5 Great Campgrounds You Should Check Out

When you are looking for an RV park or a camping spot, how much research do you do?  How do you find the right place without breaking the bank?  How do you know it will work for you?

To get started finding your Perfect Campground it is important that you establish some criteria and try to find spots that meet them.  It will greatly increase the odds that you will have a great experience instead of a frustrating one.

It’s ok that we have different opinions on campground amenities and styles.  Just because we like a campground you may hate it or vice versa.  That’s alright there are plenty of different types of campgrounds.  

The main point is that you take time to establish your personal criteria, select spots that meet as many of those as possible, so you can live your perfect RV life.

For instance, we have five main questions we ask to establish our criteria. 

Ease of Parking: 

How easy is it to park?  Why is this important to us?  Traveling in our 2018 Renegade Verona has perks.  It is a luxury coach and it is comfortable.  Our rig is also huge at 40 ft long and 13 ft tall, with very low clearance.  Low hanging branches cause scratches, the soft ground can cause us to get stuck, and rocky uneven terrain can easily damage the undercarriage.  Plus, who wants to make a 37 point turn into their camping spot while the lurkers pretend not to watch you struggle. 


Of course, we want to gaze into the night sky, celebrate beautiful sunrises and sunsets, and hug a few trees.  Who doesn’t?  The landscape and the surrounding scenery is one of our most important rating factors.


Here’s a little secret.  Robb and I don’t care much about amenities and activities.  Chances are we are not coming to the weekly potluck or the next corn hole tournament.  While others enjoy these popular campground amenities, they are just not our thing.  Fire pits and sites with full hookups are our jam.  That being said, an occasional hot tub is a bonus.

Site size:

Size does matter, at least when it comes to site size.  Face it; nobody wants to be crammed into a campground.  While it is nice to meet your neighbors, we don’t love having our breakfast next to our neighbor’s sewer hook-up.  YUCK.  That being said, would it be worse to have your new neighbors facing your front door.  Yea, I think not.


Traveling can be quite tiresome. Sometimes this calls for a reset.  Finding a campground that makes you think, I never want to leave here is HUGE.  However, we do like to get out and explore the area as well.  So, if a campground is somewhere we can chill and get away from it all but also convenient for us to check out the cool sites in the area it ranks high for us.     

So let’s dive in and let us tell you what makes the campgrounds on our list stand out along with some StroTips. 

Skidaway Island State Park, Skidaway Island, Georgia: December 2020

Skidaway island camping

Nestled in between lush green palms and giant mossy oak trees, this campground feels like a hidden paradise.  This park is unbelievably beautiful.  The sites are spacious and well thought out.  Rather than facing the roadways, the park design allows your RV or camper to be set with your door facing the woods.  For me, this means no need to wave at every driver coming by your campsite.  The serenity though is only a short drive to the beautiful and incredible city of Savannah.  You can’t go wrong either way, chill, explore or do both. 

Crystal Crane Hot Springs, Burns, Oregon:  September 2020

Crystal crane campground sunset

This desert oasis is a keeper.  Pulling into this park, one might think, wow, this is weird and desolate.  Both of these descriptions are true, and yet there is so much more.  Have you ever had a hot spring experience?  Soaking in the mineral-rich waters under a dark starlit sky can seem a little creepy at first.  But once you enter the naturally heated pool, you won’t want to leave. 

The sites are relatively level, spacious, and have picnic tables.  Experience desert sunsets as the skies fill with hues of pinks and purple.  Listen carefully as the coyotes call to one another.  This is an oasis to take time and chill.  If you don’t mind driving a little more there are some great sites to explore in the high desert country. 

StroTip:  The lower level is less windy. 

Silver Slipper Casino, Waveland, MS: February 2020

Silver slipper casino rv park

Located just an hour outside of New Orleans, this small gem of a park is one we are happy to put on the list.   Maureen says “I have to admit; sunrise is my most favorite time of the day.  However, I rarely see it because I also love to sleep.”  Our waterfront site allowed us to witness the most beautiful sunrises out of the calm gulf waters. 

The sites are level, spacious, and easily navigated.  However, you must be fully contained because there are no bathhouses or facilities, just full hookups.  There is (or at least there was before COVID-19) a fantastic seafood buffet at the Silver Slipper Casino that is discounted during the week, even better.  You can stay put and enjoy the gulf view or you can enjoy the casino and its infinity pool and hot tub which is included with your site fee.  Explore the area by driving around the gulf to the quaint towns of Bay St. Louis and Pass Christian or even NOLA.

StroTip: Get directions from the Casino Do Not use your GPS or you may get stuck and bottom out on a railroad crossing.  Also, get a players card at the Casino and get $25 off your stay. 

Orangeland RV Park, Orange CA: September 2020

Orangeland rv park

Complete with a hot tub and pool, this park is well maintained and accessible and almost like staying in an Orange Grove.  Although Orangeland is urban camping, you will feel secluded from the hustle and bustle.  The pads are level and spacious enough.  The premium sites are equipped with patio furniture, and most areas have a fruit tree.  Depending on the time of year, you can pick lemons, limes, and oranges right off the tree!  Chill in the middle of Orange county or drive to Newport Beach and see a most incredible sunset.  This is an urban oasis with a ton of stuff to do in the area.

Trap Pond State Park, Laurel, DE: November 2020

Trapp pond state park

Who would have thought paradise was only an hour’s drive from our old hometown.  Located in Southern Delaware, this campground easily makes our great list. Trapp Pond State Park allows for a variety of camping styles.  Whether you are a full-size luxury coach or tent camping, this park has something to offer.  You will also find fully furnished yurts and cabin rentals.

The sites are relatively level, spacious, and equipped with a fire ring and picnic table.  Enjoy a leisurely walk around the pond, ride a 5-mile bike loop, play some disc golf, or paddle your kayak in the very large pond.  

We opted for long walks through the woods and daytime fires.  We just wanted to relax but if you are looking to explore, there are some quaint eastern shore towns and Bethany Beach is only about 45 minutes away. 

StoTip: There are water and electric hookups, no sewer.  There is a convenient dump station, but a word to the wise: Sunday checkouts can cause a backup at the dump. 

Are you ready to go?   

These are just 5 Great 5 Campgrounds you should check out.  We have many more we will share in the future.  As full-time RVers, nomads and travelers, we have the pleasure of visiting lots and lots of destinations.   Our travels take us coast to coast, north to south, and most places in between.  We have had some fantastic experiences and are happy to share them with you and we hope you will share yours with us.

As you plan your destination we hope to provide you with some valuable information and again ask you to let us know your favorites as well in the comments.  Be sure to check back with us and let us know your thoughts on our suggestions and how you enjoyed these campgrounds!

Travel safe and Wander Often!

Maureen & Robb