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Essential Road Trip and RV Resources

Not all roads lead to the same destination. In fact, sometimes a wrong turn can be disastrous. Before anything, you are going to want to check out these Essential Road Trip and RV Resources.  Whether you are camping, sightseeing, or driving alternative routes you want to consider all of the possibilities.  

These apps and websites will help you navigate the roads less traveled.  It sure doesn’t hurt to save money along the way.

Essential Road Trip and RV Resources:

RV Trip Wizard: 

is our new favorite trip-planning tool.  Entering your destination, the wizard will plot your route, miles, travel time, fuel costs, site costs, and estimated food and entertainment expenses.  Sometimes scenic byways prohibit RV and trailer traffic, so it is better to plan your route with an app that takes all that into consideration.   Trust me; you don’t want to be caught on Apache Trail or Rt 66 into Oatman in a 40 ft. Super C. 


This app points out attractions along the route.  Maybe you want to see a ghost town or a quirky roadside tourist trap.  Roadtrippers shows campgrounds, eateries, and places of interest as you travel to your destination.


This membership provides access to many “off the beaten path” campsites.  Many independent landowners provide unique remote camp spots for travelers. By using our link you will save $10 on your first booking. 

Roadside America:

This fun website provides travelers with those quirky tourist traps we love to visit.  Want to find the biggest ball of twine or maybe The Thing?  Roadside America is the website for you.

Gypsy Guide:

This app narrates comprehensive driving tours of many national parks, scenic drives, and tourist destinations. The tour guide is well-studied and has a pleasant voice. He may even direct you down a secret road to a secluded beach.   Destinations include Yellowstone, Grand Tetons, and Hawaii. 

National Park Service: 

NPS is your guide to all things National Parks.  Information about hiking, camping, road closures, and reservation requirements is available. 

StroTIP:  If you are planning on visiting more than 1 National Park this year, buy a National Park Pass and save $$$$.  Last August, we bought our pass for $70 and visited four parks for a $50 savings.  This year we are exploring eight more parks bringing our savings to $290. 

RV Parky: 

RV Parky locates Walmart, Cracker Barrel, Casinos, and campgrounds along your designated route.  Users are encouraged to leave reviews and updates of their overnight stay.  The app conveniently links phone numbers and GPS directions to your desired locations.  

StroTIP:  Always call big box stores before pulling in and getting comfortable.  Situations and boondocking rules change all the time.  

USA Rest Stops: 

This app locates possible rest stops along most major interstates and highways.  Whether you are in a motorhome or corvette, you are going to need facilities on your road trip.  Take the guesswork out of planning your next bathroom break and use this app.  

Harvest Host and Boondockers Welcome:

Harvest Host and Boondockers Welcome are strictly for the self-contained boondocker.  For a small fee, members have access to over 2000 unique camping locations.  Spend the night at local wineries, breweries, and farms across the US, Canada, and Mexico.  Did I mention you stay for FREE?

TSD Logistics:

Save Big Bucks if you drive a Diesel.  Get huge discounts of up to .65 a gallon on diesel fuel purchases.   Did you know big rig truckers get huge discounts on diesel fuel purchases?  They do, and now you can too!  TSD Logistics has a Diesel Fuel buying program that is free to join and can save you a ton of money when you fuel.  The savings vary depending on where you fuel and the discounts TSD is able to negotiate with the fuel stations.

Currently, you can expect a discount off the posted pump price of anywhere from .16 to .65 cents and you get to keep 90% of that.  The other 10% is the fee TSD charges for the savings.  No joke that is a .59-cent savings per gallon.  Talk about money in your pocket.  This is absolutely one of the biggest ways to save money we have found.  When you use 3,000 gallons of diesel a year the savings add up quickly.  For us over $1,500 last year.  Wow, just wow.


USE THIS CODE:  RVRS1124 or Robert Strobridge

StroTIP: Save Big Bucks if you drive a Diesel.  Get huge discounts up to .65 a gallon on diesel fuel purchases just like the big rig drivers.  TSD Logistics has a Diesel Fuel buying program that is FREE to join.  You pay them a small commission based on your actual savings.  We saved over $1,500 this year in fuel costs!  Wow, just wow!  Show us little love and put my name where it says Referred By: After you save $500 they will give us a $25 fuel credit.  You can do the same thing with your friends.  Click here and start saving the Big $$$.

Gas Buddy:

Everyone who drives can benefit from using Gas Buddy.  This app helps identify current fuel prices.  Ask yourself, why would you pay $.10 more a gallon for fuel than you need to?  Sometimes gas stations right next door to each other can vary in price.  Save money on fuel every day.

Get Upside:

SAVE MONEY ON FUEL.  Fuel prices are already on the rise so every penny counts.  Get Upside finds the station with the biggest discount near you.  It’s easy to use and your savings build up and you can transfer them to a gift card or PayPal.

StroTIP:  Best of all if you refer your friends at no cost they save 15¢/gal on their first fill-up, you get 1¢/gal a gallon every time they fuel. 

Why not share the love and save some $$$.  Give it a try if you have to get gas — every dollar counts right now!  Use this link or enter my promo code ROBB5993 to get an extra 15¢/gal cashback on your first purchase: https://upside.app.link/ROBB5993.  I’ll also get an extra 15¢/gal cash back after you use the app (so thanks!) 


As travelers, we realize that sometimes camping in our RV doesn’t work out.  There are times when we want to rent a home so that family or friends can stay with us.  When we travel to Hawaii or anywhere internationally, our RV stays parked.  Check out VRBO for all of your vacation housing needs.

Get Your Guide

We are big fans of taking tours.  Are you?  Check out Get Your Guide in whatever local city you are exploring.  Whether it is a white water rafting day or a helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon, you can find something fun here!


Sometimes it is necessary to rent a vehicle, even if you are an RVer.  Once in a while, we will pick up a Jeep so that we can explore a little “off-road”.  Other times we may rent a mini-van if friends are joining us.  You never know when you might want to change it up a little.  You can rent a car right here!


Getting to and from the airport just got a little easier.  Rather than paying to park your tow vehicle, think about getting a private transfer from the airport to your rig.

We hope that you find value in using these twelve essential road trip resources.  As full-time traveling RVers, we understand the value of free camping and fuel discounts.  Over the last 3 years, we have traveled coast to coast several times and have clocked over 100,000 miles.  Saving money where we can is necessary.  We use these twelve essential road trip resources often and we hope you will too.

When you travel, do you calculate tolls into your budget?    In a standard car, a single toll might only be $5. Driving through that same toll in our Renegade Verona with a triple axle trailer can cost us $50. We need to be aware of toll roads and avoid them if possible.  You can read about our experience here.

Thanks for reading!

Travel Safe and Adventure Often!