38 Super Fun Things To Do In Puerto Penasco 2024

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38 Super Fun Things To Do In Puerto Penasco 2024

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When looking for things to do in Puerto Penasco, look no further. Based on our personal experience, we have carefully curated a list of 38 super fun things to do in Puerto Penasco just for you. With the sun and the surf, this quiet Mexico beach town quickly became one of our favorite winter hotspots.

As a favorite snowbird destination for travelers, the gentle sun and vibrant town bring warm relief. Likewise, as the Arizona summers set in, the Sea of Cortez and coastal breezes provide a welcoming escape from the scorching desert temperatures.

Whether you are coming for the season or a long weekend, we can assure you that there are plenty of things to do in Puerto Penasco. So get ready, pack your bags, and let’s head down to Puerto Penasco, Arizona’s beach.

Table of Contents

  1.  Explore Rocky Point Beaches

Best thing to do explore rocky point beaches.

Topping our list of things to do in Puerto Penasco is enjoy the Rocky Point Beaches.  Relax and enjoy the warm sun, soft sand, and soothing waves at any one of these beaches.  Although beach access is limited at some of the beaches, there are no private beaches in Puerto Penasco.

With 55 miles of coastline, it is easy to find the Rocky Point Beaches.  The Sea of Cortez is especially inviting with its calm clear water.  Water temperatures hang around the mid 70’s, with winter being a tad cooler and summer just a bit warmer.

In other words, you can soak up the sun and play in the water, as long as you don’t trespass through someone’s yard.

2.  Go Tidepooling and Sea Shell Hunting

Exploring tide pools is a fun activity in puerto penasco


As the name implies,  Puerto Penasco which means Rocky Point, features a coastline that is both rocky and sandy.  The tides in Puerto Penasco are quite dramatic.  The tide changes trap water in the rocks and create natural pools filled with treasures.

For shell hunters, it is not unusual to find small octopuses, fascinating shells, and sand dollars in the tide pools.  As the tide comes back in, these mysterious creatures and rocky coastlines are once again hidden.

3.  Celebrate Sunset

Spectacular sunset on the rocky point beaches.

The sunset on the Rocky Point Beaches is spectacular.  We were amazed watching the sun drop into the sea, the skies can turn brilliant with shades of orange, yellow, red, and purple.  Sometimes the sky appears to be on fire!

Whether you are having dinner at one of the fantastic Rocky Point rooftop restaurants, strolling on the Malecon, or chilling with the neighbors at your campsite, take a quiet minute and enjoy this sunset celebration.

4.  Treat Yourself To A Massage On The Beach

Massage table on the beach.

What could be more relaxing than the sound of the waves, a slight breeze, and a massage?

Often, well-practiced masseuses will walk up the beach with their table in hand.  Flag them down and let them do their magic.  Prices are inexpensive and you will feel relaxed and rejuvenated.

Beach massages are more common near the resort areas.  If you don’t see one on your beach, certainly call any one of the spas and ask about their beach massage specials.

Watersports Activities in Puerto Penasco


When it comes to watersports, Rocky Point beaches have you covered.  The water is calm, clear, and shallow making your time on the water fun and accessible.  Try some of these thrilling adventures.

5.  The Banana Boat Experience

Ride the banana boat in puerto penasco.

The Banana Boat experience can be fun for the whole family.  Put on your life vest, hop on this enormous rubber tube, and hold on tight.  As the banana boat is pulled through the waves and the water, you will have the ride of a lifetime.  Because the banana boat holds up to 8 adults and children, everyone can have fun.

6.  Rent a Jet Ski

Be the driver when you rent a jet ski.  Jump the waves and fulfill your need for speed on the water.  The fabulous ocean spray ocean will cool you down on a hot day.  Clear your mind as you take to the Sea of Cortez on a jet ski rental.

7.  Kayak and Paddleboard

Man paddle boarding in puerto penasco.

The calm waters of the Rocky Point beaches are perfect for kayaks and paddleboards.  Use your own or rent one from a nearby tour company.  Paddling at sunset can be beautiful as the sky changes from bright blue to shades of orange.  You might be fortunate enough to have some dolphin friends join you!

8.  Parasail Above The Sea of Cortez

Things to do in puerto penasco parasailing.

Take to the sky in this thrilling ride high above the Rocky Point Beaches.  The tour guide straps you safely into the harness and gives the signal.  Then like magic, you are in the air, looking down at the blue water.  What an incredible rush for thrill seekers.

9.  Sharpen Your Skills at Kite Surfing

Kite surfing is popular on the Rocky Point Beaches.  The ocean breeze and shallow waters make perfect conditions for gliding along the surf.  This extreme sport is fun and exhilarating.

10.  Go Snorkeling in Puerto Penasco

Things to do in puerto penasco, go snorkeling.

Snorkeling in Puerto Penasco is one of the best things to do because the water is crystal clear, making conditions perfect for everyone.  Tours and equipment are available through your resort concierge or by arrangement through a reputable tour company.  For those who want to venture out on your own, be mindful of the tide charts and be careful you don’t get stranded on a sandbar.

For those of you who have been snorkeling in Puerto Penasco, what did you see?

11.  Learn to Scuba Dive

Below the ocean’s surface is a whole new world waiting for you to explore.  See the sea life in their native habit, and be wowed at the brilliant colors unseen by many.  Refresher courses are available and if your are new to the underwater world you can take lessons to earn your diving certificate.

The Sea of Cortez is fascinating and waiting for you!

Take A Boat Tour in Puerto Penasco

Man on a boat looking out over the blue green water of puerto penasco.

What better way to enjoy the sights of the area than on one of the many boat tours in Puerto Penasco? Are you looking for an afternoon of fun with friends, a family-friendly experience, or a romantic date with your squeeze?  There are plenty of choices when it comes to boat tours in Puerto Penasco!

12.  Party on a Booze Cruise

The Booze Cruise is a favorite amongst the party crowd.  Free-flowing beer and margaritas will get any party started.  Dance the afternoon away to the sounds of a live band onboard and have fun.  There are “no bad days here”!

13.  Sail the Sea on a Pirate Cruise

Aye Matey!  The Pirate Cruise is ready for your arrival.  Take to the high seas with the swashbuckling crew of El Rey Del Mar, the King of the Seas.  Once you set sail your crew will treat you to dinner, drinks, fun, and games plus a spectacular Puerto Penasco sunset.  Don’t worry, you won’t have to walk the plank.

14.  Relax on a Catamaran Cruise

What better way to sail the Sea of Cortex than on a luxury catamaran cruise?  We love the smooth sailing and quiet cutting through the water on a catamaran.  The experienced crew will serve you as you sit back and relax on the calm waters.  Enjoy an afternoon or evening sunset cruise with dancing and margaritas.

15.  Go Whale Watching

Whale watching is our favorite boat tour in Puerto Penasco.  Seeing these majestic creatures up close and personal is always a wonder.  Whales migrate to the warmer waters of the Sea of Cortez to give birth.  From January through March, it is common to see Momma and Baby swimming side by side.  If you are lucky you may see a humpback whale breach the water with a spectacular splash.  Be patient and keep your eyes peeled for the spouts.

Remember to bring your binoculars and sunscreen!

 16. Take a Date on a Sunset Cruise

Relaxing sunset cruise in puerto penasco.

Undeniably, a sunset cruise on the Sea of Cortez is extraordinary.  The changing colors of the sky and the gorgeous blue waters make a sunset cruise super special.  We love sunset cruises.

An evening cruise is the perfect setting for a romantic night out.  Sit back, relax, and enjoy the sea air and changing scenery with the one you love.

Go Fishing in Puerto Penasco

Everybody has a fish story, right?  Well if you don’t, it is high time you get one.  Surely you can come up with your own tall tale fishing in Puerto Penasco.  

Whether your story involves the “one that got away” or “your first catch” we want to hear it!  

17. Try Deep Sea Fishing in Puerto Penasco

Deep sea fishing charters are available for morning, afternoon, and overnight excursions.  Imagine how you will feel bringing in tonight’s fresh catch of Sea Bass, Large Grouper, or Red Snapper.  Your crew of experts will help you with rods, reels, and bait, plus they will keep your catch on ice until you arrive back at the docks and even clean it for you.   

18.  Go Surf Fishing

From the docks, piers, or the beach, fishing is easy in Puerto Penasco.  Fishermen often catch halibut, snapper, and triggerfish. 

Don’t go home empty-handed if the big one gets away. 

Stop at any of the local fish markets near the marina and pick up the fresh of the day.  Our favorite is Jessy’s Fish Market for fresh shrimp, cleaned and deveined!  Be sure to say Hi to Jessy Jr. and tell him the Stromads sent you! 

More Puerto Penasco Activities

19. Adventure on an ATV Tour

Atv ride into the dunes and bluffs at rocky point.

Ride the dunes or adventure out to the rocky cliffs on an ATV rental in Puerto Penasco.  You can venture off by yourself or with a group tour.  Better yet, do both and have some fun in the sun.

For more experienced riders, Competition Hill is a 300-foot sand hill with a 30-degree slope located near Cholla Bay.  Note the beaches near Sandy Beach and Los Conchas as well as the main streets of Puerto Penasco are off-limits to riders.  You will get ticketed.  Exercise caution and safety at all times.  Riding is prohibited at night.

20.  Saddle up and Go Horseback Riding

Things to do in puerto penasco horseback riding on the beach.

Experienced horsemen will guide you through the shopping districts of the Malecon and Calle 13 or take a sunset ride along the shoreline.  If a desert ride is your desire, your guides will take you to the foothills of the Sonoran Desert for a peaceful afternoon ride.

21.  Soar the Sky in an Ultralight Flight

Take to the sky like a bird in an ultralight flight.  As the glider takes off from the beach, you will have a bird’s eye view of the Rocky Point Beaches below.  Don’t worry, the ultralight flight is piloted by a professional so you can take pictures and videos of this once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

22.  Play Pickleball

Play pickleball at dukes in puerto penasco.

Pickleball is all the rave and super fun, plus it is good exercise.  Grab your paddle and join one of the leagues or just swat the ball around with your friends.  Dukes Restaurant has a vibrant pickle community and indoor court.  You will also find that many of the RV Campgrounds have courts as well.

23.  Play 18 Holes on Puerto Penasco Golf Courses

Play a round of golf in puerto penasco.

Be sure to pack your golf clubs when traveling to Puerto Penasco.  Professionals and amateurs have a choice of three 18-hole courses.

Vidanta Golf Puerto Penasco

Designed by Jack Nicklaus and Jack Nicklaus II, this beauty has stunning views out to the Sea of Cortez.  This Championship golf course is located at the Mayan Palace Resort.  Onsite you will find a pro shop, as well as a locker room lounge, bar, and convenient bag storage.

The Links at Las Palomas Beach & Golf Resort

Located across from the Las Palomas Resort is the most popular golf course in Puerto Penasco.  This 18-hole course was designed by Forrest Richards and Arthur Jack Synder.  Las Palomas Golf Resort has a putting green as well as a Pro shop and snack bar.  

The Club at Islas Del Mar Golf Course

The Club at Islas Del Mar Golf Course is both scenic and challenging for players.  Jack Nicklaus designed this challenging 18-hole course.  Although it technically has only 9 holes, the course has an additional 9 tee boxes giving the golfer a different view.  The Sea of Cortez and adjacent lagoons make this course challenging in several spots.  Both visitors and locals find this course one of their favorites.

Casa Blanca Golf and Villas

For fun, Casa Blanca Golf and Villas have a Mini Golf course suitable for families and fun.  With 18 holes to play, everyone staying at the Casa Blanca Villas can enjoy an afternoon of golf in Puerto Penasco.

24.  Go Shopping in Puerto Penasco


Shopping for colorful calaveras in puerto penasco.


Shopping in Puerto Penasco is easy.  Being a highly residential area, grocery stores are easily accessible within minutes of the resorts, hotels, and RV Campgrounds.  Puerto Penasco has plenty of convenience stores and souvenir shops as well.

Rodeo Drive Puerto Penasco  

Enjoy a relaxing day shopping at Rodeo Drive Puerto Penasco.  Strolling through the artisan shops you are sure to find that perfect treasure to take home with you.  Dishes, tchotchkes, and clothing shops line the street.  When you finish shopping, be sure to stop in Mariachis & Tequila Restaurant for a fresh margarita and some house-made guacamole.


Walmart Puerto Penasco has almost everything you would find at any Walmart SuperCenter:  Clothing, food, cosmetics, and household goods.  As you might expect, there is also a Sam’s Club in the same parking lot.  Remember though, this is Mexico and some things are a little different or not available like they are in the US.


Shopping on the Puerto Peñasco Malecon is a fun way to spend the afternoon.  The curious will find jewelry, clothing, pharmaceuticals, and even fresh fish.  Besides the stores, there are plenty of kiosks and vendors, especially late in the day near sunset.  

Super Ley

Super Ley is one of the grocery stores in Puerto Penasco.  They have an amazing bakery filled with freshly made bread and goodies.


The frutteria’s are small convenience stores selling fresh fruit and meats.  Their small size and locations all over town make them easier than the Walmart or Super Ley when you need to grab something fresh for dinner.

25.   Visit Puerto Peñasco Malecon

Walking the malecon in puerto penasco is a fun thing to do.

The Puerto Peñasco Malecon is similar to a boardwalk in a beach town.  Whether you walk, ride your bike, or sit and take in the sunset, Puerto Peñasco Malecon is one of the top things to do while in the area.

On the weekends it is common to hear the battle of the Mariachi Bands along the Malecon.  Families and couples dance the night away to the sounds of trumpets, drums, and guitars.

Come down early to enjoy a cocktail and sunset before heading off to one of the amazing nearby restaurants.

26.  Experience The Puerto Penasco Nightlife

Risque nightlife in puerto penasco.

When the sun goes down, the Puerto Penasco Nightlife lights up the city.  Many of the bars have live music and dancing.  The vibrant party scene can be fun especially if you find a band you enjoy.

Tekila Bar, Boo Bar, Leo’s Bar and El Tapeo are our favorites.  You can always find attentive bartenders and good conversation.

The area on Calle 13 is rowdy and crowded, especially on weekends and late in the evening.   You can find a more risque experience, topless bars, and prostitution is prevalent.  As with any city, stay aware!

27.  Dine at the Best Restaurants in Puerto Penasco

Sunset views on rooftop lounge in puerto penasco.

Puerto Penasco has wonderful restaurants with fantastic service.  Fresh fish and sunset views mixed with a little mariachi band make for a wonderful meal.

La Casa Del Capitan

High above the city, enjoy a rooftop dining experience.  The food is fantastic and the view is captivating.

Moo Restaurant

Enjoy dinner on the Malecon at Moo.  The low twinkle lights of white and red, give Moo a romantic feel.  Enjoy a steak, tableside caesar salad, and the Monte Blanc for dessert.

 Things To Do In Puerto Penasco: Specialty Tours

There are even more things to do in Puerto Penasco.  When you’ve relaxed enough on the beach, explore the outer side of Puerto Penasco.  Specialty tours are fun, informative, and friendly.

What’s your pleasure?

28.  Tour Isla San Jorge Bird Island Puerto Penasco

Sea lions on isla st jorge.

Isla San Jorge also known as Bird Island is located about 30 miles off the coast of Puerto Penasco.  This wildlife paradise is home to sea lions, dolphins, and exotic birds.  Charters are available to take you to Bird Island where you can play, kayak, snorkel, and scuba dive.

Visiting Bird Island is a favorite activity in Puerto Penasco, especially if you enjoy wildlife in its natural habitat.

29.  Hike El Pinacate Biosphere Reserve

In 2013 El Pinacate Biosphere Reserve was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  The area was formed by lava flowing underground creating craters throughout the landscape.  Although dormant, there are nine volcanic craters.  The landscape resembles that of the moon’s surface.  

Please be respectful when visiting this area.  Archeologists continue to study this peculiar landscape as it is mostly untouched and undeveloped. 

30.  CEDO: Intercultural Center for the Study of Deserts and Oceans

Studying the diverse ecosystems of Puerto Penasco is fascinating.  As the name indicates, both the desert and the ocean ecosystems are being studied here.  You are welcome to join any of the educational tours the CEDO: Intercultural Center for Study of Deserts and Ocean offers:

  • Pinacate & Gran Desierto de Altar
  • Estuary Excursions
  • Estuary Kayaking
  • Tidepooling
  • Oyster Farm
  • Great Desert of Altar’s Sea of Sand

31.   Take a Day Trip to Oyster Farm

Oysters fresh from the sea.

Oysters so fresh, they slept in the sea!  Visit the Oyster Farms and learn about sustainable oyster farming in Puerto Penasco.  Stick around for some tasty offerings.  If you’ve never had oysters fresh out of the sea, you are in for a sweet treat.

32.  Learn about Tequila at the Tequila Factory

Xscapers enjoying tequila tasting in puerto penasco.

Manny’s Tequila Factory is a must-stop while visiting Puerto Penasco.  You will be treated to several Tequila expressions and mixed cocktails as your hosts explain the tequila-making process.  Their witty personalities and expert storytelling will keep you entertained.  We enjoyed taking a group of friends to Manny’s for some fun times!

While you are in Puerto Penasco, try some Bacanora, The Best Kept Secret of the Sonoran Desert.

33.  Visit The Seashell Museum

For over 20 years, curator Naomi Black has been collecting seashells.  Visit Naomi at her Seashell Museum, and be awed by her collection.  She is part collector, artist entrepreneur, and mermaid.   Be sure to stop in the gift store for some unique souvenirs.

More Things to do in Rocky Point:  A Guide to Rocky Point Events and Festivals

El camaronero statue in puerto penasco.

Are you still looking for more things to do in Rocky Point?  How about a Festival or Special Event?

34.  Sample Local Cuisine at The Seafood Festival

By far, one of the tastiest events we have attended.  Local restaurants showcase special dishes for locals and visitors.  Come for the food, stay for the party.  Dance, laugh, eat, and drink on the Plaza del Cameron.  Look for the Seafood Festival in mid-February.

35.  Dance and Sing at Roger Kline’s Circus Mexicus

What started as a rooftop party has boomed into a 4-day concert event each June.  Join musical talent Roger Kline and The Peacemakers along with a stellar lineup for Circus Mexicus!

36.  Party Like a Rock Start During Spring Break

March is known for Spring Break in Puerto Penasco.  Grab your bag and let’s hit the beaches.  Because Puerto Penasco is only a few hours from Phoenix and Tucson, this location makes it a perfect place for college kids to come.  The legal drinking age is only 18, so the crowd is young and rowdy, especially downtown.

Of course, you can still find some peaceful areas like the Mayan Resort or Cholla Bay area.  Whatever you choose, pack a swimsuit and sunscreen.  The water is perfect and the sun is hot!

37.  Hear The Thunder at The Rocky Point Motorcycle Rally

November is the month to join motorcycle enthusiasts for some fun in the sun.  Events at Rocky Point Motorcycle Rally include a bike parade, Charity Poker Run, and one heck of a party.  You don’t have to be a biker to join the fun!

38.  Feel The Adrenaline at Southern Arizona Desert Racing

SADR is desert racing at its best!  Watch ATV, Quad, Moto, and Buggy racing through the desert.  Come early and check out Pre Race festivities.  Stay late for the afterparty.

Be sure to check out the details for Southern Arizona Racing.  With four big weekends of racing, you won’t want to miss any of the action.

Where to Stay in Puerto Penasco

 Grand Mayan Puerto Penasco

Beach view from pool in mayan palace resort.

For luxury and solitude, The Grand Mayan Puerto Penasco is the place for you.  Onsite entertainment, fabulous restaurants, bars, and in-room dining will make you feel like royalty.  Relax in the spa, pool, or even on the beach.  You can even play a round of golf if that’s your fancy.  The breakfast we had while touring there was so delicious!

You can book your stay right now!

Hotels in Puerto Penasco

With plenty of hotels in Puerto Penasco, you only need to choose a date.  For fun in the sun, easy beach access, and restaurant options check out these fantastic hotels.

Puerto Penasco Vrbo

Sometimes it’s more comfortable to vacation in a private residence.  Quiet dinners on the patio sound relaxing.  Imagine how nice it will be, to walk out your door and step onto the beach.  A Puerto Penasco Vrbo could be the option for you.

RV Parks in Puerto Penasco

Renegade verona beachfront camping in puerto penasco.

With quite a few RV Parks in Puerto Penasco, these are our recommendations:

Concha del Mar:  Located just a few minutes from Calle 13 and the Malecon, Concha del Mar is convenient.  This RV park is strictly beachfront boondocking.  Although there are no RV hookups, there is a dump station and fresh water available.  The bathhouse and laundry are exceptionally clean.  The views are outstanding.  With 24-hour security and gated access, Concha del Mar is our top spot for beach camping.  Our stay there was fantastic.

Playa Bonita RV Park: Conveniently located just minutes away from shopping and dining, Playa Bonita RV Park is a favorite for beachfront camping.  The full hookups, onsite social lounge, and jacuzzi are a bonus for guests.  The park has 24-hour security, gated access, and an unbelievable sunset.

Let’s Wrap Up The Things To Do In Puerto Penasco

Couple standing on beach with blue water behind them.

Puerto Penasco is a wonderful town in Mexico.  We enjoyed everything this city has to offer from the amazing sunsets to the great restaurants, shopping and music.

The driving ease and proximity of the Greater Phoenix Metro area make this a popular destination for Arizona locals.  We would definitely recommend a trip to Rocky Point for everyone.

With so many things to do in Puerto Penasco, what’s stopping you?

Pack a bag and your passport.  Let’s head for the border.   If you hurry, you can catch the sunset.

Thanks for reading!

Travel Safe and Adventure Often….

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