Super Charge your Stop Doing List! Here are 95 tips!

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If you are like me, sometimes it seems like there isn’t enough time in the day no matter how much I go, go, go.  At times it can feel a little overwhelming and less than joyful.  Have you felt like this?

Imagine what it would be like to quickly make some easy changes to transform your day back to joy, happiness, and excitement.

Well, you guessed it.  I have some tips to share that can do just that.  If your to-do list and goals for this year are seemingly out of hand and off-track, I suggest you immediately jot a few things down and put them on your Stop List.

What is a Stop List?

A stop list consists of the activities that bring you closer to your goals if you stop doing them.  Imagine creating joy in your daily life and coming close to your dreams by eliminating unnecessary actions.  Just as our house, office, or email list sometimes become a little cluttered, so do our minds, daily lives, and routines. 

The notion of a stop list gives us time and permission to evaluate things in our life that aren’t currently serving us and moving us forward to where we want to be.

Using a stop list is very freeing and liberating.  After all, who doesn’t want more focus, clarity, and fun in life?  Stopping some activities helps us get rid of old stagnant ways of doing and thinking that hold us back from designing and living our perfect day every day.  So let’s get on with more doing of what matters most to us in life.

How do I get started on my Stop List?

Take a few minutes to consider what is going on in your life right now.  Ask yourself, “If I stopped doing __________,  I would have less of (what you don’t want) and more of (what you do want).”

Grab that yellow pad or start a note on your phone or computer and start to list the activities in your life that make you busier and take up or waste time.

What could you give up to allow you more time to do things that create value in your life?

What words or habits hold you back and limit you?  Add these to your list.

Again, add things to your list that aren’t serving you right now.  Your plan doesn’t have to be a stop-doing forever list.  Sometimes we find things need a break or to be stopped right now for a temporary period.  Our lives are continually changing, and something that once was important or may be again in the future just may not be working for us today.

A temporary stop doing happened for us as we decided to change plans and stay an extra month in the same location instead of moving and exploring a new area.  Reallocating our time is essential as we create and produce new sources of income. 

Similarly, we have decided to stop moving so often.  We used to like to move and adventure and see as many places as possible. Sometimes this would become exhaustively busy.  Looking at our previous travels, we determined around three weeks was our boredom threshold.  However, the best pricing on RV stays is at a month, so we stopped moving quite as much and have found ourselves very content to stop and smell the roses in one area for a month at a time. 

Another thing to consider is as we and others in our lives age and get older.  Sometimes things need adjusting.  The kids grow up, move away, and some of our traditions may need adjusting or put on the stop list altogether and new ones established.  Challenge yourself to take a hard look.  You may find some freedom for yourself and others in this evaluation.

Take a look at your obligations and commitments with your family, social life, and work life.  Consider your financial life, your physical life, health, and wellness changes.  We all allow low-value tasks and actions to sneak in and become distractions. Let’s take a look and see what we can cease doing and get out of our lives.

Take some time, evaluate and question everything and see what you can add to your stop list.

Are there things you do that someone else could do?  I enjoyed cutting our grass but realized it just took up too much time, and for a few bucks, I could get that time back to do more important things.

Maureen is not a “shopper” and dreads it quite frankly. I enjoy looking shopping and exhaustively researching and hunting for the deal in almost everything I buy.  Both of us have made some adjustments and stopped doing things to help cut down our time and frustration shopping.  Curbside pickup for groceries is excellent, along with online shopping and delivery.  It not only saves us time, but it also saves money because we make more intentional purchases.  Please don’t take me to the grocery store when I’m hungry.

As you decide to stop doing things, commit to this for 21 days.

When you add something to your list, commit to stopping for 21 days.  Tell yourself this change isn’t permanent.  It is only for 21 days.  I can do this, and after that, I will reevaluate.

Stop eating breakfast was something we committed to putting on our stop-doing list for 21 days.  Intermittent fasting was something we wanted to try to help improve our health and wellness.  During our evaluation after 21 days, we found that we experienced more energy and clarity during our high productivity morning hours.  Hence, we decided to put that on our keep doing list.

When you put something on your list and stop doing it, replace it with a worthwhile activity that adds to your life and enhances it.  We stopped traditional breakfast and added intermittent fasting to increase our productivity.

Be intentional with this.  The things you are replacing your stops with should be the things to add to your “do more of” or “keep doing” list.

Stop doing and do more of what counts.  What a concept!

Less doing might lead to doing more of everything that matters.

Every Positive change in your life begins with a clear, unequivocal decision that you are either going to do something or not going to do something. -Brian Tracy

Taking life and business too serious was something we intentionally decided to stop doing.  Learning to relax, enjoy and work through the faux pas that would happen on the road and during our shows was huge for us.  When we chilled out, the change was remarkable.  Our enjoyment increased the dread left, and our work became fun.

There are so many things for so many reasons that can go on our list.

I have curated a list below, from many stop lists to provide some ideas of things we might want to add to our list and how they can help us. 

If you take the time to review, formulate, and act on your list, I am sure you will be shocked when you look back and see how much you have improved and achieved in such a short period. 

There are so many great ideas on this list we could discuss them all in greater length and detail, which is why we want to hear from you.  What would you like to discuss more?  Let us know what you are adding to your stop doing list.  Please share with us what became a gamechanger in your life after you stopped doing it.  Leave us a comment, and let’s talk about it.

Stop Doing List Ideas and Tips

  1. Stop Comparing Yourself to Your Perception of other’s Lives.
  2. Stop Believing Every Picture on Instagram and Facebook is Reality.
  3. Stop Over-apologizing or Unnecessary Apologizing.
  4. Stop Over-committing and Committing to things you don’t want to do.
  5. Stop Impulse Buying. Skip the Good deals and the Best Sales.
  6. Stop Talking Authoritatively About Things You Don’t Know About or Have Not Experienced. It Increases People’s Esteem of You.
  7. Stop Trying to Multitask. It’s Not Effective.
  8. Stop Procrastinating. Just Do It.
  9. Stop Putting off Decisions. No Decision Is a Decision.
  10. Stop Doing the Wrong Things. When You Know Better, Do Better.
  11. Stop Not Communicating and the Silent Treatment. Just Say It.
  12. Stop Worrying and Letting Worry Steal Your Joy.
  13. Stop Beating Yourself Up Over Your Diet. Tomorrow is a New Day!
  14. Stop Saying, “It’s Okay,” When it’s Not. Speak Up!
  15. Stop Doing It All on Your Own- Asking for help is okay!
  16. Stop Giving All Your Time Away.
  17. Stop Giving Your Time Away for FREE- If You Are In Business.
  18. Stop Worrying About Cleaning Obsessively.
  19. Stop Fretting Over Not Getting to the End of Your To-Do List.
  20. Stop Being Reactive to What Is Going On Around You.
  21. Stop Focusing On All The Things That Are Going Wrong.
  22. Stop Gossiping.
  23. Stop Leaving Your Calendar Wide Open And Letting People Know.
  24. Stop Being Overly Critical of Yourself.
  25. Stop Saying “Yes” Before You’ve Truly Considered How a “Yes” Might End Up Feeling Later On.
  26. Stop Checking Your Email Every Time You Get A New Notification.
  27. Stop Getting So Many Notifications.
  28. Stop Feeling Guilty About Doing What’s Right For You.
  29. Stop Going Through The Whole Day Without Stretching.
  30. Stop Transitioning From One Activity To Another Without Taking A Break To Reset.
  31. Stop Expecting So Much Without First Knowing Why You Expect So Much.
  32. Stop Clinging To Things That Naturally Want To Keep Moving.
  33. Stop Spending So Much Time Fretting About Time.
  34. Stop Doubting Your Strengths.
  35. Stop Doubting Your Possibilities.
  36. Stop Thinking That Others Never Struggle, And You Are The Only One Who Has Ever Felt This Way.
  37. Stop Pretending That Nobody Understands.
  38. Stop Countering And Not Accepting Compliments.
  39. Stop Working As Soon As You Wake Up.
  40. Stop Checking Your Phone As Soon As You Wake Up.
  41. Stop Feeding The Belief That You’re Too Busy To Have Fun.
  42. Stop Making Comments About Financial Lack.
  43. Stop Devaluing Your Happiness Every Time Something Tragic Happens In The World.
  44. Stop Working When You’re Not Working.
  45. Stop Mindlessly Carrying Residual Energy Over From One Area Of Your Life To Another.
  46. Stop Silently Seeking Praise And Then Being Disappointed That You Didn’t Get It.
  47. Stop Using The Word “Can’t.”
  48. Stop Using The Word “Should.”
  49. Stop Spending Time With The Wrong People.
  50. Stop Letting Circumstances Define You.
  51. Stop Saying I Don’t Have Enough Time.
  52. Stop Trying to Change People.
  53. Stop Settling For Less Than You Deserve.
  54. Stop Doing the Easy Stuff.
  55. Stop Relying on Quick Fixes.
  56. Stop Resisting Change.
  57. Stop Expecting Others To Make You Happy.
  58. Stop Listening To Negative Self-Talk and Limiting Beliefs.
  59. Stop Storing Mental Clutter, Past Regrets, and Grudges.
  60. Stop Taking Things Personally In Any Situation.
  61. Stop Talking To and Thinking About People You Have Already Expressly Declared To Have “Put In The Past.”
  62. Stop Delaying Doing What You Really Want To Do Just Because You Don’t Think You Have The Time or Money.
  63. Stop Thinking There Is Anywhere More “Worthwhile” You Could Be Than Right Here.
  64. Stop Putting Yourself In Situations You Want To Run Away From.
  65. Stop Doing Things Without A Desired End In Mind.
  66. Stop Filling Up And Wasting Time Worrying About Things I “Should” Do.
  67. Stop Avoiding Criticism.
  68. Stop Resisting Being A Dreamer.
  69. Stop Drinking And Eating To Excess.
  70. Stop Buying Clothes You Imagine Your Future Self Would Look So Awesome In.
  71. Stop Spending Way Too Much Time On Social Media And Phones.
  72. Stop Thinking That If You Don’t Commit Wholly To Something That It Will Be Easier, Or Easier To Get Out Of.
  73. Stop Believing You Have The Power To Make Or Break Someone’s Happiness.
  74. Stop Disregarding Red Flags. Be Ruthless In Your Commitment To Trust My Gut.
  75. Stop Reinventing The Wheel.
  76. Stop Automatically Assuming There’s Someone Who Is “In Charge Of All This.” You Are Always in Charge Of This, Ultimately.
  77. Stop Telling People What They Want To Hear. Tell The Truth. It’s Easier For Everyone.
  78. Stop Being Concerned With Unknowns In The Future. Replace Concern With Trust.
  79. Stop Being Afraid To Ask Stupid Questions. It’s Better To Ask A Stupid Question Than Make A Stupid Mistake.
  80. Stop Dulling Down Your Enthusiasm And Trying To “Be Cool.”
  81. Stop Resisting What You Want.
  82. Stop Trying To Streamline Or “Quick Fix” A Mad Mood.
  83. Stop Rushing.
  84. Stop Telling Yourself Insane Lies Like I’m Not Doing Enough Or I’m Not “Ready.”
  85. Stop Telling Yourself Everyone’s Having Fun Without Me.
  86. Stop Keeping Things And Stuff That Doesn’t Serve You.
  87. Stop Feeling Guilty for Self-Care.
  88. Stop With Victim Mentality.
  89. Stop Mindlessly Surfing the Internet.
  90. Stop Trying To Get Back To Normal.
  91. Stop Trying To Recreate The Past.
  92. Stop With The Hero Complex Of “If Only I Would Have” They Would Be Alright.
  93. Stop Carrying So Much Guilt For Things In The Past And Things You Can’t Change.
  94. Stop drinking shitty bourbon, wine, and tequila.
  95. Stop Taking Red Eye Flights.

So there you have it.  What are you doing to stop doing, and what are you going to do more of?


  1. Miresa

    65. Stop Doing Things Without A Desired End In Mind.

    This one is a biggie in my house, you need to know where the finish line is so you know when you’ve crossed it. It doesn’t mean you stop and become stagnant but more of ta benchmark of progress

    • Maureen Wright

      I like it! Know where the finish line is so you know when you crossed it! Thanks for sharing!



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