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This Is About Us, The Stromads, But Is It a Love Story?

Robb Strobridge and Maureen Wright the Stromads about us

Before we even start, it is important to share a little about ourselves.  This is about us, The Stromads, but is it a love story?

As a hopeless romantic, I say, YES!

Robb?  Not so much.  Either way, our journey together started over 20 years ago, with two young boys in tow, underfunded and unsupported by those closest to us.  Passion and adventure continue to fuel our desire for exploring life, love, and all things good.

Then and even more so now,  we carry with us a commitment to creating a life that we love with the people we love.  As we share our stories, you will agree that we hit our marks successfully and so can you.

The Blue Bus

Sometimes I reflect on the day that we loaded the kids into Robb’s blue 1970 Chevy Van, aka “The Blue Bus,” and think to myself, oh my gosh, no wonder they thought we were crazy.  A brand new business and a relatively new blended family, working the Fair and Festival circuit.  This occupation was not familiar to those in our immediate circle.  Truthfully, we knew nothing about it either.   But that was all about to change.

Up to that point, I was gainfully employed as an office manager for a non-profit agency.  Robb was kicking ass in his company, Atlantic Auto Consulting, a concierge auto buying service.  We decided that was not the lifestyle for us, 9to 5, Monday to Friday, and 2 weeks vacation.   Working together, traveling, and exploring the world on our terms is how we wanted to live. Can you imagine that?  So, suddenly, almost overnight, we were homeless, jobless, and pursuing a new way of life in the mobile entertainment industry.

Have you ever felt alone or without a tribe?

Since we didn’t have a tribe, community, or family support we felt like pioneers saying “Go West or Bust”.  This is not something we would recommend and that is why we are here on this site.   Hopefully, we will answer questions as well as be a resource of encouragement and inspiration to folks like us who want to explore life, on your terms.  So as we set off to work our first summer

Robb Strobridge and Maureen Wright The Stromads About Uson the road tensions were high.  We barely had enough money to get to our gigs, much less stay at decent hotels.  At the time, we did not own an RV.  Thankfully, our boys, Mike and Matt, were still young enough that they could eat off the children’s menu.

Living on the road that summer was brutal.  As a family, we worked hard, sometimes 12 hour days.  Of course, the kids had ample breaks, but it wasn’t the same as a conventional stay at home and watch tv summer break.

Fast Forward

Rather than bombard you with all of our life story details, I want to fast forward to January 2020.  Everything was going great.  Our company, Fast Action Motorsports Entertainment, was thriving.  We had a stellar year contracted, and we were looking at clear sailing ahead.

That is until COVID-19 stopped the entertainment business.  On March 16, midway through a gig, we were shut down.  The rest of our year and income vanished right before our eyes.  Like others our age (50’s), we were planning our Farewell Tour in 2023.  Little did we know that our future plans became a fast reality.

This left us without an income and little hope for the immediate future in our industry.  Honestly, the situation seems dire, right, and I know you are wondering what in the hell are they doing now?

What’s next?

Well, we are still hanging in there, and we have some new direction.  Like many of you, we are experiencing life not as we planned it but as it is.   As we fill in the time gaps we will address circumstances that we, the middle-aged, the displaced entrepreneurs, the nomads, and constant travelers, and people wanting the most out of life, encounter.  We hope to inspire and motivate you into living your adventure.

So once again, about the Stromads, is it a love story?  You decide.

Life, love, and all things good are for experiencing.  Don’t be a wallflower.  Dance and celebrate everything!

Travel Safe Adventure Often,

Maureen and Robb, The Stromads


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