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8 GREAT reasons to take a road trip.

Road trips are not for everyone.  Legs get cramped, traffic is overwhelming, and fuel prices are skyrocketing.  Even with all of those factors, here are 8 great reasons to take a road trip.

Tourist Traps.  These quirky, often weird roadside attractions are what make traveling by vehicle part of the allure.  While most of these places are not destination-worthy, they make for a fun photograph along the way.  Stop and see them.

Connection:  Whether you are cruising with your besties or your family, road trips provide a space for communication.  Play road games, ask open-ended questions or sing your favorite songs together.  Driving in a car allows more fluid conversations.

 Snacks:  Bring your snacks, pack a cooler, and pull over for a roadside picnic.  Have you ever had PB&J at 12,000 ft overlooking the most incredible blue lake?  It is a memory that will stick with you far past the airline biscotti.

Comfortability:  Face it, airplanes are not the most comfortable chairs for any length of time.  Unless you are flying first class, you are going to be crowded, cramped, and uncomfortable.  Roadtripping allows the passenger a little more space to kick off their shoes, throw the seat back and cuddle in with a blanket.  No more kids kicking the seat behind you or a stranger falling asleep on your shoulder.  You ride in comfort!

Schedule:  You decide how fast or slow you want to take your next adventure.  Setting your schedule to see and do what you desire is one of the best reasons to take a road trip.  No more TSA lines, missing a flight, or rerouted itineraries.  You are in control of your destination.

 Detours:  Most times along the route, you can get off that congested highway and drive the road less traveled.  Take a winding mountain pass or a drive up the coast.  There are always alternative routes, and you owe it to yourself to try one.

 Packing:  No more overweight luggage fees.  Packing for a road trip is way easier and less stressful.  Do you want to take hiking boots, sneakers, and stilettos?  It is close to impossible to pack them in a carry-on suitcase.  You can, however, stash your hiking boots in the cubby holes of your car, right?  No more worries that TSA will confiscate your hair care products.  Pack what you want and think you will need.  You have room!

The Journey:  Often, we plan our vacations with the destination in mind.  I’m going to Europe or the Caribbean.  Road trips are a  journey.  What will we see along the way, what will we talk about, and what’s up around that corner are common questions we have.  Road trips grow people, provide for bonding and lifelong memories.

Whether you are taking a 3-hour drive, or a 3-month vacation, road trips are fun.  Turn on some tunes, eat some snacks and take a detour.  You never know what’s up around the next bend, unless you go!

Travel Safe and Adventure Often!


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