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June 14, 2022: 

Which of these places can’t you visit in Philadelphia:

    1. Center City
    2. East Philly
    3. North Philly 
    4. West Philly 

The answer is East Philly because The Delaware River runs along the east border of Philadelphia.  New Jersey is directly east of Philadelphia.


June 7, 2022:  1.   According to SpotyPal, the average person loses 2.5 days PER YEAR looking for                                        misplaced stuff.

                           2.  According to Inc. Magazine the average employee loses 4.3 Hours a week                                                  because of disorganization!  This is 10% of an average working week.

 May 31, 2022:  According to Britannica, Ted Bundy is the answer!

 May 24, 2022: Playing Monopoly

May 17, 2022:  Day and Night!

May 10, 2022: Tomorrow!

May 3, 2022:  Advice!

April 26, 2022:     They have the same middle name!


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