65+ Must-Have Gifts for RV Owners: The Ultimate Wishlist 2023

65+ Must-Have Gifts for RV Owners: The Ultimate Wishlist 2023

65+ Must-Have Gifts for RV Owners: The Ultimate Wishlist 2023

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When it comes to finding the ideal gifts for RV owners during holidays or special occasions, you’ve come to the right place.

Like many full-timers, buying gifts for us is challenging. As experienced RVers, we appreciate minimalism, yet we still desire the comforts of home on the road. This is why I created the ultimate wishlist and guide for the best gifts for RV owners.

In this article, we’ll explore categories like memberships, essential navigation tools, versatile outdoor gear, and much more. We’ll concentrate on compact, durable, and multifunctional items that will enhance the RV lifestyle.

Join us as we uncover the must-have gifts for RV owners, elevating their adventures to new heights of enjoyment.

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Membership Gifts for RV Owners

Membership subscriptions are excellent gifts for RV owners, offering them access to exclusive campgrounds, travel clubs, or online communities tailored to their RV lifestyle. These memberships provide a sense of community, valuable travel resources, and often cost-saving benefits, enhancing their overall RV experience.

These are gifts that keep on giving throughout the year, making them thoughtful and practical presents for any RVer.

Harvest host membership is one of the best gifts for rv owners.

1.  Harvest Hosts

Harvest Hosts is one of the most popular memberships for traveling RVers.

With a Harvest Hosts membership, RVers are permitted to stay overnight at participating wineries, farms, museums and golf courses for much less than it would cost to stay at an RV park.

Travelers like us appreciate the hospitality of the participating Hosts in a quiet serene setting. Harvest Host is a great alternative to rest stops and parking lots.

Boondockers welcome logo.

2.  Boondockers Welcome

The Boondockers Welcome Membership allows fully contained RVers to camp overnight at participating hosts’ private homes.

As RV sites become more expensive and less available, Boondockers Welcome is becoming more popular.  Hosts offer their driveways and backyards to weary travelers.

As an alternative to conventional RV sites, we have found some amazing spots with friendly hosts. 

Escapees rv club membership is a valuable gift for rvers.

3.  Escapees/Xscapers

An Escapees / Xscapers Membership is a perfect gift for RVers.  As their commitment to the RV community, they bring a host of valuable tools.  From education to RV-related services, full-time and part-time adventures can benefit.  Throughout the year, Escapees and Xscapers host meet-ups and exciting events throughout the country.

With this membership, you never feel alone on the road. 

Trip Planning Tools

Trip-planning tools are indispensable gifts for RV owners who want to make the most out of their adventures. Consider gifting them a reliable GPS navigation system with RV-specific features or a comprehensive road atlas for off-the-grid exploration.

These tools help RV enthusiasts plan their routes, locate campgrounds, and discover hidden gems along the way, ensuring that every trip is well-organized and filled with memorable experiences.

Rv life trip wizard

4.  RV Life Trip Wizard

RV Life Trip Wizard is a top tool for RVers. It helps us avoid tricky situations like low clearances and narrow streets when towing. You can plan your route based on your preferences and get campground reviews. Plus, it calculates expenses, keeping you on budget.

The best part? You can organize multiple trips easily.

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5.  Rand McNally Road Atlas & National Park Guide

The Rand McNally Road Atlas is crucial for travel as it shows all of the roads and highways in the regions you are exploring.  The large map book helps you find your way, discover new places, and plan your routes.

With a road atlas, you can explore confidently and navigate even without a GPS or internet connection.

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6.  Camping Journals

A camping journal is a special book to keep all your camping memories safe.

It’s perfect for saving important info like where you went and what you did on your camping adventures. You can write down your travel plans, hiking stories, and all the beautiful things you saw in nature.

Roadtrippers map with destinations

7.  Roadtrippers

Roadtrippers is a must-have app for the traveler seeking quirky roadside attractions and off-the-beaten path adventures.  Browse their library of itineraries or design your own.

With so many unusual sights to see along the way, Roadtrippers can help you!

Campground views logo.

8.  Campground Views

Booking your ideal campsite is now a breeze with Campground Views. They offer a huge collection of real campsite photos, making it simple to see exactly where you’ll be staying before you book.

Say goodbye to surprises and hello to stress-free camping!

Specialty Tours and Experiences

Specialty tours and experiences are exceptional gifts for RV owners, offering them unique opportunities to explore their travel destinations in depth.

Consider gifting them tickets to guided nature hikes, wildlife tours, or cultural experiences specific to the regions they plan to visit. These gifts provide enriching and unforgettable moments that add to their RV adventures, creating cherished memories along the way.

9.  Viator

Viator is a treasure trove of over 300,000 experiences and tours, making it a great place to find the perfect gift for RV owners. Whether they love kayaking, exploring the theater, or something entirely different, Viator has something just right for them.

With so many options, you’re sure to discover a gift that will make their RV adventures even more special. 

10.  Get Your Guide

Unique experiences make for wonderful travel memories.  Get Your Guide has a variety of thrilling escapades for you.

Consider booking an exciting tour or a one-of-a-kind adventure as the perfect gift for RV owners.

Guide along audio tour.

11.  GuideAlong Audio Tours

GuideAlong Audio Tours is the perfect supplement for road trips.  The narratives are both exciting and educational providing a backstory to the amazing scenery.

Quite often, GuideAlong will point out hidden along the way.  It is like having your own personal tour guide riding shotgun.

Navigation systems are a must-have for RVers as they offer precise and RV-specific routing, helping to avoid low bridges, narrow roads, and other obstacles that can be challenging for larger vehicles.

These devices provide peace of mind, ensuring safer and more efficient journeys, making them an excellent gift choice for any RV enthusiast.

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 12.  Garmin RV Cam 795

The Garmin RV Cam 795 combines a GPS designed for RV routes and a dash cam. The RV-specific GPS keeps RVers safe by guiding them on suitable routes, avoiding tight spots and low clearances. It also offers real-time traffic updates.

The dash cam records the journey, is useful for accidents or disputes, and captures scenic moments for RVers to enjoy later. Together, these tools improve navigation and safety, ensuring a more enjoyable and secure RV experience.

When it comes to generous gifts for RV owners, The Garmin RV Cam tops the list.

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13.  Pressure Monitoring System

When we bought our Super C, we insisted on a Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS). Having a tire blowout in an RV is very scary, with potential damage and danger. TST is the best in the industry, and this new model makes tire monitoring simple. We recommend it because it’s saved us from dangerous blowouts by giving us early warnings and time to pull over safely.

Keep in mind, that it’s not about “if” you’ll experience a flat tire; it’s about “when” it will occur.

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14.  RV Backup Camera


Having a clear view behind your RV is mission-critical, making the RV Backup Camera a practical gift for RV owners. Whether you’re hitching up, parking at a campsite, or changing lanes, a backup camera is a must. It eliminates the stress of uncertainty and frequent stops, making installation and setup easy for worry-free travel.

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15. Watch Dog Pet Monitor

Pet monitoring systems are valuable gifts for RV owners, providing essential peace of mind. The Watch Dog Pet Monitor enables RV travelers to keep a vigilant eye on their beloved pets as they journey across the country. With features like two-way communication, RV owners can interact with their pets, offering comfort and reassurance even when exploring the great outdoors.

Whether it’s a short errand or an entire day of adventure, these systems ensure that your fur babies are content and secure within your RV, ultimately enhancing the overall travel experience.



Outdoor Living Space

Creating an inviting outdoor living space is essential for RVers who love to soak in the beauty of nature. Outdoor living accessories allow them to relax, dine, and enjoy the great outdoors right outside their RV, enhancing their overall travel experience.

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16.  Outdoor Pop-Up Gazebo

Extend your living area with an Outdoor Pop-UP Gazebo.  RVers understand that as much as we love the outdoors, nature does not always cooperate.  This Outdoor Pop-Up Gazebo extends your outdoor living space while keeping you shielded from the elements.

Set-up only takes a few minutes, as the materials are lightweight and durable.  Plus, there is room for 8!

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17.  Outdoor Chairs

Camping Chairs are a necessity, making the KingCamp Oversized Folding Chairs a perfect gift for RV owners.  Because storage space is a premium in most units, RVers look for seating that is durable and easily stored when not being used.

The KingCamp Oversized Folding Chairs are roomy, hold up to 350 lbs, and have convienent carrying bag.

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18.  Outdoor Camping Rug

Many RV enthusiasts agree that an outdoor rug can truly transform your outdoor area. Not only does it enhance the overall looks, but it also contributes to maintaining a cleaner interior of the RV. 

The Stylish Outdoor Camping Rug is easy to clean and store after a long week of camping.

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19.  Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting has the ability to transform any space into a captivating and inviting environment. Whether it’s string lights casting a warm glow over a patio, lanterns illuminating a garden, or torches lining a pathway, these lighting choices set the mood for outdoor gatherings.

The ambiance created by outdoor lighting adds a magical touch, turning ordinary outdoor areas into charming and cozy retreats for relaxation and enjoyment.

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20.  Outdoor Blankets

Outdoor blankets are essential for travelers, offering comfort and warmth during picnics, camping, and outdoor get-togethers. Their portability makes them perfect for on-the-go adventures.

We believe it’s crucial to have a dedicated outdoor blanket to keep indoor blankets clean and cozy. This way, you’re always prepared for outdoor escapades, whether it’s a picnic in the park or a cozy night under the stars.

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21.  Wise Owl Outfitters Camping Hammock

Wise Owl Outfitters Camping Hammocks are  ideal gifts for RVers because they provide a comfortable and portable relaxation spot while on the road. They allow travelers to unwind and enjoy the beauty of nature wherever they park their RV. 

Not only are these camping hammocks easy to set up, making them a hassle-free addition to any campsite, but they also roll up to store away in any small compartment.

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22.  Picnic Tablecloth and Bench Covers

Of all the products on the market, the fitted Picnic Tablecloth and Bench Covers are my favorite.  Not only do they protect your body and clothes from the elements, but they are also quite appealing in design.

Say goodbye to wet pants and dirty benches.  Say hello to a beautiful picnic area.

Outdoor Fire Pits

Outdoor Fire pits are a perfect way to relax in nature while camping. Their mesmerizing flames and soothing ambiance create an ideal space for storytelling and marshmallow roasting with friends and family. The scent of wood smoke and the crackling fire turn any campsite into a tranquil outdoor haven.

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23.  BLUU Deluxe Portable Propane Gas Fire Pit

The BLUU Deluxe Portable Propane Gas Fire Pit is a fantastic addition to any campsite as it provides instant, clean, and convenient campfires without the need for wood or charcoal. It’s easy to start with just the flip of a switch, and there’s no ash or smoke to deal with, making it an eco-friendly choice.

Its popularity has surged, especially in areas with frequent fire bans, as it offers a safe and controlled way to enjoy campfires during fire-restricted seasons.

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24.  Portable Wood Burning Fire Pit

A Portable Wood-Burning Fire Pit makes a wonderful gift for RVers and outdoor enthusiasts. It provides the cozy ambiance of a campfire without the need for a permanent pit, making it perfect for on-the-go adventures.

Its compact and collapsible design ensures easy storage and setup, allowing recipients to enjoy the warmth and charm of a wood-burning fire wherever their travels take them.

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25.  COOZOOM   Large Smokeless Portable Fire Pit

A wood-burning smokeless fire pit is a fantastic gift for outdoor enthusiasts and campers. It’s designed to minimize smoke production, creating a more pleasant and breathable campfire experience.

This innovative fire pit not only adds warmth and ambiance to any outdoor gathering but also reduces the impact on the environment, making it an excellent choice for nature lovers who want to enjoy a crackling fire without the discomfort of smoke.

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26.  Fire Tongs and Poker

Fire Tongs and Poker are vital for campfire safety and convenience, allowing users to safely manage the fire and maintain its intensity without getting too close to the flames. They make great gifts for RV owners, often overlooked, as they enhance the campfire experience by ensuring it’s both fun and secure.

We like this gift set because it comes with a convenient carrying bag, making it easy to take our campfire cooking tools on any adventure.

Outdoor Cooking Gifts

RVers love to cook outside because it allows them to enjoy the beauty of nature while preparing meals. It minimizes indoor odors and heat, keeping the RV comfortable.

Cooking outdoors also fosters a sense of community, as it often leads to shared meals and socializing with fellow campers. Plus, it’s a delightful way to embrace the outdoor lifestyle that RVing offers.

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19.  Blackstone Electric Griddle

The Blackstone Electric Griddle is a favorite among RV owners, like myself, for its incredible versatility. Whether we are cooking outdoors on a sunny day or indoors during inclement weather, it delivers fantastic results with its griddle feature.

The nonstick surface makes cooking and cleanup a breeze, and the best part is there’s no messy grease to deal with, making it a must-have addition to any RV kitchen.

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20.  Portable Gas Grill

A portable grill is a camper’s best friend because it’s easy to carry and lets you cook delicious meals wherever you go. Plus, it’s compact for easy storage, so it won’t take up much space in your RV.

Whether you’re at a campsite or a remote spot, this grill ensures a tasty outdoor feast with the convenience you need for your journey.

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21.  Roasting Sticks

Hot dog and marshmallow roasting sticks are essential tools for any campfire gathering. They make cooking these classic campfire treats a breeze, offering a fun and delicious experience for campers of all ages.


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22.  Cast Iron Pie and Sandwich Maker

The AILITOR Cast Iron Pie and Campfire Sandwich Maker is a fantastic addition to any RV kitchen, allowing you to create delicious, golden-brown pies over the campfire. Its durability and even heat distribution make it easy to cook sweet or savory pies with that perfect homemade touch.

Outdoor Gear

When it comes to gift-giving for RV owners, outdoor gear is a fantastic choice. RVers often seek adventure and outdoor experiences, and the right gear can make their journeys more enjoyable and comfortable. In this section, we’ll explore a variety of outdoor gear items that make perfect gifts for those who love the great outdoors and the RV lifestyle.

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23.  Driftsun Rover Inflatable Kayak

Driftsun Rover Inflatable Kayak makes a fantastic gift for outdoor enthusiasts, as they provide the joy of kayaking without the hassle of transporting a rigid kayak. They are easy to store and transport, making them perfect for RVers looking for water adventures on the go.

These versatile kayaks can be quickly inflated and deflated, allowing for spontaneous water excursions in various locations, adding an extra layer of adventure to their travels.

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24.  Stand Up Paddleboards

Stand-up paddle boards, often known as SUPs, are versatile watercraft that offer a fantastic way to explore lakes, rivers, and coastal areas. They provide a full-body workout while allowing you to enjoy serene waters, making them a popular choice for outdoor enthusiasts.

PSereneLife Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board is inflatable and comes with the necessary accessories including a carry bag. The convenience of easy storage and transport makes a SUP an excellent addition to any RV adventure.

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25.  Trekking Poles

Trekking poles make great gifts for RVers who love outdoor adventures. These handy companions offer stability and support on the hiking trails, reducing strain on the knees and joints.

They provide extra balance and aid in navigating challenging terrain, ensuring a more comfortable and gratifying hiking experience during their travels.

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26.  Compass

A compass is a wonderful gift for RVers, as it provides a reliable way to navigate unfamiliar territories and find their way back to camp or explore new trails confidently. It’s a timeless tool that ensures they stay on course, enhancing their outdoor adventures and helping them make the most of their travels.  

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 35.  Water Filter Bottle

 The Bachgold Outdoor Water Filter Bottle is an excellent gift for RVers, offering clean and safe drinking water wherever their adventures take them. Its built-in filtration system removes harmful contaminants from natural water sources, ensuring they have access to fresh water during camping trips and outdoor excursions.

Both compact and portable, this bottle is a must-have for RVers who value convenience and health while on the road.

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36.  Headlamps

RVers love the GearLight LED Headlamps for their versatility and hands-free illumination. Whether setting up camp in the dark, reading inside the RV at night, or navigating a trail after sunset, headlamps provide a convenient and practical lighting solution. This model is  lightweight, easy to wear, and perfect for various outdoor activities, making them essential gear for RVers who appreciate both safety and convenience during their travels.

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37.  Calcutta Outdoor Renegade Cooler

The Calcutta Outdoor Renegade Cooler is a fantastic gift for RV owners.  They are convenient and versatile with a lightweight, collapsible design.  Transport and storage are easy. The soft-sided cooler keeps food and drinks fresh while road-tripping away from camp.  


Entertainment items like movies, board games, and rainy day activities are excellent gifts for RV owners, providing them with engaging pastimes for both leisurely evenings and unexpected weather challenges. A selection of their favorite movies or a collection of board games can turn downtime into memorable bonding moments with fellow travelers.

These interactive gifts for RV owners ensure that even when the weather doesn’t cooperate, there’s always a fun and engaging activity on hand to keep spirits high during RV adventures.

Create an Outdoor Theatre

Elevate your family movie night during camping by taking it outdoors. With chairs, blankets, and snacks in tow, set up your own open-air cinema under the starry night sky. Using a portable projector and screen, you can create a memorable movie experience, merging the magic of film with beauty of nature.

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38.  Outdoor Projector

This compact and versatile Outdoor Projector is the perfect gift for RV owners.  With Bluetooth, WiFi, and a built-in DVD player, you can have movie night just about anywhere.

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39.  Outdoor Movie Screen

An Outdoor Movie Screen is the perfect accessory for creating a perfect movie night with friends and family.

The lightweight Zeal ‘N Life sets up in minutes and when you are finished, it packs away in its own carrying bag.

40.  Movie Collections

Building a collection of movies allows you to revisit your favorite films and create cherished traditions, making movie nights an endless source of entertainment and enjoyment.   We’ve put together a few bundles for just about everyone’s taste from horror to family favorites.  

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41.  Disc Golf Starter Set

Disc golf is a super fun outdoor activity for everyone. Just like regular golf but with frisbee-like discs, you throw them into metal baskets in as few throws as possible.

It’s a great way to enjoy the fresh air, get some exercise, and have a blast with friends and family in parks or campgrounds.

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42.  Pickleball Equipment

Pickleball is booming as the craze among RVers is exploding.  The game is a simple sport played at many campgrounds. With its small court size and lightweight equipment, it’s perfect for travelers looking for active social activity on the road.

Many RV communities and parks now offer pickleball courts, creating opportunities for friendly matches and a sense of camaraderie among fellow adventurers. 

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43.  Portable Corn Hole

Corn Hole is a crowd-pleaser, perfect for family tournaments or get-togethers with neighbors.

The Portable Corn Hole is collapsible and sets up quickly, with a sturdy bag for easy storage and transport. It’s a hassle-free way to bring endless fun to any gathering.

44.  Board Games

Board games make fantastic gifts for RV owners because they provide entertainment and bonding opportunities without relying on technology. They’re perfect for cozy nights inside the RV or for enjoying the outdoors with friends and family, making them a versatile and entertaining addition to any RV adventure.

These are some of our favorites.

Electronic Gifts for RV Owners 

Electronics are fantastic gifts for RV owners, enhancing their travel experiences with entertainment and connectivity on the road. These electronic gifts can transform their RV into a mobile oasis, providing both practicality and leisure during their journeys.


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45.  DJI Mini SE Drone  

The DJI Mini SE Drone adds a whole new level of fun for RVers by capturing stunning aerial photos and videos of the beautiful landscapes they encounter.  Drones provide a unique perspective of the places they visit, making memories even more memorable.

Plus, flying drones can be an exciting hobby that adds an adventurous touch to RV journeys.


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46.  Weather Radio


The FosPower NOAA Weather Radio is crucial for RVers as it provides real-time weather updates and alerts, helping them stay informed about potentially dangerous conditions on the road.  

Being caught in severe weather without power is scary.  With both solar and battery, you will not be left in the dark.

Q? Encoding=utf8&asin=b07pm6ms2h&format= sl250 &id=asinimage&marketplace=us&serviceversion=20070822&ws=1&tag=thestromads 20&language=en usIr? T=thestromads 20&language=en us&l=li3&o=1&a=b07pm6ms2h

47.  Walkie Talkies

Walkie-talkies enhance an RVer’s experience by facilitating easy communication with travel companions, especially in areas with limited cell service. They help coordinate tasks like parking or setting up camp, making the process smoother and more efficient.

Additionally, walkie-talkies can provide family fun while exploring the unknown or playing hide and seek. 

Q? Encoding=utf8&asin=b099t738zc&format= sl250 &id=asinimage&marketplace=us&serviceversion=20070822&ws=1&tag=thestromads 20&language=en usIr? T=thestromads 20&language=en us&l=li3&o=1&a=b099t738zc

48.  Portable Blue Tooth Speaker

The Bose SoundLink Portable Bluetooth Speaker can turn your campsite into a vibrant party hub by filling the air with your favorite tunes. Its wireless connectivity allows you to bring the music wherever the adventure takes you.  

With a Bluetooth speaker, your campsite becomes the ultimate gathering place for friends and family to enjoy music and create lasting memories.

Q? Encoding=utf8&asin=b08ktz8249&format= sl250 &id=asinimage&marketplace=us&serviceversion=20070822&ws=1&tag=thestromads 20&language=en usIr? T=thestromads 20&language=en us&l=li3&o=1&a=b08ktz8249

49.  Kindle Paperwhite E-Reader

The Kindle Paperwhite is an ideal companion for RVers as it is portable and convenient. It allows you to carry a vast library of books in one lightweight device, saving valuable space in your RV.

Plus, you can read in various lighting conditions, from bright sunlight to cozy evenings inside the RV, making it a versatile and enjoyable pastime during your travels.

Audio books membership is a fantastic gift for rv owners.

51.  Audible Audio Book Membership

Audible makes a great gift for RVers by allowing them to enjoy books and stories on the road. It’s the perfect travel companion, providing entertainment during long journeys. 

Tools and Gadgets

Tools and gadgets are essential making them practical gifts for RV owners.  Being able to handle common maintenance tasks or repairs while on the road can save time and money.

Consider gifting a compact and multi use items  These tools can come in handy for quick fixes, ensuring that their RV stays in top shape and allowing them to travel with confidence.

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52.  CARMTEK Level Wizard-Wireless RV Leveling System

CARMTEK Level Wizard is an excellent gift for RV owners because leveling system takes the guesswork out of achieving a level position. With a base module and a remote module that communicates wirelessly, it guides you to the precise height adjustments needed for a level RV.

This convenient tool makes leveling a breeze, allowing RV owners to set up camp quickly and accurately, even when traveling solo.

Q? Encoding=utf8&asin=b07t74ztzn&format= sl250 &id=asinimage&marketplace=us&serviceversion=20070822&ws=1&tag=thestromads 20&language=en usIr? T=thestromads 20&language=en us&l=li3&o=1&a=b07t74ztzn

53.  LiBa Electric Bug Zapper

Even in the cleanest RVs, flying insects can still be a nuisance, especially when you’re parked near nature.

The LiBa Electric Bug Zapper is essential for maintaining a comfortable and insect-free living space, ensuring that you can enjoy your RV without unwanted pests intruding. Its effectiveness in trapping flying insects provides peace of mind, making your indoor experience more pleasant and hygienic.

Q? Encoding=utf8&asin=b0064cluk2&format= sl250 &id=asinimage&marketplace=us&serviceversion=20070822&ws=1&tag=thestromads 20&language=en usIr? T=thestromads 20&language=en us&l=li3&o=1&a=b0064cluk2

54.  105 Piece Repair Tool Kit

RV owners can run into trouble, and that’s when a compact 105 piece Repair Tool Kit comes to the rescue. It simplifies fixing common issues, whether it’s a loose screw or a tightening bolt, keeping you on your journey and out of the shop.

Even if you’re not a DIY expert, having your toolkit ready can be a real lifesaver when a helpful passerby lends a hand.

Q? Encoding=utf8&asin=b07zpjchn5&format= sl250 &id=asinimage&marketplace=us&serviceversion=20070822&ws=1&tag=thestromads 20&language=en usIr? T=thestromads 20&language=en us&l=li3&o=1&a=b07zpjchn5

55.  Trailer-Aid Tire Block

Changing trailer tires is never fun.  Without the right tools, the task can be challenging.

The Trailer-Aid Tire Changing Block helps make the task a lot quicker, safer, and easier.  If you have a tandem axle trailer you don’t need a jack.  Just pull or back up onto the ramp and the flat tire is in the air ready to be removed. 

Using this ramp has helped us change tires ourselves instead of waiting hours on the side of the highway for roadside assistance.

Q? Encoding=utf8&asin=b07z91yklc&format= sl250 &id=asinimage&marketplace=us&serviceversion=20070822&ws=1&tag=thestromads 20&language=en usIr? T=thestromads 20&language=en us&l=li3&o=1&a=b07z91yklc

56.  Cordless Impact Wrench

You never want to be stuck on the side of the road changing a tire longer than necessary. Using a rechargeable impact wrench helps make removing those tight lugnuts quick and easy so you can get your tire changed and back on the road.   

The Avid Power Cordless Impact Wrench is both economical and powerful, making the list of  perfect gifts for RV owners.

Storage and Organization

Storage and organization solutions are invaluable gifts for RV owners aiming to maximize their limited space and maintain a clutter-free environment. Think about gifting collapsible storage bins, under-bed storage solutions, or hanging organizers for closets and cabinets. These practical gifts for RV owners help keep their living space tidy and ensure that everything has its place, making their journeys more comfortable and stress-free.


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57.  Hose and Cord Protective Bags

RV Hose and Cord Protective Bags are great for keeping your bins organized and hoses protected. The color-coded design ensures you won’t mix up your water hoses, making setup and cleanup a breeze.

These bags are a practical solution for maintaining a tidy RV storage area and hassle-free hose management.

Q? Encoding=utf8&asin=b09mm393z7&format= sl250 &id=asinimage&marketplace=us&serviceversion=20070822&ws=1&tag=thestromads 20&language=en usIr? T=thestromads 20&language=en us&l=li3&o=1&a=b09mm393z7

58.  Gintan Camping Cutting Board with Collapsible Colander and Accessories

Multi-use gadgets make great gifts for RV owners, offering space-saving solutions for their on-the-go lifestyle. The 9-in-1 collapsible cutting board with accessories combines multiple kitchen tools into one compact package, making meal preparation in your RV a breeze.

With this handy gadget, you can save valuable storage space and enjoy the convenience of various kitchen essentials all in one.

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59.  Collapsible Mixing Bowls and Storage Containers

Collapsible food storage containers save space and serve multiple purposes, making them an excellent gift for those on the go. They’re perfect for keeping RV kitchens organized and versatile for all sorts of storage needs.

Home Decor

Decor items can add a personal touch to an RV, making it feel like a true home on wheels. Consider gifting decorative cushions, wall art, or cozy throw blankets that align with their taste and style.

These thoughtful additions not only enhance the aesthetics of their RV but also create a warm and inviting atmosphere for their journeys.

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60.  Flameless Candles

Flameless candles are a perfect “house” warming gift for RV owners, as they create a cozy and romantic ambiance without the worry of an open flame. Their soft, flickering light can set the mood for a relaxing evening inside the RV, making it feel like a home away from home. 

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61.  Decorative Throw Pillows

Decorative throw pillows with a camping theme are a cute gift for RV owners.  By adding a touch of comfort and style, an RV will feel like home.

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62.  Cozy Throws and Blankets

Cozy throws make wonderful housewarming gifts for RV owners because they bring warmth and comfort to the compact living spaces of their new home on wheels. These versatile blankets provide a sense of coziness during chilly nights and also add a personal touch to their RV decor.

Camping Clothing

Camping clothing makes for thoughtful gifts for RV owners, as it ensures they stay comfortable and prepared for various weather conditions during their adventures.

Consider gifting them moisture-wicking, layerable garments that can adapt to changing climates, such as lightweight, breathable jackets or quick-drying pants. These practical clothing items help RVers pack efficiently and stay cozy while exploring the great outdoors. 

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63.  Rain Gear

Waterproof rain gear is a thoughtful gift that keeps outdoor enthusiasts dry and comfortable in unpredictable weather. It ensures that adventures can go on, rain or shine, whether it’s changing tires in a downpour or breaking camp in wet conditions.

With the gift of waterproof raingear, you’re giving the gift of worry-free exploration, allowing them to embrace nature without the fear of getting drenched, even during those less-than-ideal moments on the road.

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64.  Merino Wool Socks

Merino wool socks make excellent gifts for RV owners because they provide unmatched comfort and versatility. These socks regulate temperature, wick moisture, and resist odors, keeping feet cozy and fresh whether it’s a long drive or a hike at a scenic stop, making them a practical and appreciated addition to any traveller’s wardrobe.

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65.  Hats

Hiking hats are fantastic gifts for outdoor enthusiasts as they offer sun protection, keeping the face and neck shielded during long hikes. Their breathable design ensures comfort even on hot days, making them a valuable accessory for any adventure seeker.

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66.  Base Layer Thermal Underwear

Thermal underwear or base layers are fantastic gifts because they keep you warm and comfortable in chilly weather, making outdoor adventures more pleasing. They’re lightweight and easy to pack, so they won’t take up much space in an RV.

Conclusion: Gifts for RV Owners

As full-time traveling RVers, we understand the importance of well-thought-out gifts for RV owners. These practical and space-saving items are more than just presents; they enhance the RV lifestyle. When buying gifts for RVers, consider items that are sturdy, packable, and easy to store for travel, all while offering multi-purpose functionality.

So, whether you’re looking for a gift to enhance outdoor adventures or improve indoor living, these products, designed with the needs of RVers in mind, make excellent gifts for RV owners, turning their travels into even more memorable and enjoyable experiences.

Happy Gifting!

The Stromads

Maureen Wright and Robb Strobridge

The stromads, maureen wright and robb strobridge.

Entrepreneurs, Wanderlusters, Constant travelers, and Full-time RV Nomads since 2016.  We are fueled by life, love, and the pursuit of all things good.  Thanks for joining our journey and we hope to see you down the road!

2023 Las Vegas Itinerary 5 Days? No Problem! Start Here!

2023 Las Vegas Itinerary 5 Days? No Problem! Start Here!

2023 Las Vegas Itinerary 5 Days? No Problem! Start Here!

Thestromads. Com contains affiliate links and is a member of the amazon services llc associates program. If you click and use these links we may receive compensation at no extra cost to you!

Las Vegas Itinerary 5 Days? No problem! We’ve got you covered!

Planning a trip to Las Vegas might seem like navigating a maze of glitzy lights and endless choices, especially if you’re a first-time visitor. That’s where having a well-crafted 5-day Las Vegas itinerary can truly be your saving grace. 

With our seasoned expertise as Las Vegas veteran visitors for over 20 years, we understand both the excitement and the potential overwhelm that comes with exploring this vibrant city. Fear not, fellow traveler, for we’ve got your back.  

Let us guide you through a meticulously designed itinerary that ensures you experience the best of Las Vegas without missing a beat. From iconic attractions to hidden gems, together we’ll uncover the city’s treasures and make your 5-day Vegas itinerary an unforgettable adventure. 

Let’s Go!


Explore Vegas like a pro! Find top hotels, thrilling tours, unforgettable experiences, and convenient rental cars for an epic trip. Let’s make your visit extraordinary!

Click To Explore Each Option!

Experiences and Tours
Car Rentals

Las Vegas Itinerary 5 Days

Las vegas vacation ahead.

While planning your Las Vegas 5-Day Itinerary, it’s important to remember that the initial excitement can lead to overexertion, especially on the first and second days.

It is tempting to embrace all the city has to offer, but pacing yourself is crucial to fully enjoy your entire trip.

Drawing from our experiences of exploring Las Vegas year after year since the late 90’s, we are here to make sure that you strike the right balance between indulgence and relaxation.

Let’s craft an itinerary that allows you to make the most of your time without wearing yourself out, so you can treasure each moment of your Las Vegas adventure.


Las Vegas Itinerary 5 Days: Condensed

Elvis at las vegas sign.

Because there is so much information in this article, we want to give you a condensed 5-day Las Vegas Itinerary before we go into detail. We’ve also prepared a downloadable PDF so that it is easy to follow, print, or use digitally.

This 5-day Las Vegas Itinerary is jam-packed and you might find the schedule demanding. In designing the itinerary, we tried to keep the best points of interest close to each other so to save you time and money on transportation.

Feel free to switch the days or experiences around as needed.

Day #1

Hop On/Hop Off Bus
Fabulous Las Vegas Sign
Mob Museum
Downtown Las Vegas Arts District

Dinner and a Show
Show and Dinner


The Hop On/ Hop Off bus has convenient boarding locations for ticket holders on the Strip, Fremont Street, and Downtown.

Save time by pre-booking your ticket and avoid long lines at the ticket booth.

 Click for Pricing and Availability:

Hop On/ Hop Off Bus

 Mob Museum

Day #2

Seven Magic Mountains
Hoover Dam

Fremont Street Experience
Happy Hour and Dinner
Container Park
Atomic Liquors


Experience the 7 Magic Mountains and Hoover Dam small group tour with a dash of expertise and lots of comfort.

Your guide will take you through the highlights while you sit back and enjoy the ride.

Click for pricing and availability:

7 Magic Mountains and Hoover Dam Tour

Day #3

Explore Las Vegas Blvd The Strip
Lunch at Eataly-Park MGM
Luxury & Designer Boutiques
Happy Hour Hidden Speakeasy
Bellagio Fountains
The Linq Promenade- High Roller
Paris-Eiffel Tower

Las Vegas Helicopter Tour
The Neon Museum Evening Tour


Experience the Neon Sign Bone Yard come to life after dark.  This tour sells out quickly, so don’t miss your chance.

Click for pricing and availability:

Helicopter Tour and Neon Museum

 Day #4

Option #1:  Full Day Tour Grand Canyon National Park
Option #2:  Full Day Tour Bryce Canyon and Zion National Parks
Option #3:  Half-day Tour Emerald Caves Kayak Tour
Option #4:  Pool Party-Day Club
Option #5:  Night Clubs


Leave the driving to the professionals.  See the sights, skip the lines, and arrive in style.  These are a few of the highest-rated tours for exploring the daylife and the nightlife.

Click NOW for Pricing and Availability:

Grand Canyon National Park

Bryce Canyon and Zion National Park

Kayak Emerald Caves

Las Vegas Pools and Day Clubs

Las Vegas Nightlife

Day #5

Area 15 Entertainment Complex

Celebration Fancy Dinner

Day #6

Time to go!

Travel Safe and Adventure Often!

Las Vegas Itinerary 5 Days:  Detailed

Paris hotel las vegas.

Las Vegas Itinerary Day #1:  Daytime


Big Bus Hop On/Off

The best way to see and get an overview of the city is the Big Bus Hop On/Off.  

The sightseeing Loop takes about 2 ½ hours to complete.  The tour will take you through the Downtown Arts District, Wedding Chapel Row, Fremont Street, and of course the world-famous Las Vegas Strip.  

The bus has multiple stops along the route, allowing you a convenient boarding point close to your hotel both on the Strip and Downtown.

Since our itinerary includes Fremont Street and The Las Vegas Strip, it is not necessary to hop off at these locations, until later.


Stop #1: 

The Welcome to Las Vegas Sign: 1 hour

Welcome to las vegas sign

Once onboard, we suggest you stay on the bus until you reach the iconic Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas sign. Since the sign is not within reasonable walking distance, the Hop On/Off is a good alternative to a pricey Uber ride.

Scammer Alert!!!:  There will be “nice” people around the sign offering to take your picture.  They will expect a “tip” of at least $5 and sometimes more.  Take your selfie stick or ask someone in line behind you.  Remember to offer your service back to them.  

Once you’ve taken all of your pictures, board the bus and continue your tour.  


Stop #2: 

Mob Museum:  2 hours

We suggest staying on the bus until either the Mob Museum Stop or ReBar in The Arts District.  

The Mob Museum is one of the most fascinating tours in Las Vegas. Explore the lives and legends of notable characters like Al Capone, Bugsy Siegel, John Gotti, and more.

At the end of the tour, visit the Underground Speakeasy.  Try the “Bathtub Fizz” or a “Bees Knees”.  And remember to ask a guide for the password!


Stop #3: 

ReBar in The Downtown Arts District: 2 Hours

Greetings from las vegas wall mural.

By now, you are probably hungry and The Downtown Arts District is a perfect place for a quiet lunch. With vintage shops, wall murals, restaurants, and breweries, you can easily spend a few hours exploring Downtown Las Vegas Arts District.

📍 Casa Don Juan
📍 Esther’s Kitchen
📍 Good Pie

When you are ready, board the bus back toward your hotel near the Strip or Fremont Street drop-off points.   

This is a good time to rest and freshen up before you head out for the night.  


 Las Vegas Itinerary Day #1:  Evening


Nighttime view of the las vegas strip

Dinner and a Show or A Show and Dinner

Catch an early dinner and a late show, or an early show and a late dinner. The choice is yours. Las Vegas is the entertainment capital of the world. From concerts to sports teams, it is all here!

These are our suggestions:

Caesars Palace Hotel & Casino
Bacchanal Buffet
Stanton Social Prime
Gordon Ramsey Pub & Grill

David Copperfield
MGM Grand Hotel & Casino

Mad Apple by Cirque du Soleil
New York New York Hotel & Casino
Nine Fine Irishmen

Cosmopolitan Hotel & Casino
Beauty and Essex


Las Vegas Itinerary Day 2:  Daytime


Collage 7 magic mountains hoover dam.

Visit 7 Magic Mountains and Hoover Dam (5 hours)

7 Magic Mountains is a highly popular art installation on the outskirts of town. The colorful boulders stacked 30 feet high, make for some amazing photos. Although you don’t need a lot of time here, it is definitely worth seeing.

The Hoover Dam is a must-see when visiting Las Vegas. Just 45 minutes from the city, stands the massive structure. Visitors can walk across the dam, explore the visitor center, or take a tour down deep inside the power plant.


Las Vegas Itinerary Day #2:  Evening

Party at the Fremont Street Experience

Fremont street experience is a las vegas party!

The party on Fremont Street is like no other. From live concerts, DJs, and street performers, the action never stops. Every night from 6 pm-2 am, the overhead canopy lights up in a magical display of music and imagery.

Although there is little outdoor seating on Fremont Street, there are a few good spots for people-watching and relaxing with a cocktail.

For people watching:
Whisker Licker Up
Four Queens outdoor patio

For dining:
$$$$ Oscars at the Plaza Hotel: Beef, booze, and broads, a Las Vegas icon.
$$ Whiskey Licker Up BBQ, burgers, and pub food.
$$ Evel Pie: We love the pizza and Evel Knievel memorabilia on the walls. It’s a total dive, but fun.

For cocktails:
Oscars for Happy Hour
Sand Dollar Lounge Live music 7 nights a week
Downtown Cocktail
Hogs and Heifers (cash only-prepare to be insulted by bikini-clad bartenders)
The Laundry Room (a speakeasy and you must have reservations)


Shark Tank at Golden Nugget

Stop into the Shark Tank pool at the Golden Nugget. You can see them circling, and if you time your visit right, you can even slide through the tank into the pool.


Slotzilla Zipline and Zoom Line

Slotzilla zipline on fremont street.

Want to fly 114 feet high above the party? Check out Slotzilla. This Zoomline experience is heart-pounding. As you fly above the crowd, the music plays and lightshow above will transport you to a whole different dimension.

Container Park

Container park art installation fire breathing praying mantis.


Container Park is located on the far end of Fremont Street, just a few blocks past the pedestrian-only outdoor and event space.   Upon arrival, you will be greeted by an enormous fire-breathing praying mantis.

Inside Downtown Container Park there are shops, restaurants, and several cocktail bars. Throughout the week, there is often live music or events. The entire facility is made from repurposed sea containers. It is a work of art and imagination.

Oak and Ivy is our favorite stop in Container Park.


Atomic Liquors & Bar

The last stop is Atomic Liquors, a Las Vegas tradition. As the oldest free-standing bar in Las Vegas, Atomic Liquors has been serving libations since 1952. Back in the day, the upper echelon would attend “rooftop parties” and watch the bombs detonate in the desert.

Not much has changed in the decor, and the floor is still sticky. However, the food is good as well as the drinks.

It is worth a stop!

Las Vegas Itinerary Day #3:  Daytime

The Fabulous Las Vegas Strip

Las vegas spelled in huge letters

Your Las Vegas adventure continues here! Excitement fills the air as you step onto the dazzling Las Vegas Strip. Your heart will race with the thrill of what’s to come. It’s like entering a world of endless fun and bright lights, and you’re ready to dive right in.

If you are like us, you are ready to get your Vegas day started early.  This will be a busy day as you explore the Fabulous Las Vegas Strip!

Sightseers like us don’t want to miss being part of the action.  We want to see everything!  Implementing a methodical approach to exploring the Strip is important.  This itinerary will help you stay organized and keep you from running in circles.

The Strip continually evolves throughout the day. It is lively and a fun place to people-watch. Unless you have reservations or show tickets, today is a leisurely day to stroll along and through the beautifully decorated casino lobbies.

There are some notable sights along the way we will point out to you. The Strip is over 4 miles long and nearly impossible to cover in one day, much less an afternoon without a plan. So, go at your own pace.

Remember, Las Vegas is a 24-hour town, so there is no need to rush your morning.  There is a lot to see and do, so don’t be worried if you miss something.  We’ve left some open time on Day #4 and #5 for you to revisit those places of interest.


Las Vegas Blvd is over 4 miles long and although not impossible to walk, it might not be recommended.

Parking is expensive, at rates of $20+ per day at each casino/hotel. That means every time you move your car, you will pay this rate. The Wynn and Treasure Island still offer complimentary parking, but other than that parking is at a premium. There is no side street parking anywhere near the Strip.

For around $8, you can purchase a 24-hour transit pass and ride the Deuce bus to explore the Strip as well as Fremont Street. The buses run every 15 minutes making your ride hassle-free.

While you may not want to see the inside of every casino, we have outlined the “show stoppers”. The casinos are grouped in proximity to each other and have the most impressive architecture and allure.

Dress comfortably during the day. Las Vegas is a tourist town and the hospitality industry appreciates you. So unless you have an aversion to sneakers, it is okay to wear them.

Wynn Hotel and Casino

Beautifully decorated bar parasol wynn casino.

The Wynn is sophisticated and elegant. Walk through the botanical gardens and breathe in the beauty.

If you are hungry The Wynn has wonderful dining options such as:

📍 Wynn Buffet Brunch
📍 Terrace Point Cafe’
📍 Bar Parasol: Quiet and intimate, perfect for an early afternoon Bloody Mary or mimosa.

Things to do:
📍Lake of Dreams: Free Show: Every evening after dark, comes alive with a vivid imagery show.


The Venetian and Palazzo Casinos

Gondola ride on the canals of the venetian hotel.

Spend some time exploring Venice, Italy (Las Vegas style). As you wander through St. Marks Square, you can find plenty of shops, cafes, and gorgeous works of art.

Things to do:
📍Gondola ride through the canals
📍Madam Tussauds Wax Museum
📍LOVE art installation
📍Indoor Rock Climbing
📍Minus 5᷾°Experience

Get on the Duece and ride all the way down to Mandalay Bay

Mandalay Bay

Mandalay Bay is a luxurious hotel in the center of the action during events at Raider’s Allegiant Stadium

Things to do:

📍Fan District:  If you are in town for a Raiders home game, this is the place to be. Eat, drink, and celebrate before or after the game.

📍1923 Prohibition Bar:  Go behind the bookcase and be transported in time to the prohibition era.  This is a great place to relax with a craft cocktail.

📍Shark Reef Aquarium
As you walk through the aquarium you will feel as though you are part of this fascinating underworld. The colorful fish delight all who enter their world. But look out! Sharks overhead, and to the side. You never know where they are lurking.

Luxor & Excalibur

If you are interested in a few great Instagramable pictures, take the FREE tram from Mandalay Bay to Luxor and Excalibur Casinos next door. There isn’t much to see inside either hotel, but the giant Pyramid and Sphinx make fantastic photo ops.

New York New York

New york new york las vegas casino skyline.

Exit the tram at the end and walk over to New York New York. The Statue of Liberty and The Brooklyn Bridge are popular photo spots along Las Vegas Boulevard. If roller coasters are your thing, then this is the best time for you to ride The Big Apple Coaster.

The Brooklyn Bridge is a fun place to listen to music on weekends. Other than that, I wouldn’t spend too much time here.

Things to do:

📍The Big Apple Coaster

Park MGM

16 foot dancing lady art installation park mgm.

Now would be a good time to take a rest, and maybe have a cocktail. You are in the Center of the Strip and have a lot of options.

Lunch suggestions:

📍  Eataly $: Every time I walk through Eataly, my mouth waters. The open-air Italian food court has everything from gelato to carbonara. There are plenty of tables or counter seating available. Take some time to relax while people watching.

📍  Primrose  $$: Park MGM: They have me at “Rose’ All Day”. Plus it is hard to resist deep-dish pancakes and eggs benedict. Primrose is a great restaurant to relax and be served.


Aria is a beautiful casino. A quick walkthrough is all you need if you desire. The restaurant and lounges are fantastic.

The Shops at Crystals

Step into the world of luxury at The Shops at Crystals, a haven of high-end fashion where you can find designer treasures from the likes of Balenciaga, Tiffany & Co, and Tom Ford. It’s a paradise for those who appreciate the finer things, offering a chance to explore and indulge in exquisite creations.

Whether you’re a fashionista or just looking to treat yourself, this upscale haven promises a shopping experience like no other.

Cosmopolitan Hotel & Casino

Largest chandelier in the world.

The Cosmopolitan is our favorite hotel in Las Vegas. Combining an eclectic vibe with swanky decor, The Cosmopolitan has a host of hidden restaurants and bars, not to mention the World’s Largest Chandelier.

Enjoy a fabulous Las Vegas sunset at the Boulevard Pool in the summer or s’mores and ice skating in the winter. Slip into one of the secret speakeasies like Ghost Donkey or the Ski Lodge. Or, simply photograph the quirky art installations throughout the hotel.



Speakeasies are small cocktail rooms or secret parlors most of the time hidden in plain sight. Sometimes there is only a clue on the entrance door.  The Cosmopolitan is creative in disguising its hidden gems.  From a working barber shop to a high-end pawn shop, you never know what’s behind the wall until you ask.These are three of our favorites:📍Ghost Donkey: Shhh- it’s located behind the green exit door, near Hattie B’s Nashville Chicken.  There is a white donkey decal on the door.  Just come on in!📍Ski Lodge:  Shhh-it’s located across from the Wicked Spoon Buffet.  Look for the door with a ski lift chair, or ask the hostess at Superfrico.  There is always something weird in here.📍Secret Pizza: Shhh- it’s located on Level 3 between Blue Ribbon and Jaleo.  Look for the hallway lined with record albums.  Seriously, the pizza is perfect!

Bellagio Hotel and Casino

Bellagio fountains 1


The Bellagio sits center stage on The Las Vegas Strip and for good reason.

The hotel is both elegant and enormous.  However, the most impressive event is out front in full view of all: The world-famous Bellagio Fountains.


Things to do:

📍The Bellagio Fountains:  Every 30 minutes the fountains erupt in a beautifully choreographed dance. This show is not to be missed. Reaching heights of 400 feet, the dancing fountains are unbelievably beautiful.

📍The Bellagio Conservatory:  Step inside the Bellagio and wander through the conservatory. The installations are colorful and carefully curated. Walking through the gardens is a special treat.

📍The World’s Largest Chocolate Fountain:  Need we say more?  Well, if that didn’t do it, how about the most unique display of macaroons?  Simply delicious!

Caesars Palace

Replica statue of david.

Caesars Palace is a Las Vegas icon. Outside, statues line the plaza. Inside, the magic comes alive.

📍David:  Find the 18-foot replica statue of Michelangelo’s David in all of his glory.  If you can’t get to Florence, there’s always Vegas Baby!

📍Atlantis Show:  Stick around for the free Water and Fire Show, on the hour.  In the Great Hall experience the battle between the elements.  With effects of sight and sound, prepare to be spellbound for a few minutes.

📍Vanderpump Cocktail Garden:  For those who are intrigued with pop culture, stop by the Vanderpump Cocktail Garden. It is a whole different world.

Linq Promenade

Pedestrian mall at linq promenade las vegas.

The Linq Promenade is a pedestrian-only mall and outdoor party. There are plenty of restaurants bars and shopping in this area. Although the promenade is not necessarily a must-see, The High Roller Ferris wheel located here is.

High Roller

The High Roller is the tallest Ferris wheel in the United States and ranks 2nd tallest in the world. Standing 550 feet, the view from the top is outstanding. With panoramic viewing from the comfortable passenger pods, the complete ride takes about 30 minutes.

By timing your trip right, you can catch the city’s magical transformation from day to night, framed by the brilliance of a Las Vegas sunset, right from this towering vantage point.

Paris Hotel and Casino

Eiffel tower las vegas.

End your day with a breathtaking view from the observation platform of the Eiffel Tower. From 46 stories high above the Strip, the views are outstanding, especially after nightfall.


 Dinner Suggestions

Being in the middle of the Strip, your dining options are many! Every celebrity chef has a restaurant and they are outstanding.  Reservations are recommended.

📍Bacchanal Buffet:  Caesars Palace: Hands down, the most epic buffet you can imagine.

📍Giada:  The Cromwell:  Italian comfort food with style and flair.

📍Mon Ami Gabi: Paris:   Wine and Dine outside on the outside patio.


For a relaxing dinner away from the crowds, we suggest the iconic Peppermill Restaurant and Fireside Lounge.

The food is amazing, priced right with great service and the parking is FREE. However, if you are not driving, consider taking an Uber or Lyft to the front door of the restaurant. Otherwise, it may be a block or 2 from where the Deuce makes its stop.

This Peppermill has been featured in movies and videos, making it a Las Vegas favorite.

Las Vegas Itinerary Day #3:  Evening


Night-time Helicopter Tour

From high above the center of the action, see Las Vegas from the sky.  Las Vegas is a colorful town and begs to be seen at night.  What better way than to see it by helicopter?

The Neon Museum

Tour the neon museum in your las vegas itinerary 5 days.

An evening tour of the Neon Museum is a special treat, many of the vintage signs are all lit up! Hearing tales of the bygone era allows a glimpse into what “Old Las Vegas” was like back in the day.

Otherwise known as the neon boneyard, this museum holds Las Vegas treasures like the Hard Rock Guitar, The Stardust, and the Ugly Duckling to name a few.

The Neon Museum is a must-see and do on your 5-day Las Vegas itinerary.

Unless you are driving, take an Uber or Lyft to the Neon Museum. We do not recommend trying to walk here, especially at night after you’ve been out all day..


Book a combination night-time helicopter tour and Neon Museum Tour.  Seeing Las Vegas from the sky is extraordinary!  Give yourself another on your bucket list adventures.

For availability and pricing:

Helicopter Tour and Neon Museum Tour package


Las Vegas Itinerary Day #4: All-Day


Day #4 is a day filled with options. Las Vegas has so many things to do, besides gamble, it is impossible to do everything on a 5-day Las Vegas itinerary. If you have followed along, though, you have made a pretty good dent in covering the city.

There are so many day trips from Vegas, that it is hard to list them all here. Day 4 is a good time to take advantage of the beautiful National Parks or party like a rockstar!

Collage of natural landscapes mountains, emerald green cave kayak and hoodoos.


Option #1: Full-day Tour: Grand Canyon National Park

The Grand Canyon is a few hours away and definitely worth the trip, especially if this is your only opportunity. If you only have one day to visit, then we suggest a bus trip or helicopter flight to the Grand Canyon.

Option #2:Full-Day Tour:

Bryce Canyon & Zion National Parks

Just a few hours north of Las Vegas are two of America’s most beautiful National Parks, Bryce Canyon and Zion. Relax in comfort as the motorcoach takes you to these extraordinary parks. Enjoy the views and many scenic overlooks throughout the parks.

Option #3:  Half-day Tour: Emerald Cove Kayak Tour

For those who are looking to connect with nature, a kayak tour might be your best option. You can relax in the morning, then take an early afternoon tour. Sunshine, beautiful scenery, and pristine water are the perfect amenities for an afternoon in this desert oasis.

Option #4: Party Like a Rock Star


Add a pool party or nightclub to your las vegas itinerary 5 days.

Pool Party-Day Clubs

Day clubs and pool parties are all the rage in Las Vegas. In true Las Vegas style, the parties are off the hook with tons of people. Grab your bikini, book a cabana or daybed, and dance the day away.



This is your night to fancy yourself up and hit a nightclub. Dance the night away in any of the Las Vegas hotspots. Immerse yourself in the music and light shows. Order bottle service and enjoy the party.

There is nothing quite like a Las Vegas nightclub. If this is your scene and bucket list adventure, don’t miss your night. Call to get on the guest list now!




Leave the driving to the professionals.  See the sights, skip the lines, and arrive in style.  These are a few of the highest-rated tours for exploring the daylife and the nightlife.

Click NOW for Pricing and Availability:

Grand Canyon National Park

Bryce Canyon and Zion National Park

Kayak Emerald Caves

Las Vegas Pools and Day Clubs

Las Vegas Nightlife

Las Vegas Itinerary Day #5: Daytime

Take some time today to rest and recover. Stay in bed for a few extra hours, order room service or book a rejuvenating spa treatment.

When you’re ready, head out to the Strip for shopping and last-minute souvenirs. This is a good time to check out the last few sights you may have missed.

Area 15

Post apocalyptic sign of welcome to las vegas

Area 15 is one of the newest hotspots in Las Vegas.  This HUGE entertainment complex combines art installations, eateries, and the most imaginative, immersive experiences.

Tour the Lost Distillery, shop in the super weird Omega Mart and experience the extraordinary at Illuminarium.

Las Vegas Itinerary Day #5:  Nighttime


Four glasses of wine.


Let your last night in Vegas be a celebration. You have uncovered more of this fascinating city than most because you followed along in this 5-Day Las Vegas Itinerary.

Tonight should be a special time to laugh and share your best Las Vegas moments. When we travel to Las Vegas with friends, we always set aside the last night for this occasion.



These are our suggestions for dinner:

📍Mayfair Supper Club
Prepare for an evening of entertainment and dinner beyond the ordinary. This is Las Vegas Baby! With the Bellagio Fountains as the backdrop, the entertainers will keep you dazzled while you enjoy a feast prepared for royalty.

This is more than dinner and a show, The Mayfair Supper Club is an experience.

📍Top of the World
For an over-the-top dining experience, The Top of The World is waiting. Enjoy a fabulous dinner with a view at 106 stories above the Las Vegas Strip at The Stratosphere. The panoramic views are outstanding as the restaurant revolves 360 degrees giving you Las Vegas in every direction.

📍Golden Steer
The Golden Steer is a Las Vegas icon. The ambiance makes us feel like we have stepped back in time and the Rat Pack might walk through the door. For over 50 years, The Golden Steer has been serving steaks, chops, and seafood.

Don’t be turned off by the outside appearance as it is located in a strip mall. The friendly staff and white linen tablecloths add to your dining experience. However, the food is the main event.

Before dinner, we enjoy having cocktails at another Las Vegas icon, The Mint right next door. Maybe you will too!

Las Vegas Itinerary Day #6 Bonus Day

Man entering an elevator with luggage.

Time to pack up and head for the airport! Remember to arrive 2 hours before departure if flying domestically. Sometimes, Harry Reid Airport can be a nightmare.

Remember to check all of the drawers, electric outlets, and behind the doors for anything you may have forgotten.


When is the Best Time to Visit Las Vegas?

The best time to visit Las Vegas is when you have the time and the money. Gone are the days of the $1.99 buffets and $2 cab rides. Everything costs money in Las Vegas.

Fall brings more comfortable temperatures, as well as the Raiders football and Golden Knights hockey games. Traffic can be horrendous.

Winter is chilly but dry. The few weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas are less busy, except of course during rodeo week.  The Holiday decorations are over the top, and definitely worth seeing.  

Spring can be windy, but the temperatures are moderate. March seems to be one of the busiest months for Las Vegas tourism.

Summer is HOT. In fact, it is incredibly HOT, often reaching triple digits before 8am.

Best Places to Stay in Las Vegas?

City center las vegas.

With a vast selection of rooms in Las Vegas, the initial question arises: where to begin? The answer is clear – rely on advice from trusted sources like us.

From ultra-luxury to budget-friendly, you can find what you want.


 Best Places to Stay in Las Vegas: On The Strip

For newcomers and those who want to be in the center of the action, a casino hotel on the Strip will give you a full Las Vegas experience.

Keep in mind these sprawling hotels require significant walking, from check-in to your room. It is worth noting that the Strip can be on the pricier side.

📍MGM Park


Best Places to Stay in Las Vegas: Fremont Street

Opting for downtown Fremont might feel like a distinct departure from the Strip’s hustle and bustle.

If you’re a fan of serene mornings and lively nights, Fremont Street might be your ideal pick. Hotels here are more intimate and modest compared to their flashier counterparts on The Strip.



How To Get Around Las Vegas

Girls in a limousine.

Rental Car:
Renting a car in Las Vegas is super simple, with handy spots at Harry Reid Airport and lots of hotels. You’ve got options, from fancy sedans to rugged SUVs, and if you’re up for a special treat, you can go all out and drive something exotic like a Rolls Royce or a Lamborghini.

Ride Share:
Using ride share transportation such as Lyft and Uber can be a convenient, safe way to navigate the city. From the app, order your car and your driver shows up at the designated meeting place. Fares are determined at booking, so you don’t have to worry about inflated fees.

Elite Car Service:
Of course, there are always elite car service companies such as Limos.com and Blacklane. Order a stretch limousine and cruise the Strip in style!

Taxi service is still a thing in Las Vegas. Most hotels have a convenient taxi stand with cabbies lined up to take you to your next location.

The Monorail
The Las Vegas Monorail is a fun way to explore the Strip. The route stretches from MGM Grand all the way to Las Vegas Sahara, with plenty of stops in between.

The Duece
Riding the Duece is both convenient and cost-effective. The double-decker city bus transports passengers from points on Las Vegas Blvd, to Downtown Las Vegas and Fremont Street.


5-Day Las Vegas Itinerary Conclusion

Las vegas showgirls art installation.

For some, Las Vegas is a once-in-a-lifetime trip and destination “bucket list” adventure. For others like us, the first trip to Las Vegas will ignite a deep love affair causing us to visit as often as possible.

On a final note, stay hydrated. Drink plenty of water, especially if you are drinking alcohol. It is too easy to become dehydrated in the desert.

We put together this video on surviving Las Vegas, we hope it helps.

Travel Safe and Adventure Often! Viva Las Vegas!!!


Maureen Wright and Robb Strobridge

The Stromads

Maureen wright & robb strobridge,  the stromads.


Entrepreneurs, Wanderlusters, Constant travelers, and Full-time RV Nomads since 2016.  We are fueled by life, love, and the pursuit of all things good.  Thanks for joining our journey and we hope to see you down the road!

What Stores Allow Overnight Parking 2023

What Stores Allow Overnight Parking 2023

 What Stores Allow Overnight Parking 2023?

Thestromads. Com contains affiliate links and is a member of the amazon services llc associates program. If you click and use these links we may receive compensation at no extra cost to you!

Sometimes travel days are long and you need to pull in somewhere for the night.  Rather than finding a campground with amenities or a hotel you just want something convenient on your route.  At this point, you are wondering what stores allow overnight parking.

Over the years, as full-time RVers, we have spent many nights in stores that allow overnight parking.

This article will share what stores allow overnight parking, how to find them, and guidelines for parking overnight. We are going to concentrate on free overnight parking and also offer some alternative places to park overnight.


Stores That Allow Overnight Parking



So, if you are like most people, especially in the RV community, Walmart comes to mind first when you are talking about free overnight parking. For easy overnight parking, Walmart is our first choice.

We have found Walmart to be easily accessible with large parking lots, conveniently located, safe, and hospitable. When reading reviews you will find not everyone agrees with this.

Some of our friends even find Walmart scary.

If you don’t feel comfortable with the parking area by all means find a different place with free overnight parking.

Keep in mind Walmart is not a campground. You are there for just a few hours to rest and rejuvenate. The vehicle activity may make the parking lot noisy as trucks make deliveries, employees do their night work and customers shop.

Some Walmart’s feel like an RV parking lot because many find the stores a safe place to park overnight.  Sleeping in a Walmart parking lot may take some getting used to but for us, it is a welcome location to get a good night’s sleep and stock up on groceries and RV supplies.

One of our best Walmart stays ever was in Port Angeles, WA near Olympia National Park. The lot was level and not crowded, actually, it was very secluded from general parking.

The bonus was the amazing view of Hurricane Ridge. With permission from management, we stayed 2 nights and explored the National Park and surrounding area.

Video: Can You Sleep in a Walmart Parking Lot?


Cracker Barrel

Overnight parking at Cracker Barrel restaurants is another very popular option for free overnight parking. With over 630 locations the “Cracker” can make a great place for an overnighter.

Convenient locations, designated truck and RV parking, not to mention great food, can all make for a great stay.

When considering Cracker Barrel overnight parking keep in mind they don’t have a lot of large parking spots and the spots tend to fill up early. If you are like us with a “Big Rig” Cracker Barrel is not always an option.


Cabelas and Bass Pro Shops

Cabelas overnight parking was once one of the top places for free RV overnight parking since many of the stores featured RV dump stations.

Since merging with Bass Pro Shops most of the dump stations have closed but with permission, you can still park overnight at many locations.

Large well-lit lots and endless shopping opportunities make this a good choice.


Home Depot, Lowe’s, and Menards

Home improvement store parking lots are prime candidates for stores that allow RV overnight parking. These retailers have large easily accessible lots that are rarely overtaken by RVers.

As with any place you want to park or sleep overnight it is imperative you check with the local management. Give them a call or walk in and you may have a great place for the night.


Anytime Fitness, Planet Fitness, and Gyms

 Anytime fitness store and parking lot

Gyms may not be your first thought for free overnight parking but for many who park overnight in a car, van, or small RV fitness centers can be just perfect.

With extended hours in many locations, this can be a safe place to park overnight. Also, a national membership provides a place to not only have a great workout, but you can also use the restroom and shower facilities.


Costco and Sam’s Club

Many of us have a wholesale club membership to save money on frequently used groceries and RV supplies. We also like the discounted fuel and cheap eats in the snack bars. If it’s time to stock up while on the road keep the clubs in mind as the lots are large with easy access.


Pilot/Flying J, T/A Travel Centers, Loves Truck Stops


Truck stop travel center parking lot

Truck stops are definitely stores that allow overnight parking.

Many drivers and RVers find them to be a preferred location for several reasons.

They are easy to access, very public, and have a lot of people. Not only are they convenient to fuel, but you can also eat, shower, do laundry, dump and fill tanks, get propane, air up tires, and sleep overnight for free.

What more could you ask for? Quiet maybe. Busy truck stops tend to be noisy, with the truck’s auxiliary power units and reefer trailer units running constantly. When pulling a toad, you may not be able to back into a spot, making parking more difficult.

Love’s truck stops are notable in that some have dedicated RV Lanes and now they are also adding RV spots with hookups for an additional nightly fee.

STRO Tip: TSD Fuel Savings Program Do you like saving money on fuel? If you travel in a diesel vehicle that can fuel in the truck lanes be sure to use the Open Roads Discount Fuel program for savings from $.30 to $1.30 per gallon. The card is free to sign up for and your fee is a percentage of your savings.  We have been a member for 3 years and saved thousands of dollars with this program. When you sign up please use referral code RVRS1124.


Open Roads

TSD Fuel Savings Program


Tsd fuel cards savings graphic

Camping World and RV Dealerships

You would think that large RV dealers and retailers would welcome and allow overnight RV parking.  Some do. 

Camping World used to be very open and easy for overnight parking but since they have expanded into RV sales their RV parking lots are now filled with For Sale units. 

It doesn’t hurt to make a call to a Camping World that is on your route or any other large RV dealership.  The retailer we purchased from has several locations throughout the country and we have been able to stop in for a free stay as we passed by.

Publix, HEB, Whole Foods and Sprouts Grocery Stores

Rv parked ovrenight in heb store parking lot

If you are in a pinch for overnight free parking consider calling one of the large grocery stores in your area and asking if you can park for the night.  Many of these stores have large lots that can be accommodating and safe places to park.

Other Places That May Allow

Free Overnight Parking

Maybe you are looking for some additional alternatives other than stores that allow free overnight parking.  Consider these places. 

Rest Areas

Many travelers consider rest areas on the side of the interstates or highways to be a great and safe place to sleep overnight and many times they are.  We have used them often.  Also, we have found in some states overnight parking is not permitted in rest areas.  So be sure and do your research. 

Please remember a rest area is just that, a place to stop temporarily to relax and take a break from the road.  They are not campgrounds, this is not the place to set up and roll out all the slides. 

Accidents sometimes happen.  Parking spaces are tight, and sometimes a weary traveler will fail to “make the swing”.  Just a few inches can make all the difference. 

Horse being walked in roadside rest area 

Some states are very friendly rest stops for RVers with dump stations and sites with hookups for a fee.  Most have picnic areas or walking paths as well as pet exercise areas.  Traveling through the West,  you will even find rest areas for traveling equestrians with corrals for the horses at night.

Sometimes safety is a concern in rest areas.  Please be aware at all times.  We have some dear friends who have been robbed during the day in rest areas.

Malls and Outlet Centers

Although they have huge parking lots, not all malls and outlet centers allow overnight parking.  Be sure to check with management or security.

Some do not even allow RVs to be in the general parking.  They will escort you to a designated area.  Ask us how we know.


Rv parked casino parking lot

Casinos are one of our favorite places for overnight free parking.  Be sure to check in with security and ask exactly where they want you to park and you are good to go.

Large parking lots and open areas make for a pleasant stay.  Most also have roving security patrols.  Many casinos also have paid full hookup spots with very reasonable rates.

Casino parking is great for us because they are big rig friendly.  With a choice of onsite restaurants and bars, we can skip cooking for the night and who knows we may win a buck or two!


As we traveled with our business, we found many state and local fairgrounds have full hookup sites that are only used during the fair.  You can check and some will allow you to boondock in the parking lot for free or for a small fee you can reserve a full hookup site.

Some of the fairgrounds are in amazing areas and have spectacular views like the Verde Valley Fairgrounds in Cottonwood, Arizona.

City and County Parks

There are a lot of small parks throughout the country that allow overnight parking for free and sometimes camping for multiple days.  When you discover one of these hidden gems it surely makes you thankful.  Be sure to check out our resources below to help you find these great spots.


Rv on free beachfront camping

Imagine that!  There are beaches that allow RV overnight parking and some are free.  Just so you know we aren’t pulling your leg check out Magnolia Beach, Texas and this isn’t the only one.


Some RVers exclusively use churches for their overnight parking.  We have been fortunate enough to leave our rig in a church parking lot for a couple days but we haven’t overnighted yet.  It’s on our list.  Be sure to let us know what churches you have used for overnight RV parking.

Street Parking

We have a big rig so this is not something we consider often.  However, we have seen a lot of rigs parked on the street in various areas for way more than an overnight stay.  

This is a judgment call you have to make and research to see whether the risk is worth it for you.

It has not been for us but depending on your rig size and level of comfortability it may work for free parking overnight or nights.

Stealth Parking

What is stealth parking?  You might consider this as being under the radar and parking overnight somewhere without express permission.

This could be in a store parking lot, an empty lot, a scenic overlook, or a sidestreet.  For vanlife and smaller inconspicuous rigs this can definitely be an option.

We aren’t much for stealth camping as our rig is large and we never want to be involuntarily asked to leave.

BLM (Bureau of Land Management) and Public Lands

Rv at sunset in the desert

One of the most incredible parts of the United States is the opportunity to park overnight and many times multiple nights on our public lands.

Our country has some beautiful wide open spaces where you can feel free to spread out and enjoy yourself and the views.  You will find BLM more prevalent in the West.

Forest and Grasslands

National and state forest lands and grasslands have free overnight parking and camping which is also referred to as dispersed camping.

Why Stay Overnight in a Parking Lot?

Some people ask why would you stay overnight in a parking lot? 

The fact that it is free is one of the biggest reasons people look for stores that allow overnight parking. 

Ease and convenience is another major factor.  You pull off the road into the parking lot and it is time to relax. 

You don’t have to make a reservation, you can be flexible with your timing and you don’t have to stop and register and find your spot.  When it’s time to leave you just go. 

A safe place to park overnight is important for road travelers. 

Parking lot security guards, working security cameras as well as other RV travelers provide a sense of security making for a peaceful sleep. 

On the other hand many feel unnerved at the prospect of staying in a random parking lot with people moving around at all times of the night.

Tips and Etiquette for Overnight Parking

Parking lot etiquette graphic

Get Permission! 

Although this seems contrary to the popular belief of some long-time Rvers, overnight RV parking is a privilege and not a right. 

Due to abuse of the guidelines and etiquette we are seeing more government ordinances and corporate policies causing a drastic reduction in free overnight parking. 

Please make the call or walk in and talk to someone that has the authority to allow you to park overnight at their location. 

Bear in mind that it is not always the merchant or business that has this authority.  Government ordinances often prevent overnight parking even though it is private property. 

Sometimes a merchant who is leasing the property (no matter how big or well-known they are) also does not have control over the right to allow overnight parking in their lot.  This control remains with the property owner or developer. 

“It’s better to ask forgiveness than permission” is another prevailing thought in the community.  Really?  This is the real world.  Please show some respect for the merchant.  Just because someone else is doing it or you got away with it one night doesn’t make this a policy or the way to go. 

We were approached by a fellow RVer at a Walmart who was not going to “ask”.  She offered all the reasons and excuses why she should be able to stay the rest of the night if questioned. 

Is that really what you want? The dreaded and scary “knock” on the door wakes you out of deep sleep in the middle of the night.  Now you have to start giving reasons and excuses. 

Not us, if we can’t secure permission we don’t stay. 

Another aspect of this is unhooking your rig.  If you are going to unhook and leave part of your rig in the lot please ask someone if that is okay so they know it isn’t abandoned and needs to be towed.

Video: No Overnight Parking at Walmart!  Is this RV Myth true or false?

Pay Attention to Where and How You Park 

When you are getting permission ask if there is a preferred location in the lot where you should park.  Most of the time it is away from the entrance. 

When you do park, think about yourself, people driving through the parking lot, and other overnight parkers that may be coming in after you.

Conserve your space.

Don’t use more spots than you need and don’t park on the center of the aisle taking up two sets of parking spaces.

Consider the way other rigs may need to park and be respectful of that. 

We encountered a truck camper who backed in a spot where he fit.  He probably thought that was respectful since he only took up one spot. 

However, the spot he took was in the middle of a row rather than staying to one side or the other.  This prevented anyone else with a larger rig from being able to park. 

Use your Slides with Respect 

Popular opinion again says that you cannot deploy your slides in a parking lot.  We disagree with this.  If possible we will try to position the rig against or near a curb and just put out our curbside slides.

Other times if we are in the middle of the lot we will park parallel and offset to the side of the parking space and again just deploy one side of our slides.  No one else can use that space anyway.  If your slides make you wider than the space I can see that being an issue. 

Use care when dropping your jacks or levelers. 

Improper deployment can cause damage to the surface.  Make sure you have jack pads, snap pads or something to protect the surface you are leveling on.  It  may take a little more time but it is the right thing to do.

Don’t Set Up Camp

Wonking on rv in store parking lot

This is not a campground or your home.  Keep chairs, grills, and awnings stowed.  This is not the place to repair your RV or do an oil change. 

Just stay the night or ask permission for an extra night. 

Keep in mind this is supposed to be overnight parking not multiple nights and moving in.  That is what campgrounds are for.  If you need multiple nights you may need to move locations. 

Be Respectful 

Respect the rules of whoever it is that is allowing you to park or sleep overnight. 

If they have rules, comply.  If you can leave the place better than you found it please do, definitely do no harm.  Maybe pick up some trash around you, put your cart back, and maybe some else’s. 

At the bare minimum pick up after yourself and dispose of all your trash in an acceptable manner.  This means not leaving it outside or stacking it by the trash can. 

Plan Your Entry and Exit 

It may be helpful to look at google maps street or satellite view for an overview of whether or not a location will work for you and your rig. 

You should also read and pay attention to the reviews on the sites we recommend to see what other travelers thought of the spot. 

Some lots have low clearance to prevent big rigs at some entrances and some are hard to access, some may be too urban or in a not so good area. 

Sometimes you have to really read through the lines of a review and make a qualified decision, as most people will leave a negative review more often and let the positive review go. 

Another tip is to plan your exit when you enter.  There is nothing worse than being ready to go and being blocked in.

Spend a Buck!

Full grocery cart in store aisle

Why is it that many feel entitled to be able to have a safe place to park overnight for free and they need to contribute nothing.  Let’s face it most of the places we have mentioned that allow overnight parking are businesses. 

Last time I checked, businesses are in business to make money.  Please respect that and when you can use the merchant and make a purchase. 

Never Dump Your Tanks! 

Ewww!  This is completely unacceptable and unsanitary.  There are places you can dump for free with a little research.  Most overnight parking does not have a sanitary dump.  If they do then by all means use it, if not, don’t. 

How do you find Free Overnight Parking?

The short answer is research.  Where do you look and research?  Here are our go-to’s?  First we will start with the free apps. 

RV Parky

This flexible app will show some recent and some not-so-recent reviews of places along your route that have free overnight parking.

Rv parky logo

Google Maps 

We calculate how many hours or miles we want to drive and pinpoint the area.  Then if we are looking for what stores allow overnight parking we will input “Navigate to Walmart or Lowe’s or the retailer name.”  Once we narrow it down we call for permission.  Also, we use the satellite map type to take a closer look at the location and make sure it is suitable before we arrive. 

FreeRoam and IOverlander

These apps are both really good at finding overnight parking.  They will show both paid and free opportunities as well as a lot of other metrics if you use the filters.  They are also very good at identifying street and stealth parking. 

Free roam ioverlander app logos

Paid and Membership Apps to Find Overnight Parking 

This section is for the purists who would not agree that free overnight parking is really not free if you pay for an app or membership to find it.  So in true transparency, you are going to have to make an investment in these apps or memberships to find free overnight parking and camping.

RV Trip Wizard

Plan your route and set it up to designate Points of Interest along the way which can be places that allow overnight RV parking.  We use RV Trip Wizard to plan our trips and overnight stops in addition to several other features.  Be sure to check out RV Trip Wizard and the RV Life program.
Rv life trip wizard


The Hipcamp program is a valuable resource to find places that allow free overnight parking and camping as well as paid spots.  Many times they are less expensive than campgrounds and offer some unique locations, experiences, and areas where you might not find a store that allows overnight parking.

Get 10 off your first hipcamp

Harvest Hosts

Rv parked in vineyard

This is a great program if you want to stay in unique locations that could be a winery, restaurant, farm, museum, or golf course parking lot. 

Your unit must be self-contained, stays are normally limited to one night and it is suggested that you make a purchase with the host of at least $20. 

We have been Harvest Host members for several years and really enjoy the various venues that are offered throughout the country.

If you are interested in Harvest Hosts click below to save 15% on your membership.

Explore harvest hosts unique rv camping

Boondockers Welcome

Although a sister company to Harvest Hosts, a Boondockers Welcome membership allows you to find hosts that allow overnight parking on their property for a night or sometimes more for no charge.

Our stays with Boondockers  Welcome hosts have been very hospitable, accommodating, and free.

Boondockers welcome ad

Conclusion: Stores That Allow Overnight Parking

Now that you know what stores allow overnight parking, you have a lot of choices.  With such a variety it should be easy to find free overnight parking that meets your needs and comfort level.  

Please be sure to respect the merchants and guidelines so we will continue to have safe places to park overnight while we are traveling.  Without this, we will continue to see availability dwindle and costs increase. 

Send us a message here and let us know your favorite place and what makes you feel comfortable when you are parking overnight.

Travel Safe and Adventure Often!   

Gate Guarding: Work Camping Jobs For Full-time RVers 2023

Gate Guarding: Work Camping Jobs For Full-time RVers 2023

Gate Guarding: Work Camping Jobs For Full-time RVers

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Are you familiar with Gate Guarding?  This article will provide valuable information, especially if interested in finding work camping jobs for full-time RVers.

Work camping is a term describing how RVers live full-time and earn an income working as gate guards, campground hosts, sugar beet harvest, or even Amazon.  Many work camping positions are seasonal which allows RVers to feed their wanderlust and make money.

While there are many different work camping jobs for full-time RVers, Robb and I decided to give gate guarding our attention.  Through our personal experience and detailed research, we will give you all you need to know about RV Gate Guarding.


What is RV Gate Guarding

RV Gate Guarding is a term used for RVers who provide entrance security at a variety of different sites.  These sites may include oil wells, construction sites, ranches, solar farms, and even exotic animal farms. 

The main function of a gate guard is to record and monitor the gate traffic at the designated location.

 Types of Gate Guarding

Happy rv couple working as gate guards.

There are generally two types of gate guards: teams and solo.  Both are great jobs for full-time RVers who are looking for a unique work camping opportunity.

2-person RV Team: This assignment is a two-person team who lives together in their self-contained RV.  These locations require one of the 2 gate guards to be awake and responsible for the gate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  

1-person: The security company is looking for a single person for a 12-hour shift.  In this situation normally, the RVer lives off-site boondocking or at a campground at their own expense.  This type of assignment works well for single solo RVers or couples that don’t mind being placed at separate sites.  Normally, these gate guards are given 1 day off as well as an increased pay incentive.  

What to expect as an RV Gate Guard

Male security guard at a gate guard check point.

Each assignment and location is different with its individual nuances.  As a gate guard, you may be required to do the following:

  • Log vehicles and driver names entering and exiting the location.
  • Open and close the site gate once a day or every time a vehicle passes.
  • Monitor and direct traffic as necessary and provide directions to various site locations.
  • Report any safety issues or hazards you observe.
  • Report any suspicious activity.
  • Stay alert and present during your entire shift.
  • Dress in the required uniform which sometimes is fire-resistant clothing, a hard hat, and a reflective vest.

How much does RV Gate Guarding Pay

The daily pay for an RV Gate Guard can range from $175 – $400 per day depending on the assignment requirements and location.  The average pay is $200 for an onsite 24/7 RV Gate Guard team/couple or a solo 12-hour gate guard. 

Each gate guard company has a different pay structure.  Some pay weekly and others are bi-weekly. 

Normally, RV gate guards are independent contractors and not company employees. 

When accepting a position it is important to understand that payroll taxes are not withheld and that you will not be accruing traditional employee benefits. You will receive a 1099, and no state, federal, Social Security, or Medicare taxes are withheld.  You are responsible to pay those state and federal taxes as required by law. 

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 How to Become a Gate Guard?

Sign reading

The majority of gate guard jobs are near energy company operations.  The Permian Basin in West Texas has many opportunities as does south Texas.  New Mexico, Louisiana, Oklahoma, the Dakotas, and West Virginia also have companies hiring gate guards.

To become a gate guard, research and locate gate guard companies in an area you are interested in working or relocating.

Apply online or as otherwise directed. 

Once the application has been accepted, the guard company will inform you of the next steps.  Since some states require guards to be licensed, you may need to take a continuing education course to obtain your certificate or credentials. 

Most guard companies require a background check including fingerprints and drug tests.  Most times, these tests are all done at your expense.

You may also need special clothing, lighting, driveway alarms, and other accessories.  It depends on the company as to what they will provide and what you will be required to supply.

 The Daily Life of an RV Gate Guard

White 18 wheeler water truck.

Due to shift work, the type and phase of the project, each gate has a specific traffic flow.  Some gates will be super slow while other gates may be very busy. 

As the project progresses traffic flow will change, sometimes on a daily basis.  One day there will be hundreds of trucks coming and going and on others, there may only be 10 or 20 workers at shift changes.  

Logging the traffic flow and watching the hours go by on a slow gate, can be boring to some.  For others, the quiet time may provide ample opportunity to perfect a craft, binge their favorite series or work on a side gig.

In between traffic you can watch tv, read or work on your personal business, as long as it doesn’t interfere with traffic flow.  Your first obligation is to do your job as a gate guard.

Huge piece of heavy equipment exiting a drilling site.

For those that get bored easily, fracking sites may be more suitable as they are high-traffic gates.

Some teams travel with the crew and move site to site around every three weeks.  Other teams stay in the same location for months at a time.

As an independent contractor, the choice is yours. 

You have the opportunity to select from available assignments that meet your criteria.  Like other work camping jobs, gate guarding is a temporary assignment.  You aren’t locked into a gate forever. 

Communication with your gate guard company is imperative when it comes to deciding how long you are going to stay at the gate or when you need a break.  

Aside from the traffic, if you are fortunate enough, you will experience some beautiful sunrises and sunsets as well as the moon and stars.  There is little to no ambient light, so the skies are particularly beautiful.

Every RV team is different and you will have to determine and establish a routine that works for you.  If one person is a night owl while the other prefers the daytime, your shift transition will be fairly easy.  Those that have a very structured sleep schedule, may find some difficulty adjusting to this way of RV living.

We have found that getting a power nap in, helps lift our mood and provides an energy boost for the long shift.  

Unless both team members need 12 hours of sleep, then there is plenty of time to spend together playing cards, watching tv, and enjoying a home-cooked meal.  

The greatest advantage to gate guarding is flexibility.  You get to determine and adjust your schedule to meet your needs as long as you cover your gate responsibilities.

Rv life pro banner

Gate Guarding: Pros and Cons

Defining the pros and cons of gate guarding is a biased opinion.  For some, just the thought of sitting in an oil field without a pool or potluck dinner event is enough to say “what an awful job”.  For others, the remote locations, lack of social stimulation, and the sounds of coyotes in the distance is a quick response of, ‘‘when do I start?’’.  

Robb and I find ourselves in between this spectrum.  We will discuss the pros and cons with our opinion and from our experience as gate guards and the research we have done.  

Pros of Gate Guarding

Orange sunset over oil pumps.

Remote Location:  For us, a remote location was perfect.  Being away from the lights and hustle and bustle of a city feels free in a way.  There is nothing to see or do, only be.  In fact, we were a 3-hour round-trip drive to the nearest Walmart.  

Not that Robb and I are unsocial, we prefer being alone in remote locations rather than in a campground.  Even boondocking in the southwest, we’ve had neighbors.  Being alone with our thoughts for an extended period of time is part of what we desired for our RV Lifestyle.  

Quiet:  The still quiet of any location is healing.  Although our post is right off the main road, vehicles rarely pass.  In other words, there is no road noise except the entering and exiting gate traffic.  There was barely any road noise and the drilling site was about a mile away from our post. 

Keep in mind this is not always typical.  You do have the drone of the constant generator running and in some locations, guards are very close to the site with almost constant traffic which can be very loud.  

Get paid:  Although the pay is not overly generous, we do get paid.  The actual time we spend “working” is minimal.  It takes less than a minute to log a vehicle in or out.  Most times it is just seconds.  

Basically speaking, keeping accurate traffic logs are all we do as gate guards.  That’s it.  While one of us always has to be “on duty” , we are free to watch tv, read, or work our online business.  

Sometimes, I am amazed that I am getting paid to sit still and watch the sky.  When was the last time that you were paid for simply being?

Full-hookups:  The security company provides fresh water, power, waste removal, trash pick up, and mail delivery, all within the confines of our RV spot.  It’s like boondocking with full hookups and no hassle to find fuel for the generator, freshwater or dump our tanks.  

Spend more time outside:  Part of the appeal to living the RV Lifestyle is being outside more and communing with nature. 

Before gate guarding, we spent most of our day inside working in front of our computer scenes.  It was much easier to go from the couch to the office than dealing with the outside elements and a computer or notebook.

Now, much of our day is spent outside, enjoying the sunshine and scenery.

Sunrise and Sunset:  With our RV facing south all we had to do was look left or right to see a spectacular sunrise and an even more magical sunset. 

About an hour before sunrise, we could see the moon disappear over the western horizon.  You could look east and see the colors of the morning forming slowly as the sun eased up with an impressive array of colors. 

There is nothing quite like a western sunset.  The main event starts as the sun drops to the horizon before totally disappearing.  Then the magic happens.  The moment the sky is backlit turning colors of reds, pinks, purples, blues, and oranges. 

Purple blue and pink sunrise.

Sitting Still:  For road warriors and constant travelers like us, the time we spent gate-guarding gave us an opportunity to sit still.  Rather than sightseeing, running around, and eating out, we spent time sitting, creating, and catching up on some overdue projects and getting paid.  

Save Money:  Although RV Gate Guarding is not an extremely high-paying job, you can save money by taking this type of position.  

As a team, your RV site utilities are included and there is no cost to you.  Since you are on a 24-hour shift, 7 days a week, your entertainment budget and travel expenses should decrease.

As a solo on a gate even with the cost of an RV site it is still easy to bank some cash.  Aside from a few supplies, groceries, and your monthly expenses, you won’t be spending much at all. 

Cons of Gate Guarding:

Dusty lot and baree field view.

Weather:  The weather can be unpredictable and severe at times.  The looming thoughts of tornados, high winds, excessive heat, and rain are enough to cause discomfort.  Severe weather is always a concern for RVers.  

Since you spend most of the shift outside, you should prepare yourself for all weather types and extremes.  It is not unusual to experience a 30-degree temperature fluctuation in a 24-hour period.

Dust and dirt:  Yes, there is a lot of it!  The wind constantly blows dust and dirt.  There is no way around it.  Rather than dragging the outside dirt into the RV, we try to spend most of our day outside under a canopy. 

Late at night or early in the morning we use our car for shelter.  It makes it faster and easier to get out and record the vehicle traffic rather than trying to stay in the RV.

Traffic Schedule:  Depending on the assigned gate, vehicle traffic comes and goes 24 hours a day.  We never really know when or how long a person will be on-site.  

Need-to-know basis:  There is little communication between the security company, the gate guard, and the company man (person in charge of the site). For whatever reason, the industry works on very short notice and indefinite schedule. 

Sometimes it is due to production difficulties but it seems to have just become the industry standard.  The companies are reluctant to give you an exact start date, or projections because this industry is so fluid.  

Since scheduling is unpredictable most security companies have a yard for those waiting on a gate to stage until an assignment is contracted. 

These yards are normally full hookup sites, some also have a bathhouse and laundry.  There is no charge from the security company while you are waiting which helps to alleviate some of the unknown and potential expenses while you are in queue for your assignment. 

Likewise, while working at a gate, you may not have an exact day that your assignment is finished.

Finally, there may be extended wait times between gate-guarding jobs, causing budgeting challenges.

Pay:  There is no secret that the rate of pay is minimal  A gate that pays $200 a day, equals roughly $8 per hour. 

For some, reconciling the hours required and the pay may be difficult.  However, the actual working time is minimal compared to the time you are committed to the gate. 

Lack of Sleep:  For us, the lack of sleep was the most difficult aspect of gate guarding.  Like many RV couples, we are accustomed to routine sleep patterns and sleeping together. 

RV gate guard teams must adjust to a 24-hour work day and solos to a 12-hour day plus a long commute sometimes.  

Developing a new routine:  Establishing a new routine for meals, quality time, binging our favorite shows, sleeping, and working creates its own challenge. 

My best time for creativity and taking care of business is early morning to mid-afternoon.  I rarely make it past 10 pm at night and wake somewhere between 4 and 5 am.  Normally I would treat myself to a leisurely morning journaling, reading, and meditating, before jumping into my workday around 730am.  

Now, I wake up, grab a coffee and relieve Robb from his post by 5 am.  He then gets to sleep until noonish, when he joins me for lunch, conversation, and plans for the day.  My creative self is normally fried by this time of day.  

Robb experiences a similar situation.  His creative time comes late morning or even later in the evening.  Unfortunately, the midnight shift is not so conducive to his highest production and flow.  

However, we did manage to work within the parameters of the gate schedule and learn to be more efficient in our personal business and endeavors as well. 

Developing a new routine is possible and sustainable for the time we commit to gate guarding.  It just takes some planning and flexibility.

Boredom:  Some would say that a gate guard job is super boring.  Others would say that their gate guarding job provided a perfect balance of working and relaxing. 

Avid outdoor enthusiasts might find the daily schedule limits their adventure time.  It may be difficult or at least challenging to fit in those hikes or kayaking times, especially as a couple. 

Keeping in mind someone has to watch the gate, you won’t have the opportunity to take a sunrise hike or even a leisurely walk together away from your post.

If you are a person who requires constant activity be sure to inform the security company so they can try to place you at a busy gate.

Danger:  RV Gate guarding in itself is not a dangerous job. However, there are safety considerations to take before committing to the position.

You may be on a fast-moving site with a lot of traffic, vehicle interaction, heavy equipment and machinery. Staying alert and aware at all times is imperative.

Some sites and operations do have the potential for danger because of chemicals and possible explosions.  Accidents, although infrequent can be a concern.  All sites have their individual safety protocols.  You will be instructed on what to do in case of an emergency.

Depending on the location, wildlife, including coyotes, snakes, spiders, and insects can cause reason for concern.  However, as an RVer, you are already aware of these factors and know how to prevent unnecessary injury. 

Some locations are close to the border and guards report incidents with illegal border crossings.  Although these instances are unlikely to happen, it is not your job to confront or detain trespassers.  You are only responsible to report to your supervisor and the local authorities or possibly Border Control.  

Who Is a Good Candidate for a Gate Guard job?

Female gate guard wearing safety vest.

By now you realize there is a lot to consider in taking a gate guard position as with any work camping job.  These are a few common characteristics and personality profiles that complement a gate guarding position.

Flexible, Adaptable, Good Rapport

Good candidates for this position are couples who are flexible as well as adaptable and know they can work together in noisy challenging conditions for an extended period of time.  Solo guards must be able to deal with consecutive 12-hour shifts which can be lonely and isolating. 

You have to be ok with not knowing or having a specific schedule.  Limiting interactions with the “company man”, workers, and even your security company is appreciated especially when wondering about the progress of the job or when the job will finish.  

Flexibility is a requirement for sure as weather conditions, deadlines, and assignments can quickly change.  Areas prone to severe weather such as flooding or tornados may invoke a quick evacuation protocol.  

For our first assignment, we received a call at 8:30 requesting us to be at the gate by noon.  We arrived around 11 am, and totally unprepared for the 98-degree weather we were about to experience.  The previous day we had only reached the mid-70s.  

Because of the winds, we could not deploy the RV awning and we had no canopy.  There wasn’t much we could do except sweat it out and deal with it until we were settled.  Robb then embarked on a 3-hour round-trip excursion to Walmart to buy a canopy.

Physical Condition and Stamina

Your physical condition should be considered when thinking about a gate guard position.  Being able to perform in a quick, efficient, and timely manner is imperative. 

A gate guard must be able to approach the incoming and outgoing vehicles to obtain information such as name, company, tag number, rig photo, and any other information requested by the client.

Although recording and reporting gate activity is not strenuous, you will find yourself getting up and down frequently to log the vehicle activity. 

The terrain can be uneven, rocky, muddy, or a combination.  The weather can be extreme and rapidly changing throughout the day and if you are in Texas surely there is wind almost all the time. 

Little or no reaction to environmental stressors

For those prone to allergies, or discomfort from wind and dust, RV gate guarding could be very challenging. You also have to be able to manage and adapt your sleep schedule.  However, if the elements and extreme temperatures don’t bother you, then you might be a good fit!


If you are self-motivated, have hobbies, or a remote job, and enjoy the solitude of remote living, gate guarding can be a rewarding lifestyle.  There are many gate guards that have been in the industry for years.

Gate Guard is a Good Job for Full-time RVers

Renegade verona with chevy equinox at gate guard post.  

As long as there are companies seeking two-person teams there will continue to be a demand for RVers to fill the positions.  Gate guarding jobs can be a great way to supplement your income and even fund your future travels.

RV gate guarding provides a unique opportunity for those wanting to slow down or have some dedicated time to work on personal projects or hobbies and still have an income.

Aspiring entrepreneurs, content creators, or anyone who needs some extra time to develop and build find gate guarding a fantastic job for RVers.  Having supplemental income and dedicated time is quite helpful.

In our experience, there were PLENTY of lulls in traffic that we were able to use to our advantage.

RV gate guard assignments are temporary and they are an independent contractor position, not a job, so you control the length of time you want to commit. 

While some RVers desire a long-term commitment, others prefer a 2 or 3-month position.  For full-time RVers, gate guarding can give you a break from road life and a way to enjoy some downtime, while saving money and preparing for the next leg of the journey.  

RV Gate Guarding: Conclusion

Happy couple wearing safety vest and warm clothes.

For us, RV gate guarding provided us with an income that allowed us extra time to dedicate to some long-overdue projects as well as attend online workshops and a few industry-specific classes.

Since we weren’t going out to restaurants, we saved money and even lost a few of those extra pounds.

Gate guarding also allowed us some time to sit and watch the day go by without needing to explore.  Sometimes it’s good to have that perfect time with nothing going on! 

Was gate guarding optimal for our lifestyle? No.  Was it doable and did it meet our intent and expectations? Yes!

For those of you researching gate guarding, we hope that we have brought you a comprehensive overview.  

While there is plenty of work for RVers, there aren’t many full-time RVing jobs that provide an opportunity to work on your personal projects while getting paid.  Work camping jobs can provide RVers with a good income while living in their RV.

Have you tried Gate Guarding?  We’d love to hear about your experience. 

Click here to drop us a line and tell us!

Travel Safe and Adventure Often!

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