.33 Weird Things To Do In Amarillo, Texas 2023

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Are you traveling through the Texas Panhandle soon?  Make time in your schedule to check out some of these  Weird Things To Do in Amarillo.  Go ahead, give this article a read, and discover how fun Amarillo can be. 

If quirky roadside attractions are your jam, then you really should take a day or three to experience a few of these weird things to do in Amarillo.  Many of the attractions are located close to I-40 with ample parking.  Food, ice cream, photo ops, and hiking are easy to experience, even if you only have a few hours to visit.

Just passing through with only a few hours to spare, these attractions are for you.  Most have easy access from I-40 East/West with plenty of parking, even for RVs.

For the last ten years, we have been driving through Amarillo without much thought.  It wasn’t until we decided to stay for a few days in Palo Duro Canyon that we realized that we could find so many weird things to do in Amarillo.

Now, each time we cross through, we make time to stay a few days.  Not only is the camping relaxing, but we always find something new and off the beaten path in the Amarillo area.

So here’s our list so far!



33 Weird Things To Do In Amarillo 2023

1.  Cadillac Ranch

 13651 Frontage Rd  I-40 East

Just a short walk from the road, you will find 10 Vintage Cadillacs buried in the field tail end up!


Because Texas millionaire Stanley Marsh 3 could.  Simple as that!

You know the saying, “everything’s bigger in Texas”, and yard art is no exception for eccentrics like Marsh.

Make sure to bring some spray paint and leave your mark.  Take a picture to remember it because your artwork won’t last long.  All day long, graffiti artists and tourists re-decorate this popular attraction.

  Grafitti covered cadillac art installation.

Photo Credit: Amanda S. Productions 

2.  Slug Bug City

 Address:  1-40 East Frontage Rd Exit 96

If abandoned buildings and graffiti are your things, then make a quick stop here at the Slug Bug City.  Like many establishments of Rt 66, these once-thriving motels and trading posts are empty and in decay.

The owners of The Longhorn Trading Post and Rattlesnake Ranch buried 5 VW Bugs nose down to increase their roadside business.  Unfortunately for them, I-40 diverted traffic and their business failed.

They did however leave this quirky weird roadside attraction for all of us to visit.  Bring your spray paint and leave your mark.

STRO TIP:  In our opinion, this attraction is far more interesting than Cadillac Ranch.  Far fewer people visit this sight making this ghost town just a little bit weird!

Graffiti covered vw bugs.


3.  Richard Daniel Baker Peace Park

I-40 West Between Exits 87 & 85

Take a few minutes to stop, reflect, meditate, or pray.

The Peace Park is a space dedicated to everyone who believes in peace.  From the words of John Lennon to the plaques dedicated to our Military, you will find hope and the dream of a better tomorrow.

This roadside attraction is quirky yet surreal.  Make the time to stop.

Woman standing in front of a giant peace sign.


4.  Ozymandias on The Plains

   I-27, W Sundown Ln, Amarillo

Fictional Historic Marker

Is that a pair of 24 ft tall legs in the middle of a field?

Is it an ancient artifact modeled after a statue in Egypt?

Were these legs the inspiration behind the poem Ozymandias by Percy Bysshe Shelley?

Was there a body to go with this pair of legs, perhaps destroyed before completion between rival football teams?

Or is it simply a weird pair of legs out in the middle of the field?

Only Artist Lightin’ McDuff can answer these questions!

Weird legs in amarillo, tx

5.  2nd Amendment Cowboy

 2601 Hope Rd

Just down the road from Cadillac Ranch stands the 22 ft. tall 2nd Amendment Cowboy himself.  His charming, good looks with the traditional tipping of his hat make for a fun photo opp.

Before his residency at this location, the muffler man was used for target practice in the field.  His bullet holes have been patched, and his clothes are nicely pressed.

His starched yellow shirt is printed with the words 2nd Amendment Cowboy as a reminder of our right to keep and bear arms to maintain independence from anyone that would attempt to take that away from us.

At his feet are several Cadillacs and celebrities, making this stop one of the weird things to do in Amarillo!


2nd amendment cowboy amarillo, tx

Weird Things To Do In Amarillo: Museums and Tours

 6.  Bill’s Backyard Classics

 5309 S. Washington St

If you like classic cars, hot rods, and works of beauty, this is the stop for you!  Take a tour through the showroom and be wowed by the sights.  From a 1920s Model A to Bob Segar’s Night Moves:  A 1961 Pontiac Cat, Bill’s has about 88 cars to woo over.

Perhaps you want a souvenir? Several of these beauties are for sale!  Bring your checkbook!


Vintage fire truck at bill's backyard classics.


 7.  Jack Sisemore Traveland and RV Museum

 14051 I-27

Take a step back in time with a visit to this place of wonder.  From vintage Air Streams to a Hippy VW Bus, these restored RVs have stories to tell.

Although we might not get to sleep overnight in these campers, we can imagine what camping along the Famous RT 66 was like to them.

I just wonder how some of these travelers fared on Historic RT 66 through Oatman, AZ.


Visit jack sisemore rv museum.


 8.  Helium Time Columns Monument

1200-1348 Streit Dr

Standing over 60 ft. tall is a Texas tribute to the discovery of Helium.  Within this structure are four-time capsules dating back to 1968.

Two of the four capsules have been opened while the other two seals will be broken in 2068 and 2968, respectively.

Among the contents of books, articles, and trinkets of 1968, there is a bank passbook with a deposit of $10.  If that bad boy continues to accrue interest, the account balance is estimated to be about $1 Quintillium.  Somebody’s going to be quite surprised!

You too can agree that this is one of the many weird things to do in Amarillo!


Helium tower time capsule amarillo, tx


9.  Don Harrington Discovery Center

1200 Streit Dr

While you are checking out the Helium Times Column, stick around and visit the Discovery Center.

When you are finished strolling the grounds and feeding the dinosaurs, visit the exhibits inside,

Discover what’s inside the time capsules, pet a tarantula or crawl through a super-sized ant farm.

T-rex dinosaur at discovery museum.


 10.  Museum of Art

2200 S Van Buren St.

There are plenty of things you would think Amarillo has to offer, but would you think art?

Take a few hours and discover the Amarillo Museum of Art.  From the outside sculpture gardens to the inside photography exhibitions, there are some unique pieces.

My favorite is a piece called It’s Hard to Stay on Top.  Although I am not an art enthusiast, I do like weird stuff, and this piece fits the bill.


11. The Amarillo Historic Museum

1612 S Johnson St

This fun quirky museum pays tribute to everything Amarillo.  If something happened here, it got recorded and now holds its place in history inside the museum.

From the opening of the first Orange Julius in Amarillo to a Civil War-era collection of firearms, you can find out all of the History of Amarillo.


 12.  Botanical Gardens

1400 Streit Dr

A lush green garden is something you would not think to find in the dusty plains, right?

However, back in 1929, a group of trailblazing women thought differently.  The ladies started the first garden clubs in Amarillo and the movement boomed.  Sure, it was hard work, but the beauty of colorful flowers and fauna rewarded them.

Amarillo The garden club craze caught on and in 1954 the Amarillo Botanical Gardens were created.

Take a walk through this colorful, serene garden.  You will be amazed at the beautiful oasis in the middle of this dusty dirty landscape.

Brick wall imprinted with amarillo botanical gardens.


 13.  Amarillo Railroad Museum

3160 I Ave, Amarillo

Where else can you see the White Train and The Helium Train together?

These unique cars were part of the nuclear weapons transport system.

Come learn about the rich history of the railroad in the Panhandle.

Railroad car transporting helium tanks.


Weird Things To Do In Amarillo: Historic Route 66

14.  Rt 66, Historic District


Paved country road with texas us 66 sign.


No visit to Amarillo would be complete without getting your kicks on Rt 66.   Although there is only about a mile of the original highway preserved in Amarillo, visitors can still enjoy shopping and dining along the famous Rt 66.

It’s hard to imagine that Rt 66 spanned from Chicago to Santa Monica in its heyday.  Historians and civic groups continue to preserve and protect these gems for decades to come.

Stop in for an over-the-top Bloody Mary at The Handle Bar and Grill.  It truly is Breakfast or Lunch in a glass.


15.  The NAT Antiques Mall


Antique hunting is a common sport for many of us.  However, adding the possibility of a supernatural encounter brings this adventure to a whole new level of weird things to do in Amarillo.

This quirky shop has a fun history.

Originally, this building was an indoor pool for the locals in Amarillo.  Many enjoyed swimming and playing inside this Texas oasis.

In 1926, J.D.Tucker purchased the Natatorium and covered the pool with a dance floor.  Soon locals began partying and dancing to the Big Band Sound.


Names like The Dorsey Brothers, Duke Ellington, and Guy Lombardo passed through and entertained the crowds.  Times became tougher for this entertainment icon.  The Nat closed its doors in the 1960s and remained vacant for quite some time.

It has since then reopened as a popular Antique Mall.

Legend has it that the ghosts of past parties continued to haunt the hall dancing and twirling, living the days gone by.  I hear the top floor is especially prone to “cold spots”.

For more on the Nat, check out this video.



Weird Things To Do In Amarillo:  Restaurants  

Simply put, everything is bigger in Texas.  Whether it’s a local favorite or a tourist destination, these hotspots have something unique to offer.


 16.  The Big Texan Steakhouse

If this is your first time through Amarillo, you have to stop at The Big Texan Steakhouse.  As they say, everything is bigger in Texas and The Big Texan has the steak to prove it.  You can eat for free IF you can finish a 72 oz. Ribeye with the fixings in 60 minutes.

While we did not accept the challenge, we did enjoy a lunch steak.  Be sure to save room for some fudge and ice cream while you are taking aim in the shooting gallery.

Big texan challenge amarillo, tx

17.  The Coyote Bluff Cafe’

Are you looking for the best burger in Amarillo?  Make your way to the Coyote Café.  From I-40, this little gem is just a few minutes away.  Be sure to try their queso and chips or the chili cheese fries with your burgers.  Come hungry though, their portions are huge!

The Coyote Bluff Café is quite small and oddly decorated.  The café closes between 3 -5 pm most days.  However, the dinner line starts to form at 4:30.  Don’t be late, because you might not get a seat!

Small white restaurant called coyote bluff cafe.


Weird Things To Do In Amarillo: Downtown


18.  The Wall Mural Tour


Amarillo is booming in color with over 20 murals to visit throughout the city,   Thanks to the Hoodoo Mural Festival initiative, artists will continue to express messages of hope, love, peace, and food throughout the town.

The festival combines music, and food with artistic flair, bringing communities and families together.

You can check out this video!


19.  St. Anthony’s Hospital


Although this facility is not open to the public, St. Anthony’s Hospital is quite an attraction for ghost hunters and the curious.

From 1901 until 1996, St Anthony’s housed patients suffering both physically and mentally.  In the early days, mental illness was misunderstood and often treated badly through religious practices.

Between 1909 and 1939,  the hospital conducted 76 documented exorcisms on patients suffering from mental illness.

The hospital has sat abandoned since 1996.  Some of the rooms are said to be completely intact, with remnants left by patients and staff.  Transients and the homeless often kept quarters in the building, causing further destruction to the property.

Portions of the historic and haunted building are now being renovated into an Adult living community.

St anthony's hospital amarillo, tx


More Weird Things To Do In Amarillo 

These attractions don’t really have a category, so we put them all together here.  You might find that you will see some of these sights as you wander through Amarillo and the surrounding areas.

Take a look!


20.  Amarillo Scavenger Hunt


One of the best ways to find the weird things to do in Amarillo is to join the Scavenger Hunt.  The game provides clues, trivia questions, and history while you seek the place of interest.

Rather than collecting safety pins or packing tape for the Scavenger Hunt, you collect selfies and a unique perspective of Amarillo.

Book your scavenger hunt here


 21.  Floating Mesa

 Tascosa Rd, Bushland 

What in the world is going on here?

From a distance, the top mesa appears to be floating in thin air!

Three stripes have been painted around the structure giving the illusion of the floating mesa.

Small mountain or mesa giving the illusion the top is cut off.

22.  Tascosa Drive-In Theatre

 1999 Dumas Drive, Tascosa

Load up the car put the kids in their jammies and bring on the snacks.  The Tascosa Drive-In is home to the Double Feature!  The movie begins at dusk.

Can I just say the concession stand has Frito pies, pixie stix, and frozen pickle juice, plus the regular stuff?  I understand the snacks, but what is up with frozen pickle juice?

Drive in movie screen displaying now playing, creature double feature.


23.  Pantex Plant

 US Highway 60 & FM2373, Panhandle

Just 17 miles outside of Amarillo is one of our nation’s most unique facilities.  The Pantex Plant is the only plant that disassembles, tests, and evaluates nuclear weapons.  At one time, the plant did construct nuclear bombs, however, the last one was built in 1991.

The Pantex Plant serves as an interim storage facility for plutonium.

As you can imagine, security is quite high in the area.  Before “dropping in” for a visit, you will need to call and ask permission.

If you do visit, you can find Freedom, one of the 100 painted quarter-horse statues of Amarillo.

Property sign reading pantex plant, nasa

 24.  The Alibates Flint Quarries National Monument

 Cass Johnson Road, Fritch

Put on your walking shoes and take a hike out to the Alibates Flint Quarries.  These colorful quarries date back 13.000 years.  The discovered artifacts and petroglyphs give us a look into the days of our ancestors.

Be amazed at the different colors in the rocks: grey, pink, white, purple, and blue.  Historians believe that the stones were once used to make projectile weapons, spears, and knives to hunt the great mammoths of the ice age.


Signage reading alibates flint quarry national monument on a dirt road.

25.  The Dynamite Museum

The Dynamite Museum is definitely of the super weird things to do in Amarillo.  This roadside attraction isn’t actually a museum, but an art installation comprised of thousands of crazy road signs.  Some are original and some have been painted over, the placement is totally random.

This particular sign might have one wondering, where did their underpants go?

Keep a look out as you tour Amarillo, the artists have placed them around the area with some in the North Heights neighborhood.


Street sign



26.  Mariposa Eco-Village

Not far from downtown, is the Mariposa Eco-Village.  Committed to sustainability, artistry, and community the village is something to experience.

Take part in volunteering and building the gardens, or visit during an event.  The community desires to teach conservation and sustainable living practices.

Consider staying the night glamping in a yurt or even in your own RV.  Campsites are available through Harvest Hosts. You can also sometimes find sites on Hip Camp. 

Mariposa eco-village vintage rv.

27.  Painted Horses of Amarillo

 Throughout the City of Amarillo

Throughout the city, there are over 100 painted quarter horses scattered.  Each horse is hand-painted by local artists and has a name.  How many can you find?

Salty, Blaze and the rest of the herd make for some colorful photo opportunities.

Blue and white horse statue display.



Weird Things To Do Near Amarillo: Canyon, TX

Want to explore some more? Just 20 minutes from Downtown Amarillo you will find Canyon, TX a must-do, especially if you love hidden surprises.


28.  Palo Duro Canyon

What makes Palo Duro Canyon one of the weird things to do near Amarillo?

For one, traveling through the great plains, you would not expect to drive up to the edge of the 2nd largest canyon in the US!

Drive and descend 800 feet to the canyon floor to explore the 16-mile paved loop or the many dirt trails.  Whether you are hiking, biking, or chilling with a picnic, you will agree that the scenery is spectacular.  Spend the day and watch the colors reflect off the canyon wall and change from pink to orange and then to purple.

Spend the night inside the canyon in the spacious big rig-friendly campground or make a reservation in the convenient glamping area.  Enjoy an evening with a campfire and smores.  If you are lucky, you can hear the call of the wild as the coyotes stalk the terrain, looking for their dinner.

Colorful canyon overlook.

29.  Combine City

FM 1151, Canyon, TX

What do you do with combines that are no longer operational?

The story suggests that a local farmer, Orville Ladehoff asked that question.  Lovingly and jokingly his wife, Gracie, said “bury them”.

What a thought!

With the blade side up, Orville began planting his Combine City.

Rusty non-operational combine tractors in a field.

30.  Cowboys and Cowgirls of the West

Join the expert riders as they take you on a one-of-a-kind Texas Trail ride.  Your tour will take you along the rim of Palo Duro Canyon with breathtaking views.

Be sure to check out their Chuck Wagon experience with all the fixings.  This might be just the thing that you and your group have been tasting!


 31.  Bar Z Winery

19290 Farm to market 1541, Canyon

Are you feeling parched yet?  Stop into the Bar Z Winery daily from 3-9 and enjoy a glass, flight, or bottle of wine.  The outside porch is spacious, and their red wines are bold.

What makes Bar Z Winery one of the weird things to do in Amarillo?  Their wine of course.  Texas is known for its sweeter wines from the Hill Country.  Bar Z however has some AMAZING bold reds, something you would not expect!

Red wine flight.


 32.  The Honey Buzz Winery

 5005 4th Ave, Canyon

Is mead more your style?  The Honey Buzz is the stop for you.  Mead slushies, Mead on tap, and Mead to go as well as an assortment of craft beer and mimosas.  Grab a bite to eat with a cool mead cocktail and pull up a rocking chair.  Slow down and sip a little.

Mead flight, blackberry, apple, raspberry

33.  Tex Randall, The Big Texan

1400 N 3rd, Canyon

Tex Randal stands over 45’ tall, sporting Levi’s, boots, and cowboy charm.  Take a selfie with him or blow him a kiss.  Tex Randal is proof that everything is bigger in Texas.

Forty seven foot cowboy statue.



Is Amarillo Worth Visiting?


Is Amarillo worth visiting?

With a list this long of weird things to do in Amarillo, then of course the answer is YES!  Amarillo has a little something for everyone.

Downtown Amarillo is vibrant with restaurants, the arts, eclectic bars, and beautiful hotels.  While nearby Palo Duro Canyon is rugged and captivating.  For those that enjoy nostalgia, there’s Route 66.  For the quieter side of Amarillo, you can head out to Lake Meredith Recreational area for boating, camping, and off-roading fun.


Where to Stay in Amarillo

Campgrounds Near Amarillo, TX


Palo Duro Canyon State Park:

Waking up in the canyon is a special treat as the canyon walls turn colors with the rising sun.

Palo Duro Canyon State Park is one of our favorite places to camp.  The campground is equipped with water, electricity, and an easy dump station.  The sites feel private and secluded.

Reservations are made through Palo Duro Canyon State Park.

Overlook into palo duro canyon state park.

Palo Duro Glamping

Is Glamping more your style?  Well, you are in luck. Palo Duro Glamping offers you the best of both worlds.  Stunning views of the canyon and camping in style.  Palo Duro Glamping makes camping easy as the custom canvas tents come equipped with heat or air conditioning, comfortable beds, linens, and much much more.

Palo Duro Glamping provides a camping experience without the fuss.


You can click here for rates and availability for Palo Duro Glamping.



Lake Meredith Recreational Area


The views from the campsites at Lake Meredith Recreational Area are outstanding.  Sitting high above the lake, you can find peace and quiet.  Sunset is spectacular as the sky changes colors of pink, oranges, and blues.  There is boondocking and dispersed camping available.  For those that prefer electricity and water, contact Wright-On Bait and Tackle for reservations.


Lake view campground in a desert setting.

Unique Hotels in Amarillo


Once you start down the list of weird things to do in Amarillo, you will want to spend a few days.  Amarillo has plenty of choices in hotels.  Whether you want to stay out near Interstate 40, Downtown, or on Historic Route 66, we’ve put together some great choices.


The Barfield, Autograph Collection:

Step back in time with the classic feel in the newly restored Barfield Hotel.  Guests feel like royalty in the luxurious and sophisticated decor.

Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, you can relax with room service or dinner in the onsite Toscano Steakhouse.  Wind down with a late-night cocktail in the lounge.

Traveling with a pet?  No problem, The Barfield is pet-friendly.

Click here for rates and availability at The Barfield Hotel

  Nighttime aerial view of a  city skyline.

Photo Credit: By Who What Where Nguyen Why a/k/a Anonymous Cow – Own work,

The Big Texan Motel

Traveling on I-40, you can’t miss the Big Texan Motel.  

This fun western-theme motel has been serving hospitality for 40 years.  Guests can enjoy a comfortable room, wifi, and a seasonal outdoor pool.  Right across the street is the Big Texan Restaurant serving lunch and dinner.

Dinosaur on a pole in front of a colorful vintage motel.

Click here for rates and availability at the Big Texan Motel

Route 66 Inn

Take a step back in time to the Route 66 glory days.  The vintage motel is clean and comfortable as well as budget-friendly.  Guests can enjoy free parking, in-room coffee, and wifi.

The Route 66 Inn and painted road sign make a fun photo opportunity.

Click here for rates and availability at the Route 66 Inn

Weird Things To Do In Amarillo:  Conclusion

After a long desolate drive on 1-40, east or west, Amarillo is a welcoming stop.  From the highway, you see a collection of truck stops and chain restaurants.  Fueling, grubbing down and Wal-docking are all easy, but as you see,  there are plenty of unique attractions in Amarillo.

Whether you are just driving through on your way to Terlingua and Big Bend,  or have a few days to burn, you can find plenty of weird things to do in Amarillo!  Eat, Drink, Wander, and Take lots of pictures!


If you are still wondering if you should take a road trip, well here are a few reasons.

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We hope you enjoy your stay in the Texas Panhandle!  Visiting just a few of these weird things to do in Amarillo, Texas will help break up the drive and give you a few laughs as you continue your journey.

Travel Safe and Adventure Often!

Maureen & Robb

Happy couple posing together with lake view in background.