Top FIVE Favorite Campgrounds of 2021.

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Renegade Quartzite Sunset

Campground reviews are a good resource to use.  What’s even better is finding a trustworthy source that explains their subjective opinion.  In this article, you will understand our criteria for determining our top five favorite campgrounds of 2021.

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For us, traveling full-time means we often move from campground to campground.  We are the first ones to tell you about fantastic experiences we had, in hopes that you will benefit.  Reviewing every campground stay would become time-consuming.  Instead, we break down our top 5 favorite campgrounds of 2021.

Let’s Go!

With so many wonderful places to see, how do you find just the right campground?  For starters, decide what you want in YOUR camping experience.  Everyone is different.  Some enjoy RV resorts with amenities while others want to be in total seclusion.  Robb and I enjoy both and we believe that our Top 5 Favorite Campgrounds of 2021 are inclusive of all types.

While some desire longer seasonal stays, Robb and I prefer to be on the move.  It is rare that we stay longer than 4 weeks stationary, and sometimes we only stay for 2 nights.

Because we move so frequently, we can stay in a lot of different types of campgrounds and RV parks.  From boondocking in the desert to a 1st class RV resort we have seen a few and want to share 5 of our Favorite Campgrounds of 2021.

With over 35,000 miles driven this year, we spent all but 6 weeks sleeping in our RV.  Those statistics alone show that we have some pretty good experience in evaluating RV campgrounds.

As mentioned in a previous article 5 Great Campgrounds You Should Check Out, we have developed a particular criterion for our favorite picks.


Ease of Parking:

How easy is it to park?  Why is this important to us?  Traveling in our 2018 Renegade Verona has perks.  It is a luxury coach, and it is comfortable.  Our rig is also huge at 40 ft long and 13 ft tall, with very low clearance.  Low hanging branches cause scratches, the soft ground can cause us to get stuck, and rocky, uneven terrain can easily damage the undercarriage.  Plus, who wants to make a 37-point turn into their camping spot while the lurkers pretend not to watch you struggle.


Of course, we want to gaze into the night sky, celebrate beautiful sunrises and sunsets, and hug a few trees.  Who doesn’t?  The landscape and the surrounding scenery are our most important rating factors.


Here’s a little secret.  Robb and I don’t care much about amenities and activities.  Chances are we are not coming to the weekly potluck or the next corn hole tournament.  While others enjoy these popular campground amenities, they are just not our thing.  Fire pits and sites with full hookups are our jam.  An occasional hot tub is a bonus.

Site size:

Size does matter, at least when it comes to site size.  Face it; nobody wants to be crammed into a campground.  While it is nice to meet your neighbors, we don’t love having our breakfast next to our neighbor’s sewer hook-up.  YUCK.  Would it be worse to have your new neighbors facing your front door?  Yea, I think not.


Traveling can be quite tiresome and sometimes we need a reset.  Finding a campground that makes you think, I never want to leave here is HUGE.  However, we do like to get out and explore the area as well.  So, if a campground is somewhere we can chill and get away from it all but also convenient for us to check out the cool sites in the area it ranks high for us.


For a park to make our favorite list, they must rate high in most of these categories, with scenery and ease of parking being at the top of the list.


Dive in with us as we drop our top 5 Campgrounds of 2021


Hobson Park State Beach, Ventura, CA September 2021

Imagine a picturesque Pacific Ocean sunset, followed by an evening campfire and hearing the crash of the waves as you drift into slumber.  Hobson Park State Beach will give you this experience without breaking the bank.  You may never want to leave.

Untitled design 83 Untitled design 82 Untitled design 81

Big Sur Campground, Big Sur, CA September 2021

Located directly off Hwy 1, this gem is close to many of the beaches, overlooks,  and hiking trails of Big Sur.  Nestled between Giant Redwoods and the California Coast lies this heavenly campground.  Big Sur Campground is quiet and comforting to the soul.  Go ahead, hug a tree.

Untitled design 86Big sur campground Big sur campground

Quartzite, BLM Land , Quartzite, AZ  October -December 2021

Desert camping at this location is full of wonder and amazement.  From the moment the desert opens her eyes until the last blink, the colors will amaze you.  Bright pinks, orange, blue, and reds fill the sky, finally shifting into monochrome after sunset.  Imagine complete peace and quiet, except for the occasional coyote is what you can expect here, early in the season that is.

Quartzite camping Quartzite camping Quartzite camping

Oxbow Regional Park, Gresham OR June 2021

Camping here made us feel like we were in a deserted forest.  The lush green foliage and stillness of nature make for a perfect retreat.  You are going to have to be comfortable with your party and the solace because there is no internet or cell service.  A word of caution, check your brakes before descending into this canyon park, and take it easy, as the drive down is a 7% grade.

Oxbow regional park Oxbow regional park Oxbow regional park

Palo Duro Canyon State Park

Located just 20 miles from 1-40, Amarillo, Texas is the spectacular Palo Duro Canyon.  Dubbed the Grand Canyon of Texas, the views are spectacular.  Rather than driving at the top of the gorge, you will experience a drive down to the bottom of the canyon where you can camp, explore, hike, and relax.  Be amazed at the canyon walls as they change color with the setting sun.  Listen quietly and you will hear the coyotes in the distance.

Palo duro canyon campground Palo duro canyon campground Palo duro canyon campground

RV life can be both exciting and exhausting depending on your method of travel.  Staying in campgrounds can be expensive as well.  We have some money-saving tips that have been pocketbook savers for us.  Would you like them?  YES, of course, you would.  Just follow this link and we will send them right out to you!

As you are planning your travel this year, remember, fuel prices are higher and campground reservations are less available.  We have put together a list of necessary apps that we use all the time.  We rely on these apps to plan our travel, so we are confident they will help you too.  You can read all about them right here:  Twelve Essential Road Trip Resources

Out of all the possible ways to travel, RVing is by far our favorite.  Seeing the country by road is as good as it gets.  Take some time this season and go RVing.  You will never be the same.

Travel Safe and Adventure Often!

RV Couple with Renegade Verona LELTS



RVing, traveling, and exploring should be fun.

Robb and I have compiled a list of resources that will help you save time and money.

Our suggestions will help eliminate decision fatigue and get you on the road to your next adventure.

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