did their underpants go?

        Keep a look out as you tour Amarillo, the artists have placed them around the area with some in the North Heights neighborhood.


        Street sign



        26.  Mariposa Eco-Village

        Not far from downtown, is the Mariposa Eco-Village.  Committed to sustainability, artistry, and community the village is something to experience.

        Take part in volunteering and building the gardens, or visit during an event.  The community desires to teach conservation and sustainable living practices.

        Consider staying the night glamping in a yurt or even in your own RV.  Campsites are available through Harvest Host and Hip Camp.

        Mariposa eco-village vintage rv.

        27.  Painted Horses of Amarillo

         Throughout the City of Amarillo

        Throughout the city, there are over 100 painted quarter horses scattered.  Each horse is hand-painted by local artists and has a name.  How many can you find?

        Salty, Blaze and the rest of the herd make for some colorful photo opportunities.

        Blue and white horse statue display.



        Weird Things To Do Near Amarillo: Canyon, TX

        Want to explore some more? Just 20 minutes from Downtown Amarillo you will find Canyon, TX a must-do, especially if you love hidden surprises.


        28.  Palo Duro Canyon

        What makes Palo Duro Canyon one of the weird things to do near Amarillo?

        For one, traveling through the great plains, you would not expect to drive up to the edge of the 2nd largest canyon in the US!

        Drive and descend 800 feet to the canyon floor to explore the 16-mile paved loop or the many dirt trails.  Whether you are hiking, biking, or chilling with a picnic, you will agree that the scenery is spectacular.  Spend the day and watch the colors reflect off the canyon wall and change from pink to orange and then to purple.

        Spend the night inside the canyon in the spacious big rig-friendly campground or make a reservation in the convenient glamping area.  Enjoy an evening with a campfire and smores.  If you are lucky, you can hear the call of the wild as the coyotes stalk the terrain, looking for their dinner.

        Colorful canyon overlook.

        29.  Combine City

        FM 1151, Canyon, TX

        What do you do with combines that are no longer operational?

        The story suggests that a local farmer, Orville Ladehoff asked that question.  Lovingly and jokingly his wife, Gracie, said “bury them”.

        What a thought!

        With the blade side up, Orville began planting his Combine City.

        Rusty non-operational combine tractors in a field.

        30.  Cowboys and Cowgirls of the West

        Join the expert riders as they take you on a one-of-a-kind Texas Trail ride.  Your tour will take you along the rim of Palo Duro Canyon with breathtaking views.

        Be sure to check out their Chuck Wagon experience with all the fixings.  This might be just the thing that you and your group have been tasting!


         31.  Bar Z Winery

        19290 Farm to market 1541, Canyon

        Are you feeling parched yet?  Stop into the Bar Z Winery daily from 3-9 and enjoy a glass, flight, or bottle of wine.  The outside porch is spacious, and their red wines are bold.

        What makes Bar Z Winery one of the weird things to do in Amarillo?  Their wine of course.  Texas is known for its sweeter wines from the Hill Country.  Bar Z however has some AMAZING bold reds, something you would not expect!

        Red wine flight.


         32.  The Honey Buzz Winery

         5005 4th Ave, Canyon

        Is mead more your style?  The Honey Buzz is the stop for you.  Mead slushies, Mead on tap, and Mead to go as well as an assortment of craft beer and mimosas.  Grab a bite to eat with a cool mead cocktail and pull up a rocking chair.  Slow down and sip a little.

        Mead flight, blackberry, apple, raspberry

        33.  Tex Randall, The Big Texan

        1400 N 3rd, Canyon

         Tex Randal stands over 45’ tall, sporting Levi’s, boots, and cowboy charm.  Take a selfie with him or blow him a kiss.  Tex Randal is proof that everything is bigger in Texas.

        Forty seven foot cowboy statue.



        Is Amarillo Worth Visiting?


        Is Amarillo worth visiting?

        With a list this long of weird things to do in Amarillo, then of course the answer is YES!  Amarillo has a little something for everyone.

        Downtown Amarillo is vibrant with restaurants, the arts, eclectic bars, and beautiful hotels.  While nearby Palo Duro Canyon is rugged and captivating.  For those that enjoy nostalgia, there’s Route 66.  For the quieter side of Amarillo, you can head out to Lake Meredith Recreational area for boating, camping, and off-roading fun.


        Where to Stay in Amarillo

        Campgrounds Near Amarillo, TX


        Palo Duro Canyon State Park:

        Waking up in the canyon is a special treat as the canyon walls turn colors with the rising sun.

        Palo Duro Canyon State Park is one of our favorite places to camp.  The campground is equipped with water, electricity, and an easy dump station.  The sites feel private and secluded.

        Reservations are made through Palo Duro Canyon State Park.

        Overlook into palo duro canyon state park.

        Palo Duro Glamping

        Is Glamping more your style?  Well, you are in luck. Palo Duro Glamping offers you the best of both worlds.  Stunning views of the canyon and camping in style.  Palo Duro Glamping makes camping easy as the custom canvas tents come equipped with heat or air conditioning, comfortable beds, linens, and much much more.

        Palo Duro Glamping provides a camping experience without the fuss.


        You can click here for rates and availability for Palo Duro Glamping.



        Lake Meredith Recreational Area


        The views from the campsites at Lake Meredith Recreational Area are outstanding.  Sitting high above the lake, you can find peace and quiet.  Sunset is spectacular as the sky changes colors of pink, oranges, and blues.  There is boondocking and dispersed camping available.  For those that prefer electricity and water, contact Wright-On Bait and Tackle for reservations.


        Lake view campground in a desert setting.

        Unique Hotels in Amarillo


        Once you start down the list of weird things to do in Amarillo, you will want to spend a few days.  Amarillo has plenty of choices in hotels.  Whether you want to stay out near Interstate 40, Downtown, or on Historic Route 66, we’ve put together some great choices.


        The Barfield, Autograph Collection:

        Step back in time with the classic feel in the newly restored Barfield Hotel.  Guests feel like royalty in the luxurious and sophisticated decor.

        Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, you can relax with room service or dinner in the onsite Toscano Steakhouse.  Wind down with a late-night cocktail in the lounge.

        Traveling with a pet?  No problem, The Barfield is pet-friendly.

        Nighttime aerial view of a  city skyline.

        Photo Credit: By Who What Where Nguyen Why a/k/a Anonymous Cow – Own work,

        Click here for rates and availability at The Barfield Hotel

        The Big Texan Motel

        Traveling on I-40, you can’t miss the Big Texan Motel.  

        This fun western-theme motel has been serving hospitality for 40 years.  Guests can enjoy a comfortable room, wifi, and a seasonal outdoor pool.  Right across the street is the Big Texan Restaurant serving lunch and dinner.

        Dinosaur on a pole in front of a colorful vintage motel.

        Click here for rates and availability at the Big Texan Motel

        Route 66 Inn

        Take a step back in time to the Route 66 glory days.  The vintage motel is clean and comfortable as well as budget-friendly.  Guests can enjoy free parking, in-room coffee, and wifi.

        The Route 66 Inn and painted road sign make a fun photo opportunity.

        Click here for rates and availability at the Route 66 Inn

        Weird Things To Do In Amarillo:  Conclusion

        After a long desolate drive on 1-40, east or west, Amarillo is a welcoming stop.  From the highway, you see a collection of truck stops and chain restaurants.  Fueling, grubbing down and Wal-docking are all easy, but as you see,  there are plenty of unique attractions in Amarillo.

        Whether you are just driving through on your way to Terlingua and Big Bend,  or have a few days to burn, you can find plenty of weird things to do in Amarillo!  Eat, Drink, Wander, and Take lots of pictures!


        If you are still wondering if you should take a road trip, well here are a few reasons.

        Going On Road Trips: 12 Benefits of the Ultimate Adventure

        Do you need some help designing that perfect road trip?  We like to use RV Trip Wizard to design our routes.   Point-to-point routing, costs, and rerouting options are available.  Don’t be caught without it!  You can purchase your membership right here.


        Rv trip planner wizard affiliate link the stromads


        We hope you enjoy your stay in the Texas Panhandle!  Visiting just a few of these weird things to do in Amarillo, Texas will help break up the drive and give you a few laughs as you continue your journey.

        Travel Safe and Adventure Often!

        Maureen & Robb

        Happy couple posing together with lake view in background.





        Campgrounds Near Philadelphia PA:  7 Best of 2023

        Campgrounds Near Philadelphia PA: 7 Best of 2023

        Campgrounds Near Philadelphia PA:  7 Best of 2023

        Thestromads. Com contains affiliate links and is a member of the amazon services llc associates program. If you click and use these links we may receive compensation at no extra cost to you!

        Traveling to big can be extremely frustrating when you travel in a motorhome or camper. Exploring these urban playgrounds is fun, and this article will help you find the best campgrounds near Philadelphia PA so that you too can explore the city with ease.

        Whether you are exploring the touristy side of Philly or the quirkier side of the city, we have you covered.

        As full-time RV’ers and constant travelers, exploring while driving the lower 48 and Mexico, is our passion.  Having family and friends in the Mid-Atlantic region brings us to the Philadelphia area often.  Like you, we were concerned with finding campgrounds in such an urban area. 

        Surprising as it seems, RV camping near Philadelphia is fairly easy.  Although you can’t camp in the city, we have found 7 RV parks & campgrounds near Philadelphia PA.


        Don’t Take Your RV Into The City!


        The reason this article is titled Campgrounds NEAR Philadelphia PA is that there currently is no RV Camping in the city.   Unless your unit is small, you will have a difficult time finding adequate parking.

        Although Vanlife and stealth campers may beg to differ, the city can be quite sketchy if you don’t know your way around.  Your best bet?  Find RV camping Near Philadelphia, not in the city.

        Think twice about taking your rig into the city. 


        Philadelphia’s traffic is congested even on the major interstates and highways.  Once off the interstate, Philly becomes a driving nightmare.  

        Being such an old city, many of the streets are the size of alleys with cars parked on all four corners.  Coupled with sketchy neighborhoods and severely limited RV-friendly parking, you will be exiting the city before you even say Liberty Bell! 


        Campgrounds Near Philadelphia PA

        Rather than pass through the City of Brotherly Love, spend a few nights camping near Philadelphia.

        We have put together a list and details of the 7 Best Campgrounds near Philadelphia, along with some fun sights to see in the city.


        These campgrounds are less than an hour away from Center City and all of the attractions.  After a long day exploring, you can come home and relax in the comfort of your RV.  Interestingly you may find yourself in a different state when RV camping near Philadelphia.



        1.  Lums Pond State Park: 

            📍 3488-3598 Red Lion Rd, Bear, DE 19701

        Lums Pond State Park, located less than an hour from Center City Philadelphia, is a quiet retreat.  The campsites are spacious giving you privacy and shade. The campground is big rig friendly, as well as comfortable for tent campers.  Lums Pond State Park also offers Yurts for alternative lodging.

        Fishing, kayaking, hiking, and zip-lining are just some of the amenities you can enjoy.  There are restaurants and shopping nearby as well as a full-service marina.

        With easy access to Interstate 95, Baltimore, Wilmington, and Philadelphia make for easy drives.

        Be sure to make your reservations early as Lums Pond and most of the RV campgrounds near Philadelphia stay full all year round.

        Lums pond state park campground near philadelphia pa.

        2.  Delaware Park Casino: 

             📍  777 Delaware Park Blvd, Wilmington, DE  19804

        Delaware Park Casino is conveniently located in Stanton, DE only 40 minutes from Philadelphia.  This is not a campground and there are NO facilities.  Delaware Park is strictly boondocking and you will need to ask permission from security before planning your overnight stay.

        For the privilege of staying, the casino appreciates your patronage.  Eat, drink and gamble as DE Park is a full-service casino with live table games, slots, sports betting, live horse racing, and a lot of family-friendly events.  The Security Team is very accommodating and the last time we were there allowed multiple nights’ stays.

        As an added benefit, the Septa Regional Rail Service has a convenient stop located at the southwest corner of the grounds. For those that don’t have a tow vehicle or don’t want to drive into the city, it is easy to take the commuter train.  The platform is just a short walk from the RV parking lot.

        There is a multitude of restaurants and shopping in the area, as well as Cabellas, which has a dump station and potable water.  Access to Interstate 95 is also located here.



        New Jersey:

        3.  Philadelphia South/ Clarksboro KOA Holiday Campground

            📍  117 Timberlane Rd., Clarksboro, NJ   08020

        Philadelphia South/ Clarksboro KOA Holiday located in Clarksboro, NJ is just 26 minutes from Center City. With a family atmosphere, this KOA has plenty of amenities like a pool, Wifi, and a K-9 park. 

        Our grandson especially loved fishing in the pond centrally located in the campground.  Not only is the pond picturesque, it also provides hours of family entertainment.

        Campsites are equipped with fire rings, and the campground store has dry wood for sale.

        Whether you have a big rig RV or a tent there is room for everyone’s style of camping.  Likewise, if you are looking for cabins to rent near Philadelphia or a seasonal campground, KOA has you covered.  All you have to do is show up, plug in and relax. 

        Father and son fishing in a pond.


        4.  Philadelphia/West Chester KOA: 

             📍   1659 Embreeville Rd., Coatesville, PA  19320

        Philadelphia/ West Chester KOA is conveniently located in  Coatesville, PA just 52 minutes from downtown Philadelphia. 

        As you would expect this campground is complete with a pool, mini-golf, a gem sluice, and fun activities.  Our grandkids especially loved the Halloween activities, scavenger hunt, playground, and canoeing. 

        For those looking for cabins to rent near Philadelphia, KOA has several on-site.  You don’t need a camper to enjoy all of the seasonal amenities.  You can snuggle down in the comfort of a KOA cabin.  

        Whether you are a big rig RV, tent camper, or cabin vacationer, this campground is accommodating.  Both spacious and wooded areas are available.  The staff is friendly and the park is super clean.  

        Boy paddling a canoe down a creek.

        5.  Tohickon Family Campground: 

             📍   8308 Covered Bridge Road, Quakertown, PA   18951

        Tohickon Family Campground is located conveniently in Quakertown, PA, only 50 minutes from Center City. Nestled in the forest beside a creek, you will feel miles away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

        Tohickon Family Campground has comfortable, spacious, wooded campsites near Philadelphia for overnight guests, weekend warriors and seasonal campers.  Enjoy some time sightseeing then retreat and relax by your campfire.   

        Campsites are both big rig RV friendly and comfortable for tent campers.  There is room for everyone!

        Grandpop and grandson roasting hot dogs over a fire near a creek.


        A nice large pool, onsite store, restaurant, playground with giant legos, swings for the grown-ups, and weekend family activities make this a nice respite.  

        When you’ve seen enough of the fast lane there are many local attractions in Bucks County.  You can take a leisurely tour of the 12 covered bridges in the area with the first being right at the campground entrance.  


        Check out our YouTube Video: Covered Bridges of Bucks County Part 1




        6.  Village Scene RV Park: 

               📍 2151 Koffel Rd., Hatfield, PA   19440

        Just a couple of miles off of the PA Turnpike Village Scene RV Park combines permanent residents in traditional double and single-wide mobile homes with self-contained RV units.   Village Scene does accommodate both seasonal and transient RVers.  

        Located in Hatfield, PA only 45 minutes from Center City in Hatfield, you will find all of the amenities of big-city living with a small-town feel.  The park is clean and very well-maintained.  Pads are concrete and asphalt. 

        For those not needing a “camping” experience, this park is perfect for you.  It’s like living in a neighborhood rather than a campground.

         Finding an RV park near Philadelphia just got easier.

        Mobile home and rv park near philadelphia.

        7.  Oak Grove RV Park: 

              📍  2985 Cowpath Rd.,  Hatfield, PA   19440

        Oak Grove RV is an unexpected campground near Philadelphia.  The park brings the woodsy camping experience together with urban living in Hatfield, PA.  Tucked in the trees lies this highly coveted campground.  Many of the residents are seasonal with long-term commitments.  

        The park is clean, and well maintained with fairly level RV spots.  Although it might seem tight, it is big rig friendly.  It has a small playground and does allow campfires.


        Drive time to the city is about 45 minutes.  

        Shaded spacious campsite near philadelphia.

        Additional RV Camping Resources

        Of course, there are plenty of other resources you can check for RV Camping near Philadelphia.  

        RV Trip Wizard is reliable for route planning.  Avoiding low-clearance roads and weight restrictions while traveling in an RV is crucial.  RV Trip Wizard will help you do both, plus it will reroute you and provide you with more efficient routes.   Although some of the reviews are outdated, the app does provide links to most of the campgrounds.  

        Rv trip planner wizard affiliate link the stromads


        HipCamp is another great resource.  You may find a great location close to the city, perhaps even in someone’s driveway.  The locals always have a favorite cheesesteak haunt.  Use the code robbsed72e4 when you sign up to save $10 on your first stay.  Don’t discount HipCamp for urban camping.


        Harvest Hosts.  For those not familiar with the program, Harvest Hosts is a membership program.  Hosts such as wineries, farms, and museums offer a FREE overnight boondocking spot on their property.  In turn, campers agree to buy a bottle, take a tour or otherwise support the establishment.  

        These spots are a nice alternative to rest areas, Walmarts, or other quick overnight stays.  Harvest Hosts also make a great overnight getaway for the weekend warrior!

        A short distance from the city, you will find some wonderful wineries.  Although it might be difficult to snag a weekend or multi-day stay, you can always ask.

        Harvest host affiliate link

        Travel Into Center City Philadelphia

        So if you are in your RV camping near Philadelphia, how do you get into the city? 

        The regional rail commuter train, drive, and rideshare are all great ways to come into the city. 

        One of the best aspects of big cities is the ease of mass transit.  Philadelphia is no exception.  Traffic can be rough, and navigating the city streets for the first time can be intimidating.


        Consider taking the SEPTA train into the city and exploring Philadelphia on foot, an electric bike, or grab an Uber/Lyft to the further away spots.  


        Septa (Regional Rail, Commuter Train, Trolley, and City Bus)

        By far, the train is the easiest way to get into the city.  Most depots have standard-size parking available. 

        Download the easy-to-read Septa Map and plot your destination.  

        If you are concerned about switching trains, or buses, then take the regional rail from your closest location into the city and get off at the most convenient location for the attractions you want to see.  

        Because there are so many options and routes available, it is far easier for you to download the easy-to-read Septa Getting Around Philly maps and schedules to plan your downtown trip.  Make a plan of what you would like to see, then consult the map for the best drop-off point on Septa.


        Driving And Parking In Center City Philadelphia


        With a city as large as Philadelphia, you would think there would be plenty of easy parking.  Well, this is partially true, however, parking can be very expensive depending on where you park.  Especially if you ignore the rules.

        Before you park, be sure to follow the instructions carefully.  Garage access may be limited after a certain time.  Likewise, you may or may not have in-and-out privileges.  

        Meters may have a maximum time limit.  Don’t go over it or you will most likely be fined.


        Street parking may be prohibited during certain hours of the day.  If this is the case, expect your car to be towed if you park during that time.

        Spot Hero is an excellent app to help find parking.  This app will identify the spots available as well as the cost.  In most cases, you can reserve a spot ahead of time.

        Once you are in the city, you can easily walk or ride share to many of the sights.  

        Fun Things To Do In Philadelphia


        So you have learned the ”how to’s” of RV camping near Philadelphia, now what do you do?

        Surely in deciding to come to Philadelphia you have some ideas of things to do and see. Being founded in 1681, this city is rich in both history and pop culture.  Where else can you find the Liberty Bell, a great cheesesteak, and the “Rocky Balboa” statue? 


        First-time visitor?

        It is important to know that you cannot possibly see all of Philly in one day.

        You can, however, get a good feel for the city if you take a self-guided tour like the Hop On/Off Big Red Bus.

        Philphiladelphia, pa hop on hop off tour bus, affiliate link



        The tour is affordable and easy to board at any of their regular stops.  Ride in comfort as the tour drops at 24 different places of interest including:

        • Liberty Bell
        • Famous Art Museum Steps
        • The Rocky Statue
        • Love Park
        • Betsy Ross House
        • Penn’s Landing
        • China Town
        • Reading Terminal Market
        • And MORE!

        With knowledgeable tour guides, you can’t go wrong.  The guide can help you find the best roast pork sandwiches and cannoli on the route.  They are quick to answer your questions and always hospitable.

        Let someone else fight the traffic and parking.


        Fun museums in Philadelphia

        For those who prefer something a little more quirky or mysterious this city features plenty of off-the-beaten-path attractions.

        There are about 100 museums to choose from when visiting Philly.  Check out these quirky, weird, and even fun museums in Philadelphia.

        The Mummers Museum:

          📍  1102 S 2nd  St.,  Philadephia, PA  19147

        One of Philly’s most iconic symbols, The Mummers.  The parade continues to be a New Year’s Day tradition dating back to 1901 when the city government endorsed the celebration.  

        Donned in feathers, sparkles and crazy costumes three divisions compete for notoriety and bragging rights.  It cannot be explained, it has to be experienced.  Once you see it, you won’t be the same.

        Eastern State Penitentiary

        📍   2027 Fairmount Ave., Philadelphia, PA  19130

        It’s hard to believe that this notable structure is located in Center City, only a few blocks from the Philadelphia Art Museum.  Whether you are a history buff, a ghost hunter, or just plain curious, the tour is well worth your time.

        Wander through the partially restored prison, on a self-guided audio tour.  Take in the eerie quiet and the shadows cast by the setting sun.


        During Halloween, ESP is transformed into a Haunted Attraction.  Since the Penitentiary is one of the 5 most haunted places in the US, it only makes sense.

        Abandoned prison cell block in eastern state penitentiary.

        Mutter Museum:

            📍  19 S 22nd St., Philadelphia, PA  19103

        Dedicated to medical history, this museum showcases oddities, abnormalities, and medical instruments throughout the decades.  It’s not for everybody, but it might just be for you!

        Pennhurst State School and Hosptial

        📍  1205 Commonwealth Dr., Spring City, PA  19475

        Located in Spring City, PA, just 33 miles northwest of Center City is a spine-chilling look into early care of the disabled and those that were deemed feeble-minded.

        The semi-restored property holds memories, history, and even some haunts.  Tour the wards, the hospital, and maybe the hidden tunnels.  You will not be the same.

        Pennhurst Hospital offers ghost hunter shut-ins and during Halloween, as the Hospital transforms into one super scary haunted attraction.  

        Abandoned building with overgrown foliage.

        Are you hungry yet?  No trip to Philly would be complete without a sample of its food offerings:

        Philadelphia is known for its cheesesteaks, roast pork sandwiches, and soft pretzels.  Beyond these local favorites, Philly is a smorgasbord of delectable treats.   

        Of course, there are well-known touristy joints: Geno’s and Pat’s Steaks.  These are ok, but any local will tell you there are far better cheesesteaks to eat.  Just remember to order it “wit” or “witout”..(fried onions of course)!

        Reading Terminal Market:  Located near the convention center and train depot, RTM is a foodie paradise.  From fresh fish and decadent deserts to Amish specialties, you can find just about anything in the RTM.

        Throughout the market, there is ample seating at the tables and counters.  Whether you prefer to dine in or take out, the possibilities are endless.  The market itself is 78,000 square feet and houses over 80 vendors.  

        Here is a quick guide to Reading Terminal Market.

        Philly food


        The Italian Market:  This open-air market spans just over 20 blocks in South Philly.  From fresh flowers to homemade pasta and specialty cheeses, you will find something of pleasure.  With over 200 businesses in the area, the Italian Market is worth the visit.  Plan to come early as many of the specialty stores close around 4 pm.  

        Here is a convenient link to the Italian Market website.

        The streets are very crowded and small.  Parking can be difficult so be patient.  

        These are our favorite stops:  

        • Isgro: Cannolis 
        • Villa di Roma: Shrimp Scampi
        • Claudios: Specialty meats and cheese


        Trendy Restaurants and Secret Speakeasies


        Philadelphia is a foodie paradise.  With over 400 pizza joints and 3000 restaurants, you will be hard-pressed to not find what you want.  

        From chic white linen tablecloths to picnic tables there is something for everyone.  The city is ever-changing and new restaurants appear on the scene daily.  It would be unfair to give our favorites.

        Like you, we enjoy different venues.  Depending on the neighborhood you are exploring, you will find something fantastic.  There will be dim sum days, while other days warrant a medium-rare steak. 

        Still not sure?  Ask a local!  


        Wait!  Did you say Secret Speakeasy?

        The modern-day speakeasy is a “thing”, both trendy and relaxing.  Modeled after the blind pig of prohibition, these hidden gems are worth exploring.  It’s fun to wander off the beaten path, as long as you know where you’re headed.

        One of our favorite things to do while in the city is to relax and have a top-shelf craft cocktail in one of the many hidden speakeasies tucked away in alleys and back rooms throughout the city.  After a day of sightseeing, it’s nice to duck into a less crowded establishment and relax with quiet conversation.

        Although Philadelphia has many members-only bars, the over 21 crowds can visit several speakeasies in the city.  There’s even a kid-friendly not-so-secret “speakeasy”.

        Even though we can’t give away all the secrets, we can share a few of our favorites.

        Most speakeasies are unmarked, and you may need reservations.  Unknowingly you might just walk past the door.  Keep your eyes open and take notice.  


        Ranstead Room

        📍 2013 Ranstead St., Philadephia, PA

        If you like small and intimate, this is the place for you.  Don’t be deceived by the dumpsters.  This is a first-class cozy establishment.  Enjoy a fine cocktail and quiet conversation with your squeeze.  Sorry kids, this is adult-only and no pictures are allowed.  

        Quiet street in philadelphia.

        1 Tippling Place

           📍  2006 Chesnut St.,  Philadelphia, PA

        Without knowing, you will walk right by this speakeasy.  Its eclectic decor and comfortable seating make this establishment a great place for an after-dinner cocktail.

        Door to a restaurant with a huge window 1 tippling place.


        Franklin Mortgage and Investment Company

        Craft cocktails, comfortable seating, and a secret address (sorry).  There is no sign, and yes it is down an alleyway, at least it is right now.  To find this super secret speakeasy, google it, then look for an oddly dressed doorman hanging out in an alleyway.  This last picture was 1715 Latimer Street sort of….

        What else can we tell you?  Franklin Mortgage and Investment Company has nothing to do with banking.  It is however named after the infamous ring of moonshiners during prohibition.  Well played!

        Door to a brick building with a sign, keep noise to minimum.


        The Cauldron:  

            📍    1305 Locust St,  Philadelphia, PA

        Looking for something kid-friendly and quirky.  Check out this magical establishment.  With a magic wand in hand, you can mix a potion, have a light bite and enjoy the show.  Kids are welcome to join in the fun.  


        Entertainment is everywhere!

        Being a multicultural city you will find many ethnic festivals and celebrations in addition to state-of-the-art concert venues with top performers from around the world.  From intimate theater performances to open-air stadiums and casinos, Philadelphia has it all. 

        It’s hard to talk about Philadelphia without talking about sports and sports fans.  Some of the most passionate (we’ll phrase it like that) sports fans in the world are here.  Be sure to check the schedule and see what teams are playing if that’s what you like.

        If not, check the schedule and keep in mind on a game night several thousand extra people come into the city which really compounds transportation issues and wait times.

         StroTip:  A word to the wise, if you are not comfortable with large crowds, do yourself a favor and steer clear of the city when those events are in swing.    



         That’s A Wrap!


        Philly is a wonderful city to visit. It is easy to see why so many call Philadelphia home!  

        Although you might not be able to bring your rig into the city,  there are 7 easily accessible RV Campgrounds near Philadelphia PA.  Less than an hour away from the hustle and bustle of the city, your campsite waits.  

        Eat, drink, play, and camp near Philadelphia!   Enjoy your visit!

        Thanks for reading.

        Travel Safe and Adventure Often!



        These are some other places you might want to explore:

        Finger Lakes Region, NY

        Amarillo, TX

        21 Spectacular Finger Lakes Waterfalls For The Non-Hiker Hiker 2023

        21 Spectacular Finger Lakes Waterfalls For The Non-Hiker Hiker 2023

        21 Spectacular Finger Lakes Waterfalls for the Non-Hiker Hiker 2023

        Thestromads. Com contains affiliate links and is a member of the amazon services llc associates program. If you click and use these links we may receive compensation at no extra cost to you!

        The Finger Lakes Waterfalls are OUTSTANDING and if you love falling waters, then you too must see them!

        Recently, Robb and I ventured to Upstate New York for a little downtime.  Little did we know, we would be completely blown away by what we found.  In fact, we had no idea that the Finger Lakes Waterfalls were going to be so spectacular.

        Our itinerary was pretty simple to start.  Most of the waterfalls we ventured out to see are close to the parking area and less than a mile roundtrip hike. They are mostly hikes for the non-hiker.

        These are 21 Spectacular Finger Lakes Waterfalls for the Non-Hiker Hiker

        These 21 Finger Lakes Waterfalls are listed in no particular viewing order.  For navigational ease, the waterfalls are grouped together by the town in which they are located.

        Montour Falls, NY

        1. Chequaga Falls-165ft Cascade
        2. Aunt Sarah Falls- 90ft Ribbon
        3. Hector Falls- 100ft Cascade

        Ithica, NY

        1. Ithaca Falls- 150ft Cascade
        2. Cascadilla Gorge Trail- 8 Waterfalls ranging from 8ft-80ft in height Cascades and Tier
        3. Endfield Falls- 30ft Cascade
        4. Triphammer Falls-55ft Cascade
        5. Taughannock Falls- 215 Single Drop Plunge
        6. Toughannock State Park Upper Falls- 100ft Cascade

        Pen Yan, NY

        1. Seneca Mills Falls-40ft Tier
        2. Cascade Mills Falls- 20ft Cascade

        Castile, NY

        1. Letchworth State Park Upper Falls- 40ft Horseshoe Cascade
        2. Letchworth State Park Middle Falls-107ft Cascade
        3. Letchworth State Park Lower Falls-70ft Cascade

        Watkins Glen, NY

        1. Entry Cascade at Sentry Bridge -Watkins Glen State Park-41ft Cascade
        2. Cavern Cascade – Watkins Glen State Park-52ft Cascade
        3. Central Cascade -Watkins Glen State Park-60ft Cascade
        4. Rainbow Falls – Watkins Glen State Park-101ft Triple Cascade
        5. Pluto Falls -Watkins Glen State Park-9ft Tiered

        Holley, NY

        1. Holley Falls-35ft Cascade

        Niagra Falls, NY

        1. American Falls-190Ft Tall and 1060ft Wide Cataract


        Finger Lakes Waterfalls near Montour Falls, NY


        1. Chequaga “SheQuaGa” Falls

        109 S Genesee St, Montour Falls, NY 14865

        In the middle of town, you can see the stunning SheQuaGa Falls.

        If waterfalls and picnic areas are your things, then SheQuaGa Falls may be your new top favorite destination.

        The park is easily accessible complete with walking trails, a pavilion, and benches.  The main attraction is the 156-foot cascading waterfall.  Visitors can walk around the pool and feel the spray of the falls.

        This serene setting and accessibility make SheQuaGa Falls a perfect destination or backdrop for a photo shoot.

        Shequaga falls montour falls, ny

        2. Aunt Sarah Falls

        307 N Catherine St, Montour Falls, NY 14865

        Just ½ mile away from SheQuaGa Falls is Aunt Sarah Falls.  This towering 90-foot ribbon falls is another waterfall photo opportunity.

        Parking is tight, so be mindful when crossing the street.

        As with most waterfalls, Aunt Sarah Falls is best viewed after rain or in the spring when the flow is heavier.  Unfortunately for us, this waterfall was bone dry when we visited.

        3. Hector Falls

        NY 414, Burdette, NY

        When traveling along Route 414, keep your eyes open or you will miss it.  Though this massive roadside waterfall towers at 165 feet, traffic may prevent you from snapping a picture.

        The road is busy, so proceed with caution.  There are a few parking spots on the road near Hector Falls.

        The roadside viewing area gives a view of only 50 feet of this cascading waterfall.  From the overlook bridge, you can almost touch the cascading waters and see the waters fall below you.

        Boating on Seneca Lake may give you a view of the other 100 feet of Hector Falls.


        Hector falls finger lakes waterfalls


        Finger Lakes Waterfalls Near Ithaca, NY

        4. Ithaca Falls

        Lake Street, Ithaca, NY

        Ithaca Falls is a jaw-dropper.  Even though you can see Ithaca Falls from the roadway, the best views are found inside the gorge.

        Parking for Ithaca Falls is ample, yet the lot itself is very steep. With two levels available, it is very easy to find a parking spot.

        From the highway overlook, you can see the falls up through the gorge.  However, taking the short 10-minute hike into the gorge changes everything.

        The terrain is rocky and uneven, yet relatively flat once you are down on the riverbed trail.  The walls of the gorge reach heights of 100 feet.

        As you come to the clearing, you will be captivated by the full view of this stunning 150-foot cascade.  This is a beautiful place to sit and experience the wonders of waterfalls.

        Despite the fact the pool looks inviting, swimming is not allowed.  Loose shale and underwater currents make these waters incredibly dangerous.

        Ithica falls finger lakes waterfalls

        5. Cascadilla Gorge Waterfall Trail

        Lower Trailhead Access:  Treman Triangle Park,  Intersection of Linn St and East Court Street, Ithaca, NY

        Upper Trailhead Access: Cornell University Campus, behind Schwartz Center for Theatre Arts, Intersection Oak Ave and College Avenue, Ithaca, NY

        The 1.3-mile gorge trail leads its visitors from the Cornell University Campus to downtown Ithaca.  The trail can be a strenuous walk for some as there are stair steps and plenty of them.

        The hike along Cascadilla Creek is gorgeous with the towering gorge walls and 8 flowing waterfalls.  Along the way, there are plenty of resting spots, benches, and sturdy walls to view the waters.

        The Cascadilla Gorge Trail is closed during the winter months as it becomes extremely dangerous.

        For non-hiker hikers like us, we started at the bottom and hiked up the gorge.  The last 2 sets of steps up to the Campus are knee killers.

        Unless you are planning to ride-share back to the bottom, of the gorge, these 200+ uneven stairs are not necessary.

        Reward yourself at this last beautiful waterfall and take a break.

        Cascadilla gorge trail finger lakes waterfalls

        6. Enfield Falls

        105 Enfield Falls Rd, Ithaca, NY

        Treman State Park is a double treat for visitors.  With both a waterfall and a swimming hole, you can easily spend the entire day relaxing in the grove.

        The walk from the parking lot is very easy, flat, and paved.  Just the way non-hikers like us prefer hiking paths.

        From a height of 30 feet, Enfield Falls cascades into the cold water pond below.  Adventurous swimmers jump from the diving board into the 20 ft deep swimming hole.

        For those that are a little less adrenaline fed, the shallow end of the pool is the perfect area to take a dip on a hot afternoon.

        Enfield falls finger lakes waterfalls

        7. Triphammer Falls

        Cornell University Campus: University Ave & East Ave, Ithaca, NY  

        Cornell University houses a stunning 55-foot cascading waterfall hidden within the campus.

        Metered parking is available at the top of the steep walking path, not far from the viewing bridge.

        There is a small lot at the bottom of the path reserved for Cornell University Maintenance.  Although parking here is neither encouraged nor permitted, however, a quick peek at the falls probably won’t hurt.  Use your discretion.

        Triphammer falls finger lakes waterfalls

        8. Taughannock Falls  

        Taughannock State Park1740 Taughannock Blvd, Trumansburg, NY

        Taughannock Falls is New York’s highest single-drop waterfall.  This spectacular 215-foot plunge waterfall is worth a visit.

        Just a short drive from the entrance to the viewing area there is plenty of parking.  Visitors can see this magnificent waterfall from a convenient overlook.

        For those that are more agile, there is a staircase down to the riverbed.  However, there is no elevator back to the top.  A short .75-mile hike will bring you to the base of this huge plunge.

        Together, the 400 feet gorge walls and stunning waterfall makes this a must-do on your next Finger Lakes Waterfalls adventure.

        Taughannock falls state park 20 spectacular finger lakes waterfalls

        9. Upper Falls

        Just a short drive up through the park is the Upper Falls.  The small parking lot is convenient and the walk to view the falls is short.  Less than a ¼-mile round trip will give you a fantastic view of the Upper Falls.

        Standing on the bridge, you can see this beautiful cascade drop 100 feet into the narrow gorge below.

        For those more adventurous, both the north and south rim trails are accessible from here.

        Taughannock falls state park upper falls finger lakes waterfalls

        Finger Lakes Waterfalls near Pen Yan


        The Keuka Outlet Trail and Waterfalls

        The Keuka Outlet Trail and Waterfalls hike is 6.8 miles long with 2 powerful waterfalls.  Don’t worry, you can drive to both or at least get close enough to the action.


        10. Seneca Mills Falls

        2019 Ridge Rd, Penn Yan, NY 

        From the parking area, the walk is mostly uphill but easy.  You can walk right up to the edge and see the 3 tiered cascading waterfalls, or hike up to the top of the hill just a few yards further.

        The view from the mill ruins is beautiful as you can view the river bed looking both upstream and downstream over the 40-foot waterfall.

        Seneca Mills once a vibrant paper mill is now a distant memory.  The ruins of the mill and pump house give visitors a glimpse into its heyday.

        A nearby pavilion and benches make Seneca Mills Falls a relaxing place to spend the afternoon.

        Seneca mills falls finger lakes waterfalls

        11. Cascade Mills Falls

        Outlet Rd, Penn Yan, NY 

        Cascade Mills Falls is about a ¾-mile round trip walk through the lush green forest and winding along the river.  The path is flat and easy, even for non-hikers like us.

        Once you get to the old mill there is a nice bench to rest and listen to the powerful tiered waterfall.

        The ruins consist of an old post office and the Cascade Mill, which closed in 1966. Although there are “no trespassing” signs posted around the vacant mill, the graffiti shows something different.

        Several buildings are scheduled for demolition to make the area safer for visitors, hikers, and waterfall seekers.

        The massive green space and trails make Cascade Mills Falls a quiet retreat.

        Cascade mills falls, spectacular finger lake waterfalls

        Waterfalls in Letchworth State Park

        1 Letchworth State Park, Castile, NY

        WOW and WOW is the only way to describe Letchworth State Park.  It is very easy to stay in this State Park for days exploring the many trails, overlooks, and 30 waterfall hikes.

        Visitors quickly understand why Letchworth State Park is Often referred to as “The Grand Canyon of the East”.

        Stretching 17 miles, along the Genesee River, visitors are treated to breathtaking views of the nearly 600 ft walls of the gorge.  This is a spectacular park!

        Our hike included only 3 waterfalls.   These are the big ones, in other words, the main attractions.

        Some of the hikes can be brutal, so consult your Letchworth Park Map before attempting something beyond your ability.


        12. Upper Falls

        From the entry at Portageville, it is just a short drive to the upper falls viewing area. The iconic Letchworth State Park photo is right here in front of you!

        For the more agile, there is a path and stairs that lead you down to the walkway toward the middle falls.

        Letchworth state park upper falls

        13. Middle Falls

        To view the Middle Falls you can walk down the steps at the Upper Falls and walk along the river walkway.  The hike is 1.5 miles and fairly easy, or, you can drive down to the next parking area.

        The walkway leads to a spectacular view of the middle falls.  This is NOT to be missed.

        Follow the stone wall around to the Middle falls viewing area for stunning views of this powerful 107-foot cascading waterfall.  The sound alone is mesmerizing.

        Letchworth state park middle falls 20 spectacular finger lakes waterfalls for the non-hiker hiker

        14. Lower Falls

        The Lower Falls is a little more difficult to visit.  For those more adventurous and fit, the hiking trail continues from the Upper Falls through the Middle Falls and deep into the Lower Falls.

        The Gorge Trail is 7 miles long making it a 14-mile round trip.

        For non-hikers like us, the drive through the park is just as stunning and there is convenient parking to the Lower Falls.

        The “easy view” of the Lower Falls is about ½ mile hike from the parking lot.  This vantage point gives you an ok view of the falls.  You won’t be disappointed if you decide not to take this walk.

        However, if you are comfortable with stair steps, there are 127 of them leading down to the Lower Falls Platform.  From here, you will have the best view of the 70-foot-tall cascade.  Remember though, there is no elevator back up to the top!


        Waterfalls of Watkins Glen State Park

        100 N Franklin St, Watkins Glen, NY

        Watkins Glen is home to 19 waterfalls, but that’s not all.  In addition to the flowing waters, there are over 800 stone steps, trails, and views that will leave you breathless.

        Before you begin your hike into the gorge, prepare yourself.  The Gorge trail is about 1.5 miles and you will have to decide where you want to start: Up or Down.

        Start in the main parking lot, and climb up 400 feet to the top of the gorge, or park in the Upper Lot to descend 400 feet to the bottom of the gorge.  Either way, there are a lot of stairs (832) to tackle.

        For the fit and industrious hiker, you can take one of the other trails such as the Indian Trail back around the top of the gorge.  This will allow you to explore the area, gorges, and waterfalls from a different vantage point.

        Of course, you can always hike the gorge trail in the opposite direction.  For us non-hiker hikers, it is a one-way trip and there is a convenient $6 shuttle back to the parking lot.  There is no shame in our game.

        The best waterfalls are located near the main parking lot entrance.  Depending on which direction you are hiking, you can call this waterfall the Grand Finale, or A Preview of what’s to come:


        15. Entry Cascade at Sentry Bridge

        The waterfall cascades down 41 feet into the pool below.  Should you decide not to hike the Gorge Trail, you can still see this waterfall.  It’s just a short walk from the Visitor Center on cement.  There is a small incline, but there is also plenty of seating.  Take a few minutes and listen to the beautiful sound of the water.

        Entry cascade at sentry bridge finger lakes waterfalls

        16. Cavern Cascade

        Have you ever walked behind a waterfall?  When you come here, you will.  Cavern Cascade is a breathtaking 52-footer.  From every angle, the falling water will leave you mesmerized.  There is plenty of viewing room from both sides.  However, it is wet and can be slippery.  Proceed with caution and watch your electronics!

        Cavern cascade waterfall watkins glen state park

        STRO TIP:  In our opinion, this waterfall is the most spectacular sight in Watkins Glen.  If you are coming up from the bottom and considering turning around, walk up just a little further until you reach this waterfall.  It’s worth it!

        17. Central Cascade

        Dropping 60 feet makes Central Cascade the tallest waterfall in Watkins Glen.  From the bridge, you can peek over and down into the pools.  And if you are hiking DOWN, make sure you turn around to get your perfect view.

        Central cascade falls watkins glen finger lakes waterfalls

        18. Rainbow Falls

        Outstanding is the word to describe this waterfall.  The view looks like something out of a magical fairytale.  The walls of the gorge are high, while the waterfall cascades down to the emerald pools below.  But wait, watch out! You will walk under another waterfall as you ascend!  Take a few minutes here.  After all, this is what you came to see!

        Rainbow falls watkins glen finger lakes waterfalls

        19. Pluto Falls

        Mysterious and captivating are what come to mind with this view.  Although Pluto Falls is only about 9 feet tall, it is extraordinary.  The emerald pool below will have you wanting to scale the walls.  However, don’t try.  Swimming is not allowed in the falls and pools in Watkins Glen.

        Pluto falls watkins glen finger lakes waterfalls

        Throughout the hike, you will see plenty of smaller waterfalls, tunnels, jaw-dropping views, and stairs.  Keep in mind, that the Gorge Trail closes for the season in late October because of the freezing temperatures.  The walkways become extremely dangerous.

        In mid-May, the trail will once again open and the streams and waterfalls will be flowing freely.  With the melting snow, the water is likely to be fast and furious!


        Stro Tip:  If you are planning to hike UP and turn around and go back DOWN, you may want to skip the 120 steps at Jacobs Ladder.  Unless you are taking a different trail or need to use the restroom, save yourself the climb.  You will have seen the best parts of the trail already and you will save a lot of huffing it!

        Watkins Glen is NOT to be missed.  Whether you are camping in a nearby state park,  at a hotel, or at a VBRO, make sure you schedule some time to see this gorge!


        Rv trip planner wizard affiliate link the stromads


        Waterfalls in Holley, NY

        20. Holley Canal Falls and Trail

        Village of Holley, NY

        Holley Canal Falls is an unexpected treat.  Located just 30 minutes from Rochester and nestled in the tiny Village of Holley is this 34-foot cascading beauty.  From the comfort of your car, you can view Holley Canal Falls in the spacious parking lot.

        For those that prefer to get up closer, there are trails and walking paths right up to the waterfalls.  It’s not unusual to see families enjoying the park with a pavilion and benches to rest on while taking in the sights.

        Stro Tip:  Grab a cone or a milkshake at the Ice Cream parlor before coming down the hill to the park.  Sweet treats always taste better in beautiful locations.


        Holley falls, holley ny a gorgeous waterfall in the finger lakes region

        Niagara Falls, NY


        21. American Falls


        No Finger Lakes Waterfalls list would be complete without a mention of Niagara Falls.

        The roaring rapids and powerful waterfalls make Niagara Falls one of the top travel destinations in the United States and Canada.  Niagara Falls is a tourist town, with plenty of shops, restaurants, and things to do.  However, we want to talk about the Falls.

        From the parking area, it is a short walk to the roaring rapids of the Niagara River.  Walking along the paved path allows for some beautiful pictures.  Just when you didn’t think it could get any better, BOOM, there it is, just an arm’s length away.

        Spanning a width of 1050 ft and dropping 188 ft is the iconic American Falls.

        Between the roar of the American Falls and the breathtaking views waterfall chasers will agree that Niagara Falls is not to be missed.

        Where are the Finger Lakes?


        By now, you are probably packing your bags and planning your Finger Lakes Waterfalls tour.  However, you might need a little more clarity on where this scenic region is located.

        The Finger Lakes region encompasses 11 long narrow lakes in Western New York State.  More specifically the Finger Lakes region is located west of Syracuse and east of Canandaigua Lake while Lake Ontario borders north and Pennsylvania to the south.

        Roughly 9900 square miles make up this New York treasure.  Here you will find over 100 wineries, breweries, and distilleries complete with some of the most beautiful views of the lakes.

        With over 2 dozen state parks, there is ample camping, hiking, boating, and of course plenty of Finger Lakes Waterfalls.

        This area provides the perfect getaway from the city.  Hometown charm, lake views, and deep gorges await your arrival.

        Whether you are a seasoned hiker or prefer parking lot views with ice cream, you can find some of the most beautiful scenery in this area including the Finger Lakes waterfalls.


        Weather Conditions Change The Finger Lakes Waterfalls


        When planning a tour of the Finger Lakes waterfalls, be sure to consider the weather.



        Winter months pose several considerations.  Often the waterfalls are frozen giving a unique photo opportunity.  However, many of the trails and gorges are closed for the season.  The snow and ice are extremely dangerous for hikers, especially novices.


        😎 Summer

        Even though the temperatures heat up in the summer, the humidity in the Finger Lakes region is low.  The colors are bright green and lush, while the lakes are blue and refreshing.

        Depending on the rain, a few waterfalls or streams may be dry.  However, don’t fret, there are plenty of beautiful Finger Lakes waterfalls with plenty of water to chase.


        🌷 Spring

        Late Spring could be the perfect time for the fast-flowing waters, as well as budding trees and blossoms everywhere.  While the nights are chilly, you will find mild temperatures during the day.


        🍂 Fall

        Fall can be the most magical time in the Finger Lake region.  Experience the foliage as it turns from green to an array of reds, yellow, and even purples.  Unfortunately, you must time this season just right, because it only lasts for a short time, before the leaves fall to the ground.

        11 EASY Steps to Prepare yourself for your Finger Lakes Waterfalls Adventure


        Weekends tend to keep the trails crowded.  However, you may find yourself completely alone during weekday hikes.  Whether you are a skilled hiker or a non-hiker hiker like us always prepare yourself BEFORE setting out on your waterfall escapade.

        Easy Preparation for Non-Hiker Hikers


        Check out these great hiking picks from Amazon below.

        Amazon picks for the hiker

        More Things To Do In the Finger Lakes Waterfalls Region



        Tour niagara falls, toronto, 1000 islands
        Finger lakes brewery tour
        Finger lakes wine tour

        3- Day Tour: Niagara Falls, Toronto, and 1000 Islands

        Leaving New York City, you can sit back and relax as your tour bus transports you to these fabulous destinations.

        Enjoy the Finger Lakes Waterfalls,  Niagara Falls, Boldt Castle, and more!

        Click To Read More!


        Finger Lakes Brewery Tour

        Visit some of Finger Lakes’ finest breweries.

        Learn from local hop farmers and brew meisters.  Share their passion for craft beer, while enjoying a cold one.

        This guided tour allows you to sit back and relax while being driven from brewery to brewery.

        Click Here To Learn More


        Seneca Lake Wine Tasting Tour

        Visit and explore 4 of the best wineries along Seneca Lake.Leave the driving to your guide.Learn, tour, and sip your way around beautiful Seneca Lake.Click Here To Learn More

        Let’s wrap it up: 21 Spectacular Finger Lakes Waterfalls for the Non-Hiker Hiker!


        Waterfalls bring magic and beauty to our landscapes.  Whether the water is free falling, cascading, or flowing into ribbons and tiers, the sounds are mesmerizing.

        The Finger Lakes Region is vast and colorful with many more waterfalls to chase.

        We’ve brought you 21 Finger Lakes Waterfalls hikes for the non-hiker.  There is so much more to behold in this region.

        Go Forth And Travel Finger Lakes Waterfalls and More!

        The Finger Lakes Region has so much more to offer.  With 11 lakes, 50+ Finger Lakes Waterfalls, hundreds of walking trails, so many gorges, your adventure is waiting to happen. (Even for non-hiker hikers like us).

        Thanks for reading!

        Travel Safe and Adventure Often…..


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        Looking for something to do in Amarillo, TX?  Here are 32 Weird Suggestions!

        Top FIVE Favorite Campgrounds of 2021.

        Top FIVE Favorite Campgrounds of 2021.

        Campground reviews are a good resource to use.  What’s even better is finding a trustworthy source that explains their subjective opinion.  In this article, you will understand our criteria for determining our top five favorite campgrounds of 2021.

        ****This article does contain affiliate links.  By clicking them we may make a small commission from the company, at no extra cost to you.

        For us, traveling full-time means we often move from campground to campground.  We are the first ones to tell you about fantastic experiences we had, in hopes that you will benefit.  Reviewing every campground stay would become time-consuming.  Instead, we break down our top 5 favorite campgrounds of 2021.

        Let’s Go!

        With so many wonderful places to see, how do you find just the right campground?  For starters, decide what you want in YOUR camping experience.  Everyone is different.  Some enjoy RV resorts with amenities while others want to be in total seclusion.  Robb and I enjoy both and we believe that our Top 5 Favorite Campgrounds of 2021 are inclusive of all types.

        While some desire longer seasonal stays, Robb and I prefer to be on the move.  It is rare that we stay longer than 4 weeks stationary, and sometimes we only stay for 2 nights.

        Because we move so frequently, we can stay in a lot of different types of campgrounds and RV parks.  From boondocking in the desert to a 1st class RV resort we have seen a few and want to share 5 of our Favorite Campgrounds of 2021.

        With over 35,000 miles driven this year, we spent all but 6 weeks sleeping in our RV.  Those statistics alone show that we have some pretty good experience in evaluating RV campgrounds.

        As mentioned in a previous article 5 Great Campgrounds You Should Check Out, we have developed a particular criterion for our favorite picks.


        Ease of Parking:

        How easy is it to park?  Why is this important to us?  Traveling in our 2018 Renegade Verona has perks.  It is a luxury coach, and it is comfortable.  Our rig is also huge at 40 ft long and 13 ft tall, with very low clearance.  Low hanging branches cause scratches, the soft ground can cause us to get stuck, and rocky, uneven terrain can easily damage the undercarriage.  Plus, who wants to make a 37-point turn into their camping spot while the lurkers pretend not to watch you struggle.


        Of course, we want to gaze into the night sky, celebrate beautiful sunrises and sunsets, and hug a few trees.  Who doesn’t?  The landscape and the surrounding scenery are our most important rating factors.


        Here’s a little secret.  Robb and I don’t care much about amenities and activities.  Chances are we are not coming to the weekly potluck or the next corn hole tournament.  While others enjoy these popular campground amenities, they are just not our thing.  Fire pits and sites with full hookups are our jam.  An occasional hot tub is a bonus.

        Site size:

        Size does matter, at least when it comes to site size.  Face it; nobody wants to be crammed into a campground.  While it is nice to meet your neighbors, we don’t love having our breakfast next to our neighbor’s sewer hook-up.  YUCK.  Would it be worse to have your new neighbors facing your front door?  Yea, I think not.


        Traveling can be quite tiresome and sometimes we need a reset.  Finding a campground that makes you think, I never want to leave here is HUGE.  However, we do like to get out and explore the area as well.  So, if a campground is somewhere we can chill and get away from it all but also convenient for us to check out the cool sites in the area it ranks high for us.


        For a park to make our favorite list, they must rate high in most of these categories, with scenery and ease of parking being at the top of the list.


        Dive in with us as we drop our top 5 Campgrounds of 2021


        Hobson Park State Beach, Ventura, CA September 2021

        Imagine a picturesque Pacific Ocean sunset, followed by an evening campfire and hearing the crash of the waves as you drift into slumber.  Hobson Park State Beach will give you this experience without breaking the bank.  You may never want to leave.

        Untitled design 83 Untitled design 82 Untitled design 81

        Big Sur Campground, Big Sur, CA September 2021

        Located directly off Hwy 1, this gem is close to many of the beaches, overlooks,  and hiking trails of Big Sur.  Nestled between Giant Redwoods and the California Coast lies this heavenly campground.  Big Sur Campground is quiet and comforting to the soul.  Go ahead, hug a tree.

        Untitled design 86Big sur campground Big sur campground

        Quartzite, BLM Land , Quartzite, AZ  October -December 2021

        Desert camping at this location is full of wonder and amazement.  From the moment the desert opens her eyes until the last blink, the colors will amaze you.  Bright pinks, orange, blue, and reds fill the sky, finally shifting into monochrome after sunset.  Imagine complete peace and quiet, except for the occasional coyote is what you can expect here, early in the season that is.

        Quartzite camping Quartzite camping Quartzite camping

        Oxbow Regional Park, Gresham OR June 2021

        Camping here made us feel like we were in a deserted forest.  The lush green foliage and stillness of nature make for a perfect retreat.  You are going to have to be comfortable with your party and the solace because there is no internet or cell service.  A word of caution, check your brakes before descending into this canyon park, and take it easy, as the drive down is a 7% grade.

        Oxbow regional park Oxbow regional park Oxbow regional park

        Palo Duro Canyon State Park

        Located just 20 miles from 1-40, Amarillo, Texas is the spectacular Palo Duro Canyon.  Dubbed the Grand Canyon of Texas, the views are spectacular.  Rather than driving at the top of the gorge, you will experience a drive down to the bottom of the canyon where you can camp, explore, hike, and relax.  Be amazed at the canyon walls as they change color with the setting sun.  Listen quietly and you will hear the coyotes in the distance.

        Palo duro canyon campground Palo duro canyon campground Palo duro canyon campground

        RV life can be both exciting and exhausting depending on your method of travel.  Staying in campgrounds can be expensive as well.  We have some money-saving tips that have been pocketbook savers for us.  Would you like them?  YES, of course, you would.  Just follow this link and we will send them right out to you!

        As you are planning your travel this year, remember, fuel prices are higher and campground reservations are less available.  We have put together a list of necessary apps that we use all the time.  We rely on these apps to plan our travel, so we are confident they will help you too.  You can read all about them right here:  Twelve Essential Road Trip Resources

        Out of all the possible ways to travel, RVing is by far our favorite.  Seeing the country by road is as good as it gets.  Take some time this season and go RVing.  You will never be the same.

        Travel Safe and Adventure Often!

        Don’t Gamble?  Here Are 21 Las Vegas Attractions That Will Interest You.

        Don’t Gamble? Here Are 21 Las Vegas Attractions That Will Interest You.

        Don’t gamble?  Here are 21 Las Vegas attractions that will interest you.

        Not everyone enjoys the casino experience.  Crowds of people, smoke, gambling, and barely dressed cocktail waitresses may not be your thing.  The good news is there are a lot more options for you to discover in Sin City.  Don’t gamble?  Here are 21 Las Vegas Attractions that will interest you.

        Fremont Street Experience:

        Located Downtown away from the Strip is the world-famous Fremont Street.  You have to see it to believe it.  From nightly concerts to an overhead hourly light show, you are sure to remember your Fremont Street Experience.  Casinos, street performers, shopping, dining, and ziplining are all within walking distance in this five-block historic area.  Looking for something more intimate, like a speakeasy?  You bet you can find a few here if you know where to look….

        7 Magic Mountains:

        How did they stack them?  What started as a temporary art installation in 2016 draws over 1000 visitors a day.  Unfortunately, their permit expires at the end of 2021, so without a new extension, this could be your last chance to see it.  We are hopeful for a new permit because it is a fun spot to visit.

        Railway Pedal Cars:

        Pedal your way down the abandoned train tracks on an 8 mile round trip tour in the desert!  This gem is located in Boulder City, just 30 minutes from the Strip, and is fun for the entire family!  Daytime is excellent as you can see the sights and the desert colors.  But for a super creepy experience, ride the rail car at night as you pedal into the darkness of the desert.  Be met at the end of the line for a special treat before pedaling back to the station.  We won’t ruin it for you; it is too special to miss.

        Check out this video:  On a Dark Desert Railroad

        Hoover Dam Tour:

        Take a ride out to the Hoover Dam, only 45 minutes from the Strip.  This massive construction is a sight to see.  Walk across the Dam or go down under in the Dam Tour.  You won’t easily forget the Hoover Dam.

        Red Rock Canyon and Valley of Fire State Parks

        Although they are in opposite directions, both state parks are within a 30-minute drive of the Strip.  Wander in nature, drive the scenic loop or take a picnic lunch and enjoy some fresh air in the desert.  Both parks are worth visiting.

        Zip Lining

        Zipline over the street crowds on Freemont Street or the LINQ promenade.  For the ultra zip line enthusiast, you can Zipline between buildings at the Rio Casino.

        Check out this quick video: Zipline over Freemont Street

        Shop until you drop

        You can find something for everyone, from super cheap t-shirt shops to the ultra-exclusive designer boutiques at The Forum Shoppes.  Are you looking for a cute pinup dress?  Check out the Miracle Mile Shoppes.  Las Vegas has something for everyone, even outlet shopping.  Don’t like to gamble, but you do want to shop?  Well, Vegas is your Mecca!

        Walk the famous Las Vegas Strip

        The Strip is a lot longer than you think.  Don’t bite off more than you can chew.  Take a few hours and wander through a casino or two each day.  Visit the Brooklyn Bridge at New York, New York, or the largest Chandelier in the world at the Cosmopolitan.  If the Eiffel Tower is more your fancy, take the tour to the top.  Remember the Stratosphere on this tour.  Have a drink at the top as the bar rotates 360 degrees.

        Check out this quick video: Viva Las Vegas

        Roller Coasters and Thrill Rides

        The Las Vegas Strip has these attractions as well.  New York, New York, The Stratosphere, and Circus Circus all have something for the thrill-seekers in your group.

        Eat, Drink and Be Merry

        With over 2200 restaurants to choose from, you are going to have to make some decisions.  From In and Out Burger to Dine in the Dark Experience, you owe it to yourself to plan ahead for your meals. The Strip casinos house many celebrity chef restaurants.  While these creative masters may inspire the food, don’t think you will catch them plating your dinner entrée.

        Be selective, be adventurous and try something new.  Gone are the days of the $2.99 buffet.  Although most casinos offer this popular dining option, not all buffets are created equal.  Dining prices can range from $19.99 to $60 a person, depending on the venue.  Sure, these lavish buffets can be expensive, the quality of food and selection are worth every cent.

        You can check out our lists of favorite restaurants.


        Absolutely Las Vegas has speakeasies.  There are several exclusive small establishments hidden inside larger bars and clubs.  Our favorites are Mas Por Favor and Ghost Donkey, but there are a few more.  Maybe a hidden pizza joint is more your style.  We can tell you about that as well.

        Mas por favor speakeasy las vegaas


        When you think of Las Vegas, do museums come to mind?  Mine either, but maybe we should!  Las Vegas has at least 20 different museum experiences.  You can find something interesting from the interactive Meow Wolf to the super scary Zak Bagans Haunted Museum.  Looking for something a little naughty?  Try the Museum of Erotica.  When we are lucky enough to show new friends our favorite city, we always suggest the Neon Museum at dark.  Wander through the lit-up neon signs and glimpse into the days of old Vegas.  Pinball machines, exotic cars, art, and special exhibits are just the tip of what Las Vegas museums have to offer.


        Cannabis Dispensaries

        Now is your chance to visit a retail cannabis dispensary.  These are not your back alley dealers; these stores have everything imaginable and the staff to help you make the right purchase.  Don’t be nervous, do ask questions, and only buy something if you want to use it.  For those that don’t want cannabis products, you might find a souvenir t-shirt or hat.  Just go….

        Concerts, professional sporting events, and free entertainment

        From Lady Gaga to the Las Vegas Raiders, Vegas entertainment has something for everyone.  Free lounge music, concerts on Fremont Street, UFC and pro boxing, football, hockey, magic, and burlesque. Indeed there is a show to tickle your fancy.

        Extreme Experiences

        Machine guns, exotic cars, kayaking, and bungee jumping

        Yes, indeed, Las Vegas is an adrenaline-junky haven.  Take a helicopter to the Grand Canyon or over the Strip.  Bungee off the Stratosphere.  Shoot machine guns in the desert.  Drive exotic cars at speeds over 180mph.

        Take recommendations from people that know!

        With so much to see and do in Sin City, you can easily see why this city is one of our favorite places to visit.  Although we are not locals and probably not experts, we consider ourselves very Las Vegas savvy.  For over 15 years, we have been touring this fun city and always find something new to do.

        We hope you will find this information helpful as you plan your next Las Vegas vacation.  If you would like some recommendations or help with your itinerary, please reach out with a comment or an email.  Also, look for our upcoming articles and insider tips.  If you haven’t done so already, please subscribe to our mailing list and stay tuned!

        Until next time,

        Travel Safe and Adventure Often!



        14 Orlando Area Attractions That We Enjoyed Beyond The Mouse.

        14 Orlando Area Attractions That We Enjoyed Beyond The Mouse.

              Monument Ave, Kissimee                                 842 N Mills Ave, Orlando                                    927 N Mills Ave, Orlando


        14 Orlando area recommendations that we enjoyed beyond the Mouse

        What is the first vision that comes to your mind when somebody mentions Orlando?  The Mouse, theme parks galore, crowded restaurants, I-4 congestion, maybe all this, right?  Sure, Orlando does offer all of these experiences and so many more.  The good news is there are so many other places in the area to explore.  Next time you are in Orlando, take some time and explore the many diverse neighborhoods and surrounding areas.  Here are 14 Orlando area recommendations that we enjoyed beyond the Mouse.  Let’s get started.

        Winter Park: 

        Winter Park, founded as a resort destination for the wealthy, is a true gem.  Spend the day shopping in the many boutiques and specialty shops throughout the town.  Take a walk in one of the 70 parks, have lunch in a sidewalk café, or treat yourself to a luxury spa treatment.

        Scenic Boat Tour:  Take a relaxing boat tour through the canals that connect Lake Osceola with Lake Maitland and Lake Virginia. Enjoy the views, the water, and the Florida sunshine.

        Winter park


        The Wine Room:  Take some time for the Vine at the Wine Room.  With over 150 wines to sample, this unique experience is perfect for date night.  Buy the wine card and start your tour.  You pick and sample what you desire.  Make sure you visit the Vault Room downstairs.  StroTip: Check Groupon for a Deal


        The City of Orlando is often overlooked by visiting tourists.  Downtown offers everything from major sporting events, world-class entertainment venues, and trendy nightspots.

        Wall Murals:  The Orlando area is home to over 45 art murals.  Located throughout the city and nearby neighborhoods, these are a few of our favorites.

        You matter wings Rainbow doves You matter wings

        1336 N Mills Ave                                                                 1200 E Colonial Ave                                            912 N Mills Ave


        Mathers Social Gathering:  Not only is this a super cool speakeasy, but it also offers Happy Hour prices between 4 -7.  Are you looking for something a little sexier?  Try Tuesday night Burlesque.  What a show! Mathers Social Gathering is perfect for date night.

        Hanson’s Shoe Repair:  Located inside the Original Hansons Building, one of the oldest in the city, this secret speakeasy is towards the back of the main bar, up the red stairs, and through the black door, which is opened once you ring the buzzer and give the password.  StroTip: To get the password check their social media or call them.

        Mills 50:

        Mills 50 is a hidden gem of a very eclectic community near Lake Ivanhoe with a lot of small bars, restaurants, and hangouts and murals.

        Santiago’s Bodega:  Hands down, this restaurant is your next favorite brunch.  Unlimited mimosas, house-made Sangria, and an unlimited tapas-style buffet brought to your table!   Wait until you try the hash brown casserole and the toffee cake.  Reservations are a must!

        Dr. Phillips:

        Located close to International Drive hotels and the Orange County Convention Center, Dr. Phillips is worth checking out.  If you enjoy upscale dining without the touristy crowds, this area is for you.  With over 20 eateries in this area, “Restaurant Row” has everything from steaks to tacos.  We opted for tequila and tacos on our visit.

        Rocco’s Tacos and Tequila Bar:  Rocos offers lite bites, happy hour, and a very impressive tequila menu.  Outside seating is available as well as inside and four great bars.  With its crazy décor and fantastic food, Rocco’s is a hit.Roccos tacos


        Again, more than the mouse up and down 192, you will find a lot of cool stuff to do and eat.

        Shingle Creek:  Kayak or canoe down Shingle Creek.  Enjoy the serenity as you paddle through the forest.  There are bike trails and walking trails as well.  Take water; you’re going to need it!

        World Food Trucks:  Are you looking for something a little different?  Try World Food Trucks, located on Hwy 192.  Behind the building, you will find over 50 food trucks offering everything from empanadas to smoothies.  There is plenty of seating available.

        Sunset Walk:  You can find plenty of dining establishments here at Sunset Walk.  There is often live music in the square.  The crowds are minimal compared to the more popular City Walk and Disney Springs.  From pizza to seafood, you can find something you like here.

        The Wharf:  Great seafood, oyster bar, and the very best Smoked Chocolate Old Fashioned ever.

        El Jefe Tequilas:  With over 100 quality tequilas to drink, is there anything more to say?  How about some fajitas or a burrito?  With live music on the weekends, El Jefe is perfect for date night.

        Old Town Kissimmee:

        Kissimmee Lake Front Park:  Take a relaxing bike ride or a walk along the lakefront.  This quiet open area is easily accessible and has plenty of parking and picnic tables.  Make sure you check out the Monument of States before you leave.

        Monument of states

        Wall Murals:  Historic Kissimmee has several beautiful murals.  Take an early evening away from the crowds and see them.  You can grab some dinner at one of the local restaurants on Broad and Main Streets.

        Kissimmee art


        As a master-planned community, Celebration is a town within a town.  Complete with shopping, restaurants, and magnificent homes, you will have a wonderful time exploring this area.  Take a stroll down by the lake, or let the kids play in the spouting water park.  Ice cream and macaroons are sure to please your sweet tooth.  There several restaurants in Celebration, and one, in particular, gets our vote every time.

        Columbia:  Whether you are having lunch, dinner, or a late-night bite, Columbia is a must.  Start with their world-famous Columbia 1905 salad and a pitcher of Sangria.  Whatever you decide for the entree, you will be pleased.  Save room for white chocolate bread pudding.  It is over the top!

        As you can see, there is more to Orlando than most people ever get to know.  We hope the next time you visit, you take some time and explore the city.  These 14 Orlando area recommendations will help you navigate beyond the Mouse.

        Thanks for reading!

        Travel Safe and Adventure Often,

        Maureen & Robb, aka The Stromads

        Going Camping Soon?  Read this first!

        Want to save money?  Check this article for details..