Think Keto Is Hard? Here Are Five Great Resources!

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Five keto resources

Think Keto Is Hard?  Here are Five Great Resources To Help You!

By now, most of us have heard about the ketogenic lifestyle.

Eating keto means you chose whole foods while steering away from processed foods high in carbohydrates and processed sugars.

This eating method incorporates more elevated amounts of good fats, moderate proteins, and meager amounts of carbohydrates.

While some think keto is hard, it can be relatively easy with more knowledge and information.

Here are five great resources to consider for help.

Even if keto is not your thing, new recipes benefit everyone!


Headbangers Kitchen: Sahil ‘Demonstealer’ Makhija, is a god in the kitchen.  His recipes will make you want to jump into your computer screen. Bonus?  He is a death metal musician.


Hip2Keto: From dips to desserts, once you start, you won’t want to stop.


Megan Ellam-Mad Creations Keto Recipes:

Megan will inspire you to stop and try something new.  She is pretty darn creative.


Peace, Love, and Low Carb: You will find everything from delicious comfort food to dinner in a hurry.


Long Island Lou Tequila: After all, tequila is keto, right?


Remember, before changing any part of your diet or exercise routine, you should check with your doctor.

The keto lifestyle is not for everyone.  However, everyone can benefit from reducing sugars and processed flour.

We hope that you enjoy these five great resources and realize that keto can be easy!


Check The Stromads out on YouTube for more great information. 

Keto On Friends!

Maureen and Robb, aka The Stromads


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