5 Books to Read When You Need a Boost of Gratitude

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5 Books to Boost Gratitude

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5 Books to Read When You Need a Boost of Gratitude

 5 Books to Read When You Need a Boost of Gratitude. The way life is going doesn’t always seem great, does it? But don’t worry–no matter how bad things are getting or have been in the past, you can take comfort knowing that others live with this on an even more regular basis and still manage to be thankful for what they do have! Find out by reading five books that will encourage you to find a new perspective and ways of being grateful.

10% Happier, by Dan Harris, co-anchor for ABC’s Nightline and weekend editions of Good Morning America. Dan shares his journey to happiness through meditation practice. From interviewing some of the new-aged gurus to immersing himself in silent meditation retreats, he reveals his results of these experiences.  Is Dan happier? I guess you will have to read this book to find out!

Buddhist Bootcamp, Timber Hawkeye.  Born Jewish and educated Catholic, Timber experienced great success in Silicon Valley.  He also found himself, unhappy stressed out, and ready to call it quits.  Walking away from the rat race into a Zen Buddhist Monastery was the start of his newfound freedom.  Buddhist Bootcamp is a compilation of journal entries and letters he wrote to friends and family.  Incorporating gratitude into his everyday practice is truly his key to happiness. (One of my favorite books to gift).

Have A Little Faith, Mitch Albom.  Mitch was asked to write a eulogy for someone he only knew as his Rabbi.  Through this true-life account, he discovers so much more than the teachings of Reb, but more so what living a life of gratitude truly means.  Get your tissues ready…

Happy Pocket Full of Money, David Cameron Gikandi.  Are you satisfied with your financial portfolio?  Would you like to experience more joy when you talk about your money?  Gikandi provides some practical exercises and daily practices to help you find more happiness with your money.

Think Like a Monk, Jay Shetty.  From being a college student with an aspiring corporate future to becoming a Monk, Jay’s story is sure to inspire you.  Practicing gratitude and mindfulness is what he attributes to his success.  You, too, can experience more happiness in your daily practices.  Find out what it means to live like a Monk.




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