If you’ve had your RV for a while or maybe your couch at home, the foam in the cushions may be losing density and sagging. It not only doesn’t look good, it no longer feels good and becomes uncomfortable.
This DIY fix is easy and can save you a lot of money.

I am going to give you an overview here.  You can check out our YouTube Video also for some tips, and you’ll see how easy it is.  Most of the sites that sell foam will provide detailed instructions for measuring and installing the foam replacements.

Getting started only takes a few measurements and a couple of decisions to order your foam.  It’s best to use a fabric tape measure or string instead of metal to get more accurate measurements.  You will also want to consider the firmness or density. Determining this will help you choose the feel you desire and how long it will last.

You can have custom shapes cut that cost more or have sizes cut and then glue pieces to them if you desire a more economical solution.  Batting or Dacron is an option to consider as well. They will help fill out your cushions and give them a fluffy and fuller look.  Figure this all out and place your order.

Once you receive the order, it’s important to note you need to unpack the foam and let it sit for a day before you get started.  You will need a few basic supplies to complete your project. A measuring tape, a sharpie or permanent marker, a sharp carving/serrated knife or electric knife, a straight edge, and some spray adhesive if you need to glue the foam.  A flat surface or table to work on is helpful as well.

To get started, take the old foam out of the cushions.  As you do this, note anything that you may need to do to shape the cushion so it looks like it originally.  Use the old foam as a template for the new foam, especially if there are unique shapes or sizes.  You can glue any unique shapes to the foam so they stay in place. You may also need to put the special shapes in the cover first and add some batting or Dacron so the cushions fill out correctly. 

The new foam will be a tight fit, and you may have to squeeze and compress it to get it in the covers.  Adjust it as necessary to fill out the shape and add more batting or Dacron to shape things.  Once you are ready to zip up the cushion, it’s easiest to push the batting down under one hand and zip over top of it, so the batting doesn’t get caught in the zipper.  You may have to work and adjust things a little to get everything in place and looking good.

And that’s it. All you need to do next is test it out.  If you are like me, you will be amazed and fulfilled by how easy it was and how good it feels.

For my foam, I used the Foam Factory in Michigan.  Their instructions were clear and provided all the information I needed to make a great decision. The shipping was free because my order was over $75, and the pricing was better than several other sites I checked.

I saved about $175 doing it myself, and it was quick and easy.

Let me know if you have any questions and how it works out if you try it yourself.  Don’t forget to check out the YouTube Video out if you haven’t already.