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The stromads, maureen & robb, in luckenbach tx.

Welcome Wanderlusters

a little About Us!

Thanks for joining us!  We are Maureen & Robb, The Stromads, and traveling is our passion.

Life is like an adventure, with a ton of things to explore and experience. For us, living on the road in an RV is the perfect way to see and be part of this unique world.  We believe in the freedom to go wherever we want, whenever we want, and that’s why we love the nomadic lifestyle!

 Diving into a Nomadic Lifestyle

Like many of you, our desire to travel full-time was met with fear and uncertainty.  Between selling our home, having a sustainable income, deciding where to travel, and maintaining our family relationships, we felt overwhelmed and needed support. 

Although there are plenty of “influencers” on social media, and a few worthwhile blogs, we felt something was missing.  It seemed that everyone had an opinion on the right or wrong way to RV and travel, but no one gave “the real” for us or cared what our needs were.   

What we were searching for was factual information, rather than advice or opinions.  Give us the details, data and an explanation of why and let us make the decision.  Honestly, I wish I had kept count of all the times someone suggested a Toy Hauler as the “perfect rig” for us.  (Not even close).

Backyard view of a suburban home with pool and neatly manicured lawn.

In 2016, we sold our home and made the leap into the nomadic lifestyle of full-time travel. For 6 months we traveled, moving from hotel to hotel, condos and even utilizing our timeshare unit for extended stays.  Sure, it was fun and fancy, but hotel life can wear on a person. 

Finally, in 2017 we transitioned to the RV lifestyle.  Combining the comfort of home with the ability to travel when we want, has enhanced our nomadic life.  We have traveled over 80,000 miles in our Renegade Verona Super C (aka The Mothership) and are super excited to tour the next 80,000.  That’s a little about us.  Be sure to drop us a line and tell us a little about you.  

The stromads, an rving couple standing in front of their renegade verona super c rv.

RV Living for Beginners

Although our journey sounds easy, there were and still are plenty of obstacles to overcome from buying the right RV, the right way, to planning and designing an exciting itinerary and saving money while traveling.  

Through our blogs, workbooks, and resources, we will provide you with the tools to develop a strong RV mindset, which is the foundation for achieving our travel dreams.  We want you to feel confident and empowered in making your travel desires come true, whether it be a full-time nomadic lifestyle, part-time travel, hotel life, or RV Life. 

Each week, we publish a weekly newsletter covering four major topics:

  • Travel Destinations
  • Unique Experiences
  • RV Nomad Lifestyle
  • Valuable Resources

Our newsletter is designed to bring you something of value, and not just a recap of our latest travel escapades.  Honestly, writing to our subscribers is our FAVORITE part of the week.  

We invite you to subscribe today and we will send you some money-saving solutions to get started!

We Are So Glad You Are Here!

Whether you’re thinking about hitting the road in an RV or already living the nomadic lifestyle, we’re here to lend a helping hand. Our goal is to inspire you with real information, not just opinions.

We won’t tell you what to do or where to go. Instead, we’ll give you some great ideas to consider when you’re making your own decisions. You might even discover a secret spot or two by reading our newsletter, posts, and STROtips we share about our adventures and the places we’ve explored!

Travel Safe and Adventure Often,

Maureen & Robb, aka The Stromads

The stromads at partington cove overlooking the pacific ocean.


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