Rocky Point Mexico RV Parks: Ultimate Guide 2024

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colorful puerto penasco letters on malecon

Rocky Point Mexico RV Parks: Ultimate Guide 2024

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Before you set off across the border to go RVing in Mexico, you will want to check out our 2023 Guide to Rocky Point Mexico RV Parks.

If you are looking to RV in Mexico in a beautiful place near the water or on the beach with amazing sunsets Puerto Penasco may be just the place for you.  It sure was for us and we loved living in our RV in Puerto Penasco.

Rocky Point and Puerto Penasco are the same place and will be used interchangeably throughout this article.

With little information available to first-time visitors of Rocky Point, we understand your concerns when it comes to RVing to Mexico.  There are plenty of obstacles to overcome when planning international travel, like logistics and paperwork.  

We were super concerned with crossing the border and driving our 40 ft. Renegade Super C and toad in Mexico.  The first time we visited Puerto Penasco, we chose to join the Xscapers Convergence.  Going with a group eased our mind and now we feel comfortable enough to go on our own.    

So to save you time and help eliminate frustration, this article lists the most popular RV Parks in Rocky Point Mexico.  We will also address some important travel information about crossing the border and suggest some things to do in Rocky Point.

So let’s go!

Rocky Point Mexico RV Parks


Sunset at rocky point rv park.


Playa de Oro:

Calle Mariano Matamoros s/n,El Mirador, 83550 Puerto Peñasco, Sonora, Mexico

This large RV park offers well-defined RV spaces, full hookups, and beachfront sites.  The lot is gravel and level with 24-hour security.

With private beach access and a clean clear swimming pool to choose from, your only decision will be which one today?

Playa de Oro has a lounge on-site as well as a grill for guest use.  Right next door is Pitaya Bar which is nice for Happy Hour and a quick bite to eat.


San Rafael RV Park

83554, Calle Mariano Matamoros, Benito Juárez, Puerto Peñasco, Son., Mexico

This small RV park has beachfront views with beach access just a few steps away.  San Rafael RV Park is quiet and offers discounts to seniors.

Pitaya Bar is just next door making your dinner plans a little easier. 

Captain Ron’s RV Resort

Av. José María Morelos y Pavón, Benito Juárez, 83554 Puerto Peñasco, Son., Mexico

Captain Ron’s RV Resort caters to long-term and permanent residents.  Tenants are community-aware and help with maintaining security.

The sites are full hookups with an on-site laundry facility, fire pit, and picnic area. The beach is a quick 10-minute walk while a convenience store, pharmacy, and full-service restaurant are only around the corner.


The Boulders RV Park:

C. Manuel Arista, Benito Juárez, 83554 Puerto Peñasco, Son., Mexico

The Boulders RV Park is only 2 blocks from the beach access.  Full hookups, a gated entrance, and a quiet residential area make this a nice park for those not wanting beachfront accommodations.

Pharmacy, convenience stores, and restaurants are just around the corner.


Playa Bonita:

Paseo Balbao final, Playa Hermosa, 83550 Puerto Peñasco, Son., Mexico

At Playa Bonita, you can experience beachfront camping at its best.

Full- hookups, private beach access, clean restrooms with showers, and an onsite laundry facility make this Rocky Point RV Park super desirable.

As a bonus, there is a jacuzzi tub for guests.  Campers offer plenty of good reviews based on cleanliness, location, and fun activities such as potluck dinners and games. Plus, there is a fantastic restaurant, Puesta Del Sol, within walking distance.

Concha del Mar:

C. Aquiles Serdán, Bella Vista, 83553 Puerto Peñasco, Son., Mexico

Concha del Mar offers dry camping only.

Beachfront sites are available as well as private beach access.  24-hour security helps keep the park quiet and safe.  There is a self-service dump station for convenience.  Otherwise, for a small fee, the staff will dump and fill your rig with fresh water.

Restaurants and pharmacies are within walking distance.  There is a pickleball court, clean restrooms, and laundry on site.

Robb and I enjoyed our stay at Concha del Mar.  Although the campground is a hard sandlot, the sites were spacious enough that you didn’t hear your neighbor’s personal “business”.

The sunsets were spectacular as you could watch the big orange ball sizzle when touching the water.  The changing colors in the sky were nature’s artistry changing every night.  Edgar, the owner, is very accommodating and pleasant.

We will be back soon!

Rv parking in concha del mar rv park.


Sunset RV Park:

Plutarco Elias Calles and 25 Puerto Peñasco, Sonora C.P. 83550

Sunset RV Park may be the perfect Rocky Point RV Park for you.  The park is small and intimate with 24-hour gated security.   The park is alluring with its large saltwater pool and dog park.

Although it is not beachfront, it is only a short walk to the beach.  With an onsite restaurant and free hot breakfast, your days will be relaxing.

No bad days here!


Whale Hill Storage and RV Park:

Plutarco Elias Calles and 25 Puerto Peñasco, Sonora C.P. 83550

Whale Hill is a Small RV park and storage facility.  Some sites have electric hookups.  Free Wifi, water, and sewer are available.

They also feature recently renovated clean and affordable apartments.


The Reef RV Park

Blvd. Paseo de la Duna, Playa Arenos, 83560 Puerto Peñasco, Son., Mexico

The Reef RV Park is spacious with full hookups, beachfront sites, and a lot of fun.  The adjoining restaurant Wrecked on the Reef has delicious food offerings, a full bar, and live music.

The private beach access and spectacular views make The Reef RV Park highly desirable.    

Tiki hut seating overlooking blue sea.

RVing to Mexico FAQ


Directions to Puerto Penasco – Rocky Point

Driving an RV to Mexico can seem a little daunting, intimidating, and scary at first.  With proper planning and the right information, we found it to be much easier than we anticipated.

Puerto Penasco is about 4 hours from Phoenix or Tucson, AZ.  Either way, you will make your way to Rt 85 South toward the town of Ajo and the border crossing at Lukeville, AZ. 

Timing your entry is extremely important.  Allow yourself enough time to cross and arrive at your designated Rocky Point RV Park during the daylight.  Driving to Puerto Penasco after dark can be dangerous and should be avoided.

When planning any road trip, we like to use RV Life Trip Wizard.  Not only does RV Life Trip Wizard provide alternative routes, but it also helps to identify campgrounds along the route.  We especially like the flexibility to add our places of interest or scenic stops.  You can sign up for a free trial or RV Life Trip Wizard right here!


Mexican Car Insurance for Rocky Point Travelers

Mexican Car Insurance for Rocky Point Travelers is mandatory.  Be sure that you are covered AND you have proof of coverage BEFORE coming to the Lukeville Border Crossing.

Contact your US insurance carrier first to verify your auto and RV coverage in Mexico.  Many RV and vehicle policies do not include Mexico in their coverage.  

As with any service, we shop around for the best rate and coverage.  Mexican car insurance rates vary significantly.  Quotes from insurance providers can take a few days.  Do not wait until the last minute to secure your coverage.  

You can apply for coverage over the phone, on the company’s website, and in person with some companies in Ajo or Lukeville at the border.  Be sure to make an appointment if applying in person.


Documents Needed to RV in Mexico

If you haven’t done so, this is a good time to make copies of all of your documentation.  We keep an electronic file, plus 2 hard copies.  Immigration may require a hard copy, so be prepared. 

Lukeville Border Crossing

Lukeville Border Crossing: Preparation

Preparation is essential for crossing international borders.  Border towns make it easy to store items not permitted in Mexico such as weapons or other such contraband.  

These items are PROHIBITED in Mexico.  If you are searched and these are found, your items will be confiscated and you may get arrested.  Do not bring these items. 

  • Guns or ammunition. Guns are illegal in Mexico. You will be put in jail for having one.
  • Pepper spray
  • Lethal knives and machetes (anything over 8” is not allowed)
  • Live predator fish
  • Totoaba fish (fresh or frozen)
  • Turtle eggs
  • Poppy seeds or flour of poppy seeds
  • Marijuana, medicinal marijuana, marijuana products, marijuana seeds or spores, or marijuana extracts
  • Opium extract
  • Stamps or prints, displayed for their sale in envelopes or packages, containing illustrations that represent childhood in a degrading, violent, self-destructive, anti-social, or ridiculous way (i.e. Garbage Pail Kids trading cards)
  • Thallium sulfate.
  • Isodrin, Aldrin, Heptachlor, Drinox, Endrin, Mendrin, Nendrin, Hexadrin, or Leptophos insecticides.
  • Heroin
  • Medication prepared with acetyl morphine or its derivatives
  • Loggerhead turtles or turtle skins
  • Goods that have been declared as archaeological monuments by the Secretary of Public Education.
  • Air compression speargun prohibited. Rubber band spearguns are permitted.
  • Seeds, seedlings, and fresh plants. Be especially careful with items such as trail mix and granola bars that often include seeds.
  • Fresh fruit, vegetables, flowers, and cereals
  • Dairy products
  • Flour and cornmeal

Mexico has recently banned the sale of vape pens, cartridges, and e-cigarettes.  It is unclear whether you can bring them into the country.  It is also unclear as to whether or not you can use vapes in public at this time.  Cannabis in any form is illegal in Mexico.  

You can find current information from US Customs, at the US Embassy and the Mexican Consulate.

Lukeville Border Crossing: Inspection


Crossing the border can create some anxiety.  The first step to reducing anxiety is having all the necessary documents and being sure you are in compliance with what you have in your possession.  It is a good idea to put all purses and valuables away and out of sight.  No loose change or cash lying around.

The Lukeville Border Crossing is open daily from 6 am-8 pm. 

Plan accordingly or you will be turned away until the following day.  Weekends and holidays can affect your time at the border.  It’s a good idea to check the calendar and try to avoid busy times.  You can monitor the wait times at the US Customs and Border Protection site.

Puerto Penasco is still an hour’s drive from Lukeville, so again be sure to give yourself enough time to be in your RV Park before nightfall.

As you approach the gate be confident and respectful.  You may or may not be stopped and inspected.  Be prepared for either. 

If stopped for inspection, allow agents to access areas of your car and RV that THEY request to see.  Stand with them, and never leave your rig or vehicle unattended or let anyone be out of sight while they are inspecting.  

Once you’ve been given the green light, proceed through the inspection area and PARK along the side of the roadway.  Do not block businesses or driveways.  There is no official parking lot, so you may have a long walk.  

Caravanning with more than 4 other RVs can make finding parking difficult.  If you are traveling with a group, consider staggering your arrival times to alleviate frustration with parking oversized vehicles.


Lukeville Border Crossing: Immigration


Everyone in the RV and Car MUST appear in person to the immigration office that you just passed coming through the inspection lane.  

LOCK your rig & vehicle before walking away.  

Proceed to the immigration office WITH all of your documents.  The immigration officers will verify your passports and FMM card.  They may ask for vehicle identification and insurance as well.  This is a very simple procedure, but it may take some time if the border is busy.  

Once you have been stamped and have been given your FFM card, you are ready to proceed to Puerto Penasco!

Welcome to sonyta banner.

Driving To Puerto Penasco: Road Conditions


Driving to Puerto Penasco should be fairly easy, as long as you obey the speed limit signs.  It is very easy to become distracted in a new country.  Stay aware.

Although the locals will be driving fast and loose, it is far better to stay within the posted limits and keep your eyes on the road.  

Speed limit signs are posted in kilometers per hour, not miles per hour.  For easier driving, set your speedometer to kilometers if possible.  Speed traps are common, so drive aware.  

ALTOS means STOP.  Come to a COMPLETE Stop and count to 5, before proceeding with caution.  

Although the drive to Puerto Penasco is designated as a Trouble-Free or Safe Zone sometimes there are police officers who will pull vehicles over and intimidate drivers into paying exorbitant fines in cash. 

Please be aware this is not standard procedure. 

Simply ask the officer to escort you and your RV to the police station where you can pay the magistrate.  Many times this will alleviate a disingenuous situation and you will be permitted to continue with only a warning.

The main roads can have large potholes, so take caution to avoid them.  You can easily damage a tire or rim.

Avoid shortcuts and side streets until you have investigated them yourself.  Stick to the main road and follow the directions given by your RV park or host.  

RV drivers should always know the height and weight of their unit.  Side roads and residential areas may have low-hanging power lines and lights. 

The train runs through town, making some of the track crossings extremely steep.  You can easily bottom out and get stuck while trying to cross.   

Severe weather such as rain or high wind can impact driving conditions in Puerto Penasco.  Being a coastal town with subpar drainage solutions, flooding is common.  Many side streets are unpaved and have huge potholes.   Advance with caution.

Rving in mexico desert road.

 Things to do in Puerto Penasco (Rocky Point)


There are plenty of things to do in Puerto Penasco (Rocky Point).  While some want to sit endlessly and watch the quiet surf of the Sea of Cortez, others want to explore the town.  What’s your pleasure?

Rocky Point Beaches:

For many,  white sandy beaches, and blue-colored water is alluring.  The clear water and the soft waves are inviting to swimmers and beach walkers.

Long stretch of quiet beach, soft surf, clear water in puerto penasco, mexico

However,  Puerto Penasco Beaches are quite diverse.  As the name Rocky Point implies, there are also rocky beaches along the Sea of Cortez perfect for tide pooling and fishing.

Rocky shoreline in puerto penasco.


As with any coastal town, there is a constant breeze.  The bright sun keeps the sand warm.

Water temperature in Puerto Penasco averages about 73 degrees Fahrenheit with lows in the winter of 61 degrees.  As the summer heats up, the water temperature in Rocky Point can reach 83 degrees.

Whether you are a sunset seeker or wave-runner, Puerto Penasco Beaches are beautiful and friendly.

One of the biggest advantages of RVing in Mexico is camping on and near the beach.  Imagine walking just a few steps from your RV to the beach!  There are very few places in the United States that have this type of view for the price.

🏄‍♂️Playa Encanto.

🏄‍♂️Pelican Beach.

🏄‍♂️Mirador Beach.

🏄‍♂️The Mayan Palace Beach.

🏄‍♂️Las Conchas Beach.

🏄‍♂️La Playa Jolla Beach


Bird Island

Take a lovely boat ride out to Bird Island off the coast of Puerto Penasco.  See for yourself, sea lions, dolphins, and other marine life, in their natural habitat.

Kayaking, snorkeling, and exploring are fun things to do while visiting Bird Island.  If you are lucky, you might even spot black fin or humpback whales as they migrate to the Sea of Cortez in the winter months.

Fishing Rocky Point

When it comes to fishing in Rocky Point, what’s your pleasure:  Surf fishing or deep sea adventures?  How about both/and for an answer?  There are plenty of charters that leave from the Puerto Penasco marina early in the day.  The fresh catch includes sea bass, grouper, flounder, and red snapper.

For surf fishing, pick a spot on the pier at Wrecked on the Reef, or just pull up your chair and toss a line into the water at your RV park.

Fishing is a way of life in Puerto Penasco.  Just ask a local.


Fishing boats in harbor at rocky point.


Golf Rocky Point Mexico

Of course, you can golf in Rocky Point.  Enjoy the saltwater breeze, beautiful blue sea, and gorgeous views as you putt around the green at any one of 3 golf courses:

⛳️Vidanta Golf Puerto Penasco

⛳️The Links at Las Palomas Beach & Golf Resort

⛳️The Club at Islas Del Mar Golf Course

     Shopping in Puerto Penasco


    Rodeo Drive Puerto Penasco

    Rodeo Drive is a fun shopping area where you can find souvenirs, Mexican art, and pottery.

    Located on the outskirts of town the dirt streets and run-down buildings may give the appearance of a ghost town.  However, Rodeo Drive Puerto Penasco is definitely inhabited and worth visiting.

    There is also a wonderful restaurant serving up margaritas and guacamole, to hungry shoppers.


    Colorful calaveras line the shops on rodeo drive puerto penasco

    Walmart Puerto Penasco

    Bodega Aurrera is a subsidiary of Walmart in Puerto Penasco.  Staples like paper products, laundry detergent, as well as groceries, are available here.

    Can’t find what you’re looking for at Walmart Puerto Penasco?  Check out the Sam’s Club right next door.

    Still not satisfied?  Puerto Penasco has plenty of grocery stores, fruiterers, and convenience stores.

    Jessy’s Fish Market

    Right here at Jessy’s Fish Market, you can purchase fish so fresh it slept in the sea last night.  Fresh jumbo shrimp cleaned and deveined while you wait.

    The staff is super nice and helpful.  I think you will be shocked at the prices (in a good way that is).

    Jessy's fishmarket, shopping in puerto penasco


     The Malecon Puerto Penasco

    The Malecon is a fun vibrant area with shopping and dining along the sea wall of Puerto Penasco.   Whether you are barhopping or watching the sunset, the Malecon is the place to be.

    On weekends, it is not unusual to see 10-15 Mariachi bands lined up and playing music to well into the wee hours.   You can’t help but dance!


    The malecon is a walkway along the seawall in puerto penasco.


    Best Restaurants in Puerto Penasco   

    Moo Steakhouse and Grille

    Moo Steakhouse and Grille serves up steaks, table-side Caesar salad, and decadent desserts.  The dim red lighting and sexy atmosphere make Moo Steakhouse and Grille a romantic option for date night!

    Lighted sign for moo restaurant.

    La  Casa El Capitan

    We can’t say whether the view or the food is better because BOTH are sure to WOW you!  Afternoons on the patio are relaxing as you gaze at the sea with a margarita. And, the beautiful sunset is a perfect backdrop for a romantic dinner. 

    Couple posing with a scenic view of the city below.

    La Argentina Empanadas and More

    Empanadas are our favorite light bite.  Gooey Nutella and strawberries or something a bit more savory like shrimp and cheese might meet your craving.  Why not just pick up a mix of 12 different empanadas and enjoy dinner in your RV tonight?

    Outdoor restaurant serving empandas.

    Churros Penasco

    Churros Penasco is our favorite street food. Hot fresh churros are a perfect way to end the night.  Since they don’t open until 6 pm, there is no reason to rush your dinner!

    Churros street restaurant in puerto penasco


    Bars in Puerto Penasco


    As you might guess, there are plenty of bars in Puerto Penasco.  You can find live bands, DJs, and even a mariachi band throughout the week.  While some have a “spring break vibe”, there are a few bars in Puerto Penasco that have a more laid back quiet feel.


    Leo’s Bar

    The laid-back vibe, great service, and live music make Leos’s a favorite stop.  Being located just a few blocks off The Malecon keeps the rowdy crowd away.  Leo’s is perfect for an afternoon cocktail, happy hour, or date night.

    Restaurant sign, leo's puerto penasco.

    Manny’s Beach Club

    Manny’s is what you would expect in a beach club.  You can enjoy the afternoon in the surf and sand while sipping a margarita.  When the sun goes down, the club comes to life with music and dancing.

    This really is a fun place, it even has swings and a pool.  Manny’s serves food, so you can stay all day!


    Guy on swing in a cabana bar.


    Tekila Bar

    Located near the center of the Malecon, the 2-story Tekila Bar is party central.    Although Tekila Bar has “this is a bad decision” written all over it, it is a fun place.  The crowd can be rowdy, but the bartenders and bouncers have the party under control.

    The second story has an outside patio which makes for a magnificent sunset.


    Bartender holding a bottle of tequila.


    RVing to Mexico does take some coordination and pre-planning.

    With several Rocky Point RV Parks to choose from, you only need to decide what amenities you desire and make a reservation.  The winter months can be warm and inviting, especially if you are leaving the cold weather behind.

    Rocky Point is a fun place to visit, and while you are there, try some Bacanora (Tequila’s lesser-known cousin).

    Thank you for reading and enjoy your RV trip to Puerto Penasco!

    On your way to Puerto Penasco if you are traveling through Amarillo, Texas, or Terlingua, Texas to Big Bend, we have some great information to pass along.

    Travel Safe and Adventure Often!

    Maureen & Robb

    Maureen Wright and Robb Strobridge

    The Stromads

    The stromads on a sunset beach in puerto penasco.

    Entrepreneurs, Wanderlusters, Constant travelers, and Full-time RV Nomads since 2016.  We are fueled by life, love, and the pursuit of all things good.  Thanks for joining our journey and we hope to see you down the road!

    RV Couple with Renegade Verona LELTS



    RVing, traveling, and exploring should be fun.

    Robb and I have compiled a list of resources that will help you save time and money.

    Our suggestions will help eliminate decision fatigue and get you on the road to your next adventure.

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